Michael Goodwin

Michael Goodwin

Country: USA

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Contributions by Michael Goodwin

MAD Magazine #297 September 1990

Department: Alphabet Poop
Story: What Corporate Initials Really Stand For
Writer with Al Jaffee
Department: Wise Guides
Story: Rules For Games The Way They're Really Played
Writer with Jack Davis
Department: Dome Improvement
Story: MAD's 'Snowglobes' Shaken From Today's Headlines
Writer with Tom Bunk
Story: What Government Initials Really Stand For

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Department: Seção Agito
Story: Os Globos de Neve do MAD Sacudidos Após as Notícias dos Jornais
Writer with Tom Bunk

MAD Magazine #99 November 1993

Department: Seção Vale o Escroto
Story: Regras para Jogos como Realmente São Jogados
Writer with Jack Davis

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MAD Especial #12 September 2005

Department: Seção Jogo Ilegal
Story: Jogos de Tabuleiro Rejeitados
Writer with Steve Smallwood

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