John Caldwell

John Caldwell
March 23rd, 1946
February 21st, 2016
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Contributions by John Caldwell

USA • MAD Magazine (New York)
MAD Magazine #202October 1978
  • A Mad Look at Some Unfinished Sentences (Writer with Bob Clarke)
  • Back Cover: The Urologist (Artist, Writer, Colorist)
  • Drama On Page 19 (Artist, Writer)
  • Drama On Page 12 (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #275December 1987
  • Drama On Page 9 (Writer, Artist)
  • Drama On Page 42 (Artist, Writer)
  • Drama On Page 8 (Artist, Writer)
  • Drama On Page 42 (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #281September 1988
  • Caldwell (Artist, Writer)
  • Drama On Page 9 (Artist, Writer)
  • Drama On Page 48 (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #291December 1989
  • Drama On Page 32 (Artist, Writer)
  • Cover Artist
  • Cover: The "Neuman" In the Special Effects Chair (Artist, Writer)
  • MAD's Really Relevant Collection Of Lists (Artist with Franklin "Frank" Jacobs)
MAD Magazine #298October 1990
  • Basic Underlying Premises Of Various Products, Trends, And Ideas (Artist with Mike Snider)
  • Celebrity Sound Effects (Artist, Writer)
  • Who Says Being Stranded Can't Be Fun? (Artist, Writer)
  • Drama On Page 9 (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #307December 1991
  • Gross and Beyond Gross (Artist, Writer)
  • Drama on Page 9 (Artist, Writer)
  • Drama On Page 20 (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #314October 1992
MAD Magazine #315December 1992
  • Are You Making a Fashion Statement Or Something Else Entirely? (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #316January 1993
  • The Differences Between The 80's and The 90's (Artist, Writer)
  • Mix 'N' Match Donahue / Oprah / Geraldo / Maury / Sally Jessy / Jane Guest & Topic Generator (Writer with Gerry Gersten)
  • Energizer Rabbit Commercials That Were Never Completed! (Artist, Writer)
  • Baseball's Most Important Spring Training Drills (Writer, Artist)
  • Late Nite With Igor (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #325February 1994
  • Mad's 7 Steps To Becoming a Hit TV Chef (Artist, Writer)
  • What If Technology Invaded History (Writer, Artist)
  • When Priests Go Bad (Artist with Mike May)
  • Loren Bobbitt's "Ok, You've Cut It Off! Now What Do You Do With It?" (Artist, Writer)
  • The "5W" Questions We'd Like To Ask Of Local TV News (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #330September 1994
  • Dr. Kevorkian, Moonlighter (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #331October 1994
  • Sports Oddities (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #332December 1994
  • MAD Takes Car Phones For a Rise (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #333January 1995
  • Specially Trained Dogs for Everyone (Artist, Writer)
  • Sending Up a Red Flag (Artist, Writer)
  • Less Than Successful Versions of Traditional Kid's Games (Writer, Artist)
  • The Real Reasons Why Men Don't Ask Directions (Artist, Writer)
  • Mad's Do's and Don'ts Guide to Computer Sex (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #339October 1995
  • Irony Is.. (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #341December 1995
  • How to Tell if You've Selected a Bad HMO (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #342January 1996
  • A Mad Peek Behind the Scenes at a Militia Gathering (Writer with James Warhola)
  • Joke Set-Ups That Don't Need a Punchline (Artist, Writer)
  • Hazards of Catalog Shopping (Writer, Artist)
  • Drama on Page 29! (Artist, Writer)
  • What You're Missing When You Miss the Local Noon News (Artist, Writer)
  • Future Olympic Dance Competitions (Writer, Artist)
  • You Have No Chance of Winning an Olympic Medal If... (Writer with Sandy Kossin)
MAD Magazine #349October 1996
  • Sure-Fire Signs There Won't be a Second Date (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #350October 1996
