Tom Bunk

Tom Bunk
December 17th, 1945, Split, Croatia
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Facts about Tom Bunk

Tom Bunk, born as Tomas Maria Bunk, on 17th December 1945 in Split, Croatia (therefore its Internet presence has the name
In the Second World War his parents fled from Germany to Yugoslavia escaping the Nazis. At the age of 13 Tom moved with his family back to Hamburg.
Tom Bunk visited the University of Art in Hamburg. He moved in 1973 to Berlin and started his career drawing funny oil paintings, which he presented in 3 exhibitions.
In 1983 he met his wife Hinda and moved to New York. In the United States he quickly gained a foothold by co-working with Art Spiegelman. Tom helped Spiegelman on the comic 'RAW', additionally Tom Bunk translated Spiegelman's Maus comics. Art Spiegelman introduced Tom Bunk to Topps Cards, where he is still working on the 'Garbage Pail Kids' trading card series and other projects. Tom Bunk published a lot of illustrations in the 'New York Times' in this era.
Tom Bunks first contribution to MAD was published in number 296 (July, 1990) named 'The 2-Hour School of Dentistry', written by Charlie Kadau and Joe Raiola. From this time he has worked on every issue of the MAD Magazine.
In 2004 Tom Bunk was diagnosed with cancer, but fought successfully against it and is now completely cured.
Tom Bunk has two children and lives with his wife Hinda in New Rochelle, New York.


  • 1976: Bunk began publishing his works in the German Comics 'Slapstick' and 'Pardon'. In this time he became well-known writing under his alter ego Karsten Dose.

  • 1976: Pardon 10/76 (Two page article about Tom Bunk, "Ich liebe das Dusselige", about his art and his cartoons), Pardon-Verlag
  • 1978: Slapstick 1 - 15 (a cartoon magazine, he draw the covers for issue #3, 6 and 10), Pardon-Verlag
  • 1979: Hinz und Kunz, from #7 - 11 (Comic magazine, cover for issue #10), Volksverlag
  • 1980: 'U-Comix Sonderband' No.27 : Ramba Zamba Comics (with reprints from Pardon and Slapstick, Bunk's first book) published by Volksverlag

  • 1981: Comixene No. 41 (Gilbert Shelton Interview, by Tom Bunk and Volker Reiche. Recorded on the 32nd Book Fair in Frankfurt, 1980), Edition Becker & Knigge

  • 1982: Titanic 8/82 (Satire magazine, with Bunk's comic "Apokalypse Wow"), Verlag Titanic

  • 1982: 'Semmels Satire Sammelsurium' (in cooperation with Brösel, Rolf Boyke, Kay Czucha, Harm Bengen, Philip) published by Semmel Verlag

  • 1982: 'Friede, Freude, Eierkuchen Comics' (in cooperation with Rolf Boyke, Detlef Surrey, Fuchsi, Peter Petri, Harals, Kriki) published by Semmel Verlag

  • 1983: Zomix No. 10 and 11 (Comic Magazine), Blender Verlag
  • 1983: 'Wanted!- Semmels Satire Sammelsurium Edition 2' (includes Bunk's personal favorite comic 'Die Plattgehämmerte Palme') published by Semmel Verlag

  • 1983: 'Irrwitz-Comics' (in cooperation with Wolfgang Stein, Detlef Surrey, Hansi Kiefersauer and Gerhard Seyfried) published by Weismann Verlag, München

  • 1984: 'Dose Comics' (work finished in New York) published by Semmel Verlag

  • 1984: 'Besemmelt!' (contains no new material by Tom Bunk, the illustration in the imprint was taken from 'Dose Comics') published by Semmel Verlag

  • 1984: 'Ernst Vooland: Schnell im Biss- Berliner Comix und Karikaturen' (includes 2 comics by Bunk from 'Semmels Satire Sammelsurium'') published by Rixdorfer Verlagsanstalt, Berlin

  • 1984 - 1985: rAd ab! No. 3 + 4 (Comic Magazine), Rad Ab-Verlag
  • 1985: 'Kramer - Tod im Nacken' (with collected works from 'Kramer Comics' contributed in 'Hinz & Kunz'. The back cover shows Bunks first photography comic: 'Unternehmen Heidekraut') published by Semmel Verlag

  • 1986: Klaus Strzyz/ Jari Cuypers: 'Comic Zeichen Buch' (includes a short interview with Tom Bunk) published by Leue Verlag, Berlin

  • 1990: 'Strange Adventures' by Harvey Kurtzman,( Tom Bunk contributed the comic 'A Vampire named Mel') published by Epic Comics

  • 1990 - today: MAD contributer since issue #296, EC Publications
  • 1991: 'Alles im Sack!' (An anthology about Christmas, Tom Bunk contributed the comic 'X-Mess in New York') published by Semmel Verlag

  • 1995: Ralf Thenior/Tomas Bunk: 'Gib Gas, Kniffke!' (One of three children books created for the German Publisher Ravensburger)

  • 1998: Andreas C. Knigge: 'Trau keinem über 30!' (Anthology about the subject 1968, Bunks contribution 'Der Salon Anna Krone 68, eine Annachronische Burleske')

  • 2001 : Nick Meglin /John Ficarra: The MAD Gross Book. (MAD Books, New York)

  • 2002: Mark Evanier: MAD Art. (Watson Guptill)

  • 2006: Arthur Eisenkraft / Larry D.Kirkpatrick/ Tomas Bunk: Quantoons - Metaphysical Illustrations. (NSA Press)

  • 2008: Tomas Bunk :Ein Berliner in New York (Illustrated Bio pic, published in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, June 2008), F. A. Z.