  • Kathie Lee’s 12 Warning Signs that You’re Working in a Sweatshop (Writer with Tom Bunk)
MAD Magazine #351November 1996
  • Guess Who Has No Seniority! (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #352December 1996
  • The Advantages of a Career in Carnival Work (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #354February 1997
  • Drama on Page 48! - Indian's cell phone (Writer, Artist)
  • How to Tell You've Bought the Wrong Digital Satelite System (Artist, Writer)
  • Mad's Etiquette Guide to Same Sex Weddings (Artist, Writer)
  • Condom Buying for Dummies (Artist, Writer)
  • Border Artist
MAD Magazine #361September 1997
  • Why Uncles are Better Than Dads (Artist with Anthony Barbieri)
  • Back Cover: The Day Sports Endorsements Went Too Far (Writer with Mort Drucker)
MAD Magazine #362October 1997
  • What to Expect When Your Grandparents are Expecting (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #363November 1997
  • The Dead-On Symptoms of a Dying Shopping Mall (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #364December 1997
  • Adult Novelties for Losers (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #366February 1998
  • Border Writer
  • Attention Super Bowl Bettors!! - 1-900-BAD-PIKZ (Writer with Irving Schild)
  • A Mad Peek Behind the Scenes at ESPN (Writer with Angelo Torres)
  • Border Writer
  • Mad Visits the Winter Olympics (Writer, Artist)
  • 10 Warning Signs Your Family is Beyond Dysfunctional (Artist, Writer)
  • Only A True Cigar Lover... (Artist, Writer)
  • Signs You've Hired the Wrong Lawyer (Writer, Artist)
  • You're Really Not Much of a Terrorist If... (Artist, Writer)
  • Quotes We're Afraid We'll Hear if Bill Clinton's Secret Service Agents Testify (Writer with Grey Blackwell)
MAD Magazine #373September 1998
  • Mad's Blueprint for Boosting Baseball's Popularity (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #375November 1998
  • Proposed Features of the William J. Clinton Presidential Library (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #376December 1998
  • Phrases You Never Want to See on a Restaurant Menu (Artist, Writer)
  • What If Dilbert Had Different Jobs? (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #377January 1999
  • 4. The PGA Tees Off On a Gimp - "The Real Reasons the PGA Doesn't Want Casey Martin to Drive a Golf Cart" (Writer, Artist)
  • 16. The Tobacco Bill Goes Up In Smoke - "Ways Big Tobacco Hopes to Save Their Butts" (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #378February 1999
  • Polling in America: The Numbers Behind the Numbers (Artist, Writer)
  • Cover Artist (with Drew Struzan)
  • Front Cover (Writer with Drew Struzan)
  • What To Do With Your YO-YO When The Fad Dies (Writer, Artist)
  • Clues You've Chosen A Really Bad Funeral Parlor (Artist, Writer)
  • Responses to Kids' Letters to Socks and Buddy (Writer with James Warhola)
  • The Paranoid Psychotic’s Guide to Foiling Paparazzi (Writer, Artist)
  • So You Want to be a Big-Time Network TV Sports Director! (Artist, Writer)
  • The Basic Differences Between Parents & Grandparents (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #386October 1999
  • Mad's Nascar Primer (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #387November 1999
  • More Joke Set-Ups That Don't Need a Punchline (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #388December 1999
  • Clues Your High School's Football Team Really Sucks (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #390February 2000
  • When Nuns Go Bad (Artist, Writer)
  • Which Webcam Is It? (Writer, Artist)
  • What Really Goes On at Those Teachers' Conferences (Artist, Writer)
  • The Last Thing You Want to Hear.. (Artist, Writer)
  • The Downside of Online Shopping (Writer, Artist)
  • Your Summer Camp Romance is Doomed if... (Artist, Writer)
  • Upcoming TV Guide Multi-Covers: We Salute 25 Years of Cable TV! (Artist with Desmond Devlin)
  • Cover Writer
  • Little Known Contract Clauses of Today's Biggest Sports Stars (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #397September 2000
  • Legitimate Gripes of Your Average Serial Killer (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #398October 2000
  • When Clowns Go Bad (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #399November 2000
  • Can Your Parents' Marriage Be Saved??? (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #400December 2000
  • You're Probably Not Heading to College If... (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #401January 2001
  • Mad's Parental Etiquette Guide for Kids' Sporting Events (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #402February 2001
  • Gross and Beyond Gross - The Sequel (Artist, Writer)
  • 10 Sure Signs You're Suffering From March Madness (Writer, Artist)
  • Clear Cut Clues Your Team's Not Going To Win the Pennant! (Artist, Writer)
  • You Can Fuhgeddabout Becoming a Made Man in the Soprano Mob If... (Artist, Writer)
  • Mad Tips For Better Backyard Wrestling (Writer, Artist)
  • Questions You Never Want to Be Asked on a Summer Job Application (Artist, Writer with Digital Chameleon)
  • Mad's Guide to Out-Of-Business Theme Restaurants and the Reasons They Went Belly Up (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #409September 2001
  • Creeping Signs That Might Lead You to Believe Global Warming is for Real (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #410October 2001
  • Only a True PETA Nut... (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #411November 2001
  • Spectator's Fun Guide to the New York City Marathon (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #412December 2001
  • You May Want to Re-Think Your Gym Choice If... (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #413January 2002
  • 16. The Dreadfully Awful, Really Bad XFL - "The Differences Between the NFL and the XFL" (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #414February 2002
  • Some Less-Than-Subtle Indications That Your Fairy Tale Romance Isn't Going to Have a Happy Ending (Artist, Writer)
  • Unintended and Unfortunate Consequences of "IT" (Writer with Don Edwing)
  • When Teachers Go Bad (Writer, Artist)
  • Drama on Page 14 - bear shakes Brenda's ashes like pepper (Artist with Michael Gallagher)
  • Mad's Handicapping Guide to the Kentucky Derby Freak Show (Artist, Writer)
  • How Cool Would It Be To Be A Member Of Ozzy Osbourne's Family ? (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #421September 2002
  • Eminem - The Senior Citizen Years (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #422October 2002
  • MAD’s Comprehensive 10-Step Guide to Success in the World of Illegal Ticket Scalping (Artist, Writer)
  • A MAD Peek Behind the Scenes on the Set of “The Sopranos” (Writer with Tom Richmond)
MAD Magazine #423November 2002
  • The Distinguishing Warning Signs of a Crummy Fraternity (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #424December 2002
  • How the Economic Recession is Affecting Certain Fringe Businesses (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #426February 2003
  • When Veterinarians Go Bad (Writer, Artist)
  • Your Team May Not Be Final Four Material If... (Writer, Artist)
  • MAD’s Field-Tested Tips for Your First Date (Artist, Writer)
  • Things that You’ll Probably Read in the Review of the Video Game Your Parents Just Gave You (Writer with Tom Nick Cocotos)
  • Firsthand Evidence That Obesity in Your School May Be Out of Control! (Writer, Artist)
  • The 10 Most Pathetic Hulk Fans (Artist, Writer with Wildstorm)
  • The Real Reasons Older Man/Younger Woman Romances Never Work Out (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #433September 2003
  • The Better Bully’s Back-to-School To-Do List (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #434October 2003
  • When Hardcore Gamers take their place in society (Writer, Artist)
  • An Iraqi Scene we'd like to see (Artist with Chris Allen)
MAD Magazine #435November 2003