  • 2009: Comixene No. 106 (Spot on Tomas Bunk, with the complete run of his Bio pic "Ein Berliner in New York"), Freibeuter Verlag
  • 2013: Heiner Lünstedt (Anthologist) : A Tribute to Robert Crumb (Bunk's contribution "Head Komix", nearly complete in English), Edition 52

  • 2014: Comixzeichner in Berlin (another illustrated Bio pic, about his years as artist in Berlin. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, January 2014), F. A. Z.

  • 2015: Comixzeichner in Berlin /Ein Berliner in New York (Both Bio pics in one book), comicplus+

  • 2019: Comixene No. 133 (Interview with Tom Bunk, with a new 4 page comic "Comix dell'Arte"), Rätselfactory, AG

  • 2020: First MAD cover for the Burbank edition #13
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Contributions by Tom Bunk

MAD Magazine • USA • New York
MAD Magazine #297September 1990
MAD Magazine #299December 1990
  • The Mad People Watcher's Guide to an Airport (Artist with Mike Snider)
    Department: Plane Nonsense
  • Small Scale Examples of How History Repeats Itself! (Artist with Dan Birtcher)
    Department: The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Lame
  • The New Benchmarks, Records and Barriers That Mankind Is Rapidly Approaching, Part II (Artist with Mike Snider)
    Department: Soaring To New Frights
  • Rotten Places Where Waldo Really Would Have To Hide (Artist with Desmond Devlin)
    Department: Unseen We'd Like To See
MAD Magazine #306October 1991
  • Salesmen's Claims and Come-Ons That Should Set You Running (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
    Department: An Embarrassment of Richard's
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys We'd Really Like To See (Artist with Cary Pepper)
    Department: Putting On The Old Feedback
  • Airbag Safety Devices For Everyday Living (Artist with Matthew T. Smith)
    Department: Pillows Of Society
MAD Magazine #313September 1992
  • MAD's Cross-Sections Of State Lottery Winners (Artist with Desmond Devlin)
    Department: The Schmuck Of The Draw
MAD Magazine #314October 1992
  • Lost Playground Of Kids Your Parents Always Told You About But You've Never Seen Yourself! (Artist with Barry Liebmann)
    Department: Myth-Conceptions
MAD Magazine #315December 1992
  • MAD Salutes Columbus (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: New World Ordure
  • Hidden Emotional Costs of Things (Artist with Dan Birtcher)
    Department: On a Scale Of One To Tension
  • MAD's 'Snowglobes' Shaken From Today's Headlines (Artist with Michael Goodwin)
    Department: Dome Improvement
  • Pick Up Lines To Use In Less Than Sterling Situations (Artist with Lori Kolman)
    Department: Hitting The Singles Barbs
MAD Magazine #321September 1993
  • Least Common Accidents and Injuries In America (Artist with Mike Snider)
    Department: Zingin' In The Pain
MAD Magazine #322October 1993
  • Here's Mad's Reasons NOT To Visit Disney World This Year! (Artist with Charlie Kadau)
    Department: A Poke In The Eisner
MAD Magazine #323December 1993
  • Mad Goes To a Skinhead Convention (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: The Bigot They Are...
MAD Magazine #324January 1994
MAD Magazine #325February 1994
  • Scenes As Played Out In Different Types Of Movies (Writer with Terry Copeland)
    Department: Flushing The Genre
  • Every Single New Year's Eve (Artist with Desmond Devlin)
    Department: At The Joke Of Midnight
  • Just When You Think It Can't Get Any Worse... (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: I Can't Believe It's Not Better
  • Things You Never Want To Experience If Your Anesthesia Wears Off In The Middle Of Your Surgery (Artist with Dennis Snee)
    Department: Eh, What's That, Doc?
MAD Magazine #330September 1994
  • MAD Tours a Typical Film School (Artist with Chris Hart, Stan Hart)
    Department: Getting a Reel Education
MAD Magazine #331October 1994
MAD Magazine #332December 1994
  • America's Most Noteworthy Science Fair Projects... That Lost! (Artist with Joe Raiola, Charlie Kadau)
    Department: He Who Labs Last
MAD Magazine #333January 1995
  • The Frugal Religious-Cult Leader (Artist with Mike Snider)
    Department: More Frugal Books You Can Expect to See
  • Untrue Spies (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: C.I.A.-Holes
  • How Many Mistakes Can You Find in This Picture of a Real Estate Infomercial? (Artist with Chris Hart)
    Department: Err Apparent
  • Other Interesting Infinity Combinations (Artist with Desmond Devlin)
    Department: Dim Sums
  • You're a Winner and a Loser (Artist with Desmond Devlin)