  • Things we might have seen had Jerry Springer run for the Senate (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #436December 2003
  • MAD Readers fondly remember their favorite dysfunctional family Thanksgiving Moments (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #437January 2004
  • When Department Store Santas go bad (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #438February 2004
  • Rock solid indications you are too old for the Goth Lifestyle (Writer, Artist)
  • 13 things you really learn in summer school (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #445September 2004
MAD Magazine #446October 2004
  • The Downsides of Home Schooling (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #447November 2004
  • Indisputable tip-offs you weren't cut out for a life of crime (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #448December 2004
  • A second-rate etiquette guide to Trailer Trash Dating (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #449January 2005
MAD Magazine #450February 2005
  • Broadcast highlights and innovations to watch for in Super Bowl XXXIX (Writer, Artist)
  • Pet Peeves of Mafia Hitmen (Artist, Writer)
  • Things you never want to read about the summer camp you're being sent to (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #457September 2005
  • Telltale signs that the street gang you're joining ain't all that though (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #459November 2005
  • You may want to call off the 'face to Face' if... (Artist, Writer with Butch D'Ambrosio)
MAD Magazine #460December 2005
  • Everyday Pet-Peeves of second rate superheroes (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #462February 2006
  • Heartbreaking problems of aging Elvis impersonators (Artist, Writer)
  • Outrageously stupid cell phone and accessories (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #470October 2006
  • Back to school look at the common miscues, flubs & screw-ups of the novice class clown (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #474February 2007
  • The multifaceted upside of having a multiple personality disorder in school (Writer, Artist)
  • Thanks to YouTube... (Artist, Writer)
  • John Caldwells final installment of the Gross and Beyond Gross Trilogy (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #483November 2007
MAD Magazine #484December 2007
MAD Magazine #486February 2008
  • 10 things you, as a concerned Monkey, can do to save the Environment (Artist, Writer)
  • How to draw a Monkey (Writer, Artist)
  • Signs you've chosen the wrong Spring Break destination (Artist, Writer)
  • 10 things Indiana Jones hates more than snakes (Artist, Writer)
  • Field Guide to spotting America's most incompetent summer camp counselors (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #494October 2008
  • The Pros & Cons of being a polygamy cult kid (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #495November 2008
  • When Monkeys go bad (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #497January 2009
  • 5. O.J. Simspon: Man of steal (Writer)
  • Signs you'll grow up to be a degenerate gambler (Artist, Writer)
  • The decided disadvantages of an online education (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #501October 2009
  • MAD's guide to making a recently released Gitmo Detainee feel welcome in your town (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #502January 2010
  • The Fast Five 5 reasions why Microsoft thinks you'll love Windows 7 (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
  • The Rich Rewards of a Full-Time Career as a Convenience Store Clerk (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #506December 2010
MAD Magazine #507February 2011
  • The Upsides to a Nationwide Bedbug Infestation (Writer, Artist)
  • Wild, Unfounded Rumors Surrounding the Xbox Kinect (Artist, Writer)
  • Signs You Haven't Actually Discovered a Lost Amazon Tribe (Artist, Writer)
  • When Ventriloquists Go Bad (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #511October 2011
  • Pet Peeves of Major League Batboys (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #512December 2011
  • Funeral Home Services You Probably Don't Want to Spring For (Artist, Writer)
  • Signs Your Tae Kwon Do Instructor May Be Over the Hill (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #513February 2012
  • Unwritten Rules for Transgender Newbies (Artist, Writer)
USA • MAD Magazine (California)
  • Heartbreaking problems of aging Elvis impersonators (Artist, Writer with Nathan Kane)
MAD Magazine #15October 2020
  • Everyday Pet-Peeves of second rate superheroes (Artist, Writer)
  • If chickens could time travel (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #20August 2021
  • Everyday Annoyances of Elderly Monsters (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #21October 2021
  • Drama on Page 45 (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #23February 2022
  • Indisputable tip-offs you weren't cut out for a life of crime (Artist, Writer)
  • Specially Trained Dogs for Everyone (Writer, Artist)
USA • DC MAD Cover Variation
  • Cover Artist
USA • DC MAD Variant Covers 2014
  • Cover Artist
USA • Miscellaneous MAD Specials (New York)
USA • Miscellaneous MAD Books (New York)
USA • Postcards, Trading Cards and Stickers
Brasil • MAD Magazine (Veechi)
MAD Magazine #55January 1979
  • MAD Vê Algumas Frases Incompletas (Writer with Bob Clarke)
Brasil • MAD Magazine (Record)
MAD Magazine #27February 1987
  • Drama na Página 13 (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #32August 1987
  • O Encontro (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #35November 1987
  • Certo Dia na Zona Sul (Artist, Writer)
  • Certo Dia na Zona Norte (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #44August 1988
  • Certo Dia no Tribunal (Artist, Writer)
  • Uma Tragédia na Piedade (Artist, Writer)
  • Quem Disse que Ser Náufrago não É Engraçado? (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #79December 1991
  • Um Dia na Vida de Igor (Artist, Writer)
  • Drama na Página 41 (Writer, Artist)
  • Drama na Página 44 (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #101January 1994
  • Você Está em Dia com a Moda ou Coisa Completamente Diferente (Artist, Writer)
  • OK, Você Cortou Fora! Agora, o que Fazer com Ele? (Artist, Writer)
  • Livros de Como-Fazer (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #110November 1994
  • As 6 Perguntas de Jornalistas que Gostaríamos de Fazer aos Jornais da TV (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #111January 1995
  • 7 Dicas do MAD para Se Tornar um Sucesso Culinário na TV (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #112February 1995
  • Esportes Estranhos (Artist, Writer)
  • E se a Tecnologia Invadisse a História? (Artist, Writer)
  • Cachorros Treinados para Todos (Writer, Artist)
  • Drama na Página 31 (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #127October 1996
  • Dicas Curtas e Certas de que não Haverá uma Segunda Vez (Artist, Writer)
  • O Guia MAD de Etiqueta para Casamentos entre Iguais! (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #134October 1997
  • Compra de Camisinhas para Iniciantes (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #135November 1997
  • Novidades para Adultos numa Pior (Writer, Artist)
  • Os Sinais Seguros de que um Shopping Já Era (Artist, Writer)
  • 10 Sinais de Alerta de que Sua Família É Além de Anormal (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #143September 1998
  • Só Quem Gosta Mesmo de Charuto... (Writer, Artist)
  • Você não É Lá um Grande Terrorista se... (Artist, Writer)
  • Sinais Irrefutáveis de que Você Contratou o Advogado Errado (Artist, Writer)
  • Dicas de que Você Escolheu uma Péssima Funerária (Artist, Writer)
  • Pesquisa da Pesquisa: os Números por Trás dos Números (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #151September 1999
  • Guia para os Paranóicos Despistarem os Paparazzi (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #152October 1999
  • Frases que Você Nunca Vai Querer Ver em um Cardápio de Restaurante (Artist, Writer)
  • Diferenças Básicas entre Pais e Avós (Writer, Artist)
  • As Desvantagens das Compras Online (Artist, Writer)
  • Que Imagem de Webcam É Esta...? (Artist, Writer)
Brasil • MAD Magazine (Mythos)
MAD Magazine #2February 2001
  • O Casamento dos Seus Pais Pode Ser Salvo? (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #6September 2001
  • Você Pode Estar a Um Passo de Ser Demitido da Família Soprano se... (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #8December 2001
  • Perguntas que Você Detestaria Ver nos Formulários de Emprego (Writer, Artist)
  • É Nojento.../É Mais Nojento Ainda... (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #12August 2002
  • Como Seria Sua Vida se Você Fosse um Membro da Família Osbourne? (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #13October 2002
  • Eminem na Terceira Idade (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #15February 2003
  • MAD Espia as Filmagens de um Episódio da “Família Sótrampo” (Writer with Tom Richmond)
MAD Magazine #18August 2003
  • Os 10 Mais Patéticos Fãs do Hulk (Artist, Writer with Wildstorm)
MAD Magazine #19September 2003
MAD Magazine #22January 2004
  • Por que os Relacionamentos entre Homem Velho/Mulher Nova Quase Nunca Dão Certo (Artist, Writer)
  • A Última Coisa que Você Gostaria de Ouvir... (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #27August 2004
  • John Caldwell Mostra por que não Vale a Pena Ser a Namorada do Homem-Aranha (Writer, Artist)
  • Regras não Escritas para Atletas Olímpicos (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #30December 2004
  • Coisas que um Papai Noel de Loja não Deve Fazer (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #31January 2005
  • John Caldwell Vê a Obesidade nas Escolas (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #32February 2005
  • Você Sabe que não Leva Mesmo Jeito pra uma Vida de Crimes... (Artist, Writer)
  • Certo Dia na Oficina do Pipo (Artist with Craig Boldman)
  • Férias numa Ilha Deserta (Writer, Artist)
  • John Caldwell Mostra Quando a Tatuagem É uma Roubada (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #38January 2006
  • Você É Mesmo um Viciado em Videogames? (Artist, Writer)
  • Dicas para quando Você For Comprar Suas Camisinhas (Artist, Writer)
  • Algumas Dificuldades Encontradas pelos Cowboys Gays (Writer, Artist)
  • Você Sabe que Está Velho Demais para Ser Gótico Quando... (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #42August 2006
  • Se não Existissem os Videogames... (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #43September 2006
  • Percalços na Vida dos Super-Heróis de Quinta Categoria (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #44October 2006
  • Idéias Rejeitadas pelas Empresas de Celulares (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #45November 2006
  • Erros Comuns Cometidos por Babacas que Querem Ser os "Engraçadinhos" do Colégio (Artist, Writer)
Brasil • MAD Magazine (Panini)
MAD Magazine #1March 2008
  • As coisas que Realmente Irritam um Zumbi (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #2April 2008
  • Se os Frangos Pudessem Viajar no Tempo (Artist, Writer)
  • John Caldwell em Mais um "Nojento e Mais que Nojento" (Writer, Artist)
  • As 10 Coisas que o Indiana Jones Odeia Mais que Cobras (Artist, Writer)
  • John Caldwell Agradece ao YouTube por... (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #6August 2008
  • Uma Coleção de Importantes Estratégias Idiotas para Combater o Aumento no Preço da Gasolina (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #7September 2008
  • Quando a Obesidade Mórbida Acaba Mal (Artist, Writer)
  • Os Prós & Contras de Ser Filho de uma Família Poligâmica (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #19October 2009
  • John Caldwell e a MAD Revelam como Descobrir se Você É um Rato de Shopping Cinquentão! (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #20November 2009
  • As Piores Desvantagens da Educação On-Line (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #21December 2009
  • Você não Foi Atingido pelo Espírito do Natal se... (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #22January 2010
  • O Guia Completo dos Piores Monitores dos Acampamentos de Férias (Writer, Artist)
  • Manual de Etiqueta e Boas Maneiras para os Paparazzi (Artist, Writer)
  • Você com Certeza Comprou o Robô Errado se... (Artist, Writer)
  • 'Dando Cinco Rapidinhas – 5 Razões pra que a Microsoft Pense que Você Vai Amar o Windows 7' “Bola Katz do Bom”, “Certo Dia no Deserto”, “A Coroa (Episódio 3)”, “Faça Seu Próprio Título de Best-Seller” (Author with Darren Johnson, Dick DeBartolo, Jackson, Farley Katz, Scott Nickel)
MAD Magazine #29August 2010
  • MAD Analisa o iPad para Vários Estereótipos (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #30September 2010
  • Grandes Recompensas de uma Carreira Plena como Balconista de Loja de Conveniência (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #31October 2010
  • Sinais de que Você Escolheu o Destino Errado para Suas Férias (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #34January 2011
  • Coisas que Irritam Qualquer Mestre de Yoga (Artist, Writer)
  • Um Guia para Iniciantes que Queiram Construir uma Carreira de Pedinte (Writer, Artist)
  • O Lado Bom de uma Infestação Nacional de Insetos (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #41September 2011
  • Sinais de que Você, na Realidade, não Descobriu Nenhuma Tribo Perdida da Amazônia (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #44January 2012
  • Serviços Funerários que Você Provavelmente Vai Querer Passar (Writer with Kevin Pope)
MAD Magazine #45February 2012
  • Artist, Writer
  • Regras não Escritas para Transgêneros Iniciantes (Artist, Writer)
  • A Surpreendentes Semelhanças entre a Universidade de Harvard e a Faculdade de Palhaços (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #54December 2012
  • 8 Dicas Práticas para Esperar o Apocalipse (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #55January 2013
  • Calendário MAD 2013 - Mais um ano Lesado (Artist)
MAD Magazine #61August 2013
  • Você Percebe que Contratou o Motivador Pessoal Errado Quando... (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #63October 2013
  • Ideias Idiotas Rapidamente Vetadas pelo Novo Papa (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #73September 2014
  • Quando os Drones Enlouquecerem (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #74October 2014
  • Mandamentos de Humildade do Papa Francisco para Seus Bispos (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
MAD Magazine #75November 2014
  • Mandamentos de Humildade do Papa Francisco para seus Bispos (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
  • Sinais Assustadores que Podem Te Levar a Acreditar que o Aquecimento Global É pra Valer! (Artist, Writer)
  • 8 Dicas para Se Tornar um Melhor Supervilão (Writer, Artist)
  • Quando os Minions Ficarem Muito, mas Muito Bravos (Artist, Writer)
Brasil • Miscellaneous MAD Specials (Record) (Record)
Mad EsøtericøDecember 1993
  • Diferenças entre os Anos 80 e os Anos 90 (Artist, Writer)
  • Você não Tem Chance de Ganhar uma Medalha Olímpica se... (Writer with Sandy Kossin)
  • Futuras Provas Olímpicas de Dança (Artist, Writer)
Mad O Pior DoSeptember 2000
  • Uma Tragédia na Piedade (Artist, Writer)
  • MAD Vê os Telefones de Carros (Artist, Writer)
Brasil • MAD Especial (Record) (Record)
  • Certo Dia num Estúdio de Gravação (Artist, Writer)
  • Um Intervalo Dramático (Artist, Writer)
  • Grosso e Pra Lá de Grosso (Writer, Artist)
Brasil • Mini-MAD (Mythos) (Mythos)
  • O Casamento dos Seus Pais Pode Ser Salvo? (Artist, Writer)
  • Os Verdadeiros Motivos por que os Relacionamentos entre Homem Velho/Mulher Nova Quase Nunca Dão Certo (Artist, Writer)
  • Você Sabe que não Leva Mesmo Jeito pra uma Vida de Crimes... (Writer, Artist)
  • Dicas pra Quando Você For Sair com a Sua Primeira Namorada (Artist, Writer)
  • Você Sabe que não Leva Mesmo Jeito pra uma Vida de Crimes... (Artist, Writer)
  • Dicas pra Quando Você For Sair com a Sua Primeira Namorada (Writer, Artist)
  • Certo Dia na Oficina do Pipo (Artist with Craig Boldman)
  • John Caldwell Vê a Obesidade nas Escolas (Artist, Writer)
  • A Última Coisa que Você Gostaria de Ouvir... (Writer, Artist)
  • Férias numa Ilha Deserta (Artist, Writer)
Brasil • MAD Especial (Mythos) (Mythos)
  • Cenas que Gostaríamos de Ver (Artist, Writer)
  • Como Sacar que Sua Consulta É uma Roubada (Writer, Artist)
  • Ironia É... (Artist, Writer)
  • Drama na Página 8 (Artist with Terry Copeland)
  • Manual de Etiqueta MAD pra Casamentos Homossexuais (Artist, Writer)
  • Guia MAD pra Otários Comprarem Camisinha (Artist, Writer)
  • Ser Náufrago Pode Ser Divertido (Writer, Artist)
  • Quando o Palhaço Despiroca... (Artist, Writer)
  • Sinais de que a Sua Família Tem Problemas (Artist, Writer)
  • Você É um Terrorista de Merda se… (Writer, Artist)
  • Sinais de que Você Escolheu a Funerária Errada (Artist, Writer)
  • Quando as Freiras Alucinam… (Artist, Writer)
Brasil • MAD Especial (Panini) (Panini)
  • Nojento e Mais que Nojento (Artist, Writer)
  • Você não Tem Chance de Ganhar uma Medalha de Ouro se... (Writer with Sandy Kossin)
  • As Regras de Comportamento para Atletas Olímpicos (Writer, Artist)
  • Futuras Provas de Dança nas Olimpíadas (Artist, Writer)
  • Como a Crise Econômica Está Afetando as Pequenas Empresas (Artist, Writer)
  • Um Olhar MAD sobre as Frases Inacabadas (Writer with Bob Clarke)
  • Premissas Básicas de Vários Produtos, Serviços e Ideias (Artist with Mike Snider)
  • Drama nas Página 41 (Artist with Michael Gallagher)
  • Coisas que Dão no Saco dos Assassinos Seriais (Writer, Artist)
  • Livros de Autoajuda (Artist, Writer)
Brasil • Various MAD Books
Epic MAD #1June 2013
  • E se a Tecnologia Invadisse a História? (Writer, Artist)
Denmark • MAD Magazine (Semic)
  • Cover Artist
Denmark • MAD Magazine (Egmont)
  • Border Artist
Finland • MAD Magazine (Semic)
Finland • Miscellaneous MAD Specials (Semic)
  • Cover Artist
Germany • MAD Magazine (Dino/Panini)
  • Neulich in Squaw-Valley (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #110November 2007
MAD Magazine #112January 2008
  • Wenn Hühner durch die Zeit reisen könnten! (Artist, Writer with Oliver Naatz)
MAD Magazine #113February 2008
  • Saubblöde Strategien, den explodierenden Spritpreisen Paroli zu bieten! (Artist, Writer with Oliver Naatz)
Germany • Original Artwork
Great Britain • MAD Magazine
  • Cover Artist
Mexico • MAD Magazine (Mina)
MAD Magazine #2August 2004
  • 13 Cosas que Aprender en los Cursos de Verano (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #3September 2004
  • Cuando los Veterinarios Se Convierten en Los Malos (Artist, Writer)
  • Para qué se Usan Realmente las Máquinas de Ejercicios (Writer, Artist)
  • Las Reglas No Escritas para Atletas Olímpicos (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #16November 2005
  • Si No Existieran los Videojuegos (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #17December 2005
  • La MADguía para Refinar Tu $%¨& Vocabulario (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #20February 2006
  • Escalofirantes Señales que Te Harán Creer que el Calentamento Global Es Algo Real (Artist, Writer)
  • Cuando los Artistas de Tatoo Son Chafas (Artist, Writer)
  • Artículos Novedosos para Perdedores (Writer, Artist)
  • Cuando los Artistas de Tatoo Son Chafas (Artist, Writer)
  • Artículos Novedosos para Perdedores (Artist, Writer)
  • Situaciones Desagradables que Tienen que Vivir los Vaqueros Gay (Writer, Artist)
  • Perros Especialmente Trenados para Toda Ocasión (Artist, Writer with Wildstorm)
  • Los 10 Fanáticos Más Patéticos de Hulk (Artist, Writer)
  • Qué Hacer y Qué No Hacer en el Cybersexo (Artist, Writer)
  • Adivina Quién Es el Nuevo (Writer, Artist)
Turkey • Various MAD Books