    Department: Two Sides of the Con
MAD Magazine #339October 1995
  • Are You a Shopaholic? (Artist with John Prete)
    Department: The Buying Game
MAD Magazine #341December 1995
  • These Days We Consider Ourselves Lucky... (Artist with Butch D'Ambrosio)
    Department: Fortunate Tellers
  • Opening Lines to Unhappy Stories (Artist with Greg Eckler)
    Department: It's All Downhill from Here
  • "Talk-Show Fan" sung to the tune of "Nowhere Man" (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Mad's Beatles Songbook
  • Back Cover: The Zit (Artist with Michael Gallagher)
  • Back Cover: A Soho Success Story (Artist with Don Edwing)
  • The Extremely Ultimate Fights (Artist with Desmond Devlin)
    Department: Slay-Per View
MAD Magazine #349October 1996
  • Little Known Facts About America's Hottest Tourist Attractions (Artist with Andrew J. Schwartzberg)
    Department: Trip-Tease
MAD Magazine #350October 1996
  • Kathie Lee’s 12 Warning Signs that You’re Working in a Sweatshop (Artist with John Caldwell)
    Department: A Stitch in Crime
MAD Magazine #354February 1997
  • Tell-It-Like-It-Is Video Rental Categories (Artist with Russ Cooper)
    Department: Be Kind, Reassign
  • Mad Weighs the Pros & Cons (Artist with Barry Liebmann)
    Department: Two Snides to every Story
  • The Mad Repertory Players Present Mad-sterpiece Theater This Issue's Production: Sportsdunk (Artist with Joe Raiola, Charlie Kadau)
    Department: When the Schtick Hits the Fan
  • One Fine Day at the Cult Compound (Artist with Mike Snider)
    Department: Get the Flock Out of Here
MAD Magazine #361September 1997
  • Video Arcade Personalities Volume I (Artist with Sean Eisenporth)
    Department: Geek Tragedies
MAD Magazine #362October 1997
  • The Mad People Watcher's Guide to a Typical U.S. Corporation (Artist with Mike Snider)
    Department: One Downsize Fits All
MAD Magazine #364December 1997
  • The Mad Repertory Players Present Mad-sterpiece Theater This Issue's Production: Sadistic "Simon Says" (Artist with Butch D'Ambrosio)
    Department: No Pain, No Game
MAD Magazine #365January 1998
  • Christmas Carols for Dysfunctional Families (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Bashing through the Snow
MAD Magazine #366February 1998
  • Video Arcade Personalities - Volume II (Artist with Sean Eisenporth)
    Department: Geek Tragedies
  • Back Cover: Zelinski & Jarvis - The Young Interns (Artist with Sean Eisenporth)
  • Border Artist
  • Obscure North American Soccer League 1998-1999 Preview (Artist with Jeff Kruse, Grey Blackwell)
    Department: There's a Soccer born every Minute
  • The Mall-Rat Olympics (Artist with Mike Snider)
    Department: Let the Games be Grim
MAD Magazine #373September 1998
  • Countdown to Armageddon (Artist with Mike Mikula)
    Department: Kiss Your Asteroid Goodbye
MAD Magazine #374October 1998
MAD Magazine #376December 1998
  • Really Smart Uses for Cell Phones (Artist with Dennis Snee)
    Department: Crock 'O' Dials
MAD Magazine #377January 1999
  • 5. The Flag Burning Amendment That Won't Die - "Your Congressmen Explain Their Stance on the Flag-Burning Amendment" (Artist with Desmond Devlin)
MAD Magazine #378February 1999
  • The 10 Rules of Computer Tech Support (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
    Department: Help is on the Wane
  • The Home Schlocking Network's "Beanie Baby Hour" (Artist with Desmond Devlin)
    Department: Mad-sterpiece Theater Presents
  • Brutally Honest Flight Attendant Announcements (Artist with Amy Gillett)
    Department: The Plane Truth
  • ne Fine Day at the Chiropractors' Convention (Artist with Don Edwing)
    Department: Snap Cackle Pop
  • U.S.S. Desperation Singles Cruise (Artist with Barry Liebmann)
    Department: The Schlub Boat
MAD Magazine #388December 1999
MAD Magazine #389January 2000
  • 1. Y2K Panic (Artist)
  • Mad's Etiquette Guide for Drunk Drivers (Artist with Butch D'Ambrosio)
    Department: A Word of the DWI's
  • Half Fact / Whole Fact (Artist with Butch D'Ambrosio)
    Department: Truth Extraction
MAD Magazine #422October 2002
  • Where Do They Get Off…? (Artist with Stan Sinberg)
    Department: Gallbearers
MAD Magazine #433September 2003
  • The Gamer’s Guide to Functioning in the Real World (Artist with Scott Bricher, Kenny Byerly)
    Department: Cheat Codes of Conduct
  • Snippets of Cell Phone Conversations We’d Love to Hear the Rest of... (Artist with Butch D'Ambrosio)
    Department: Who, What, Where, When, Wireless
MAD Magazine #435November 2003
  • Where do they get off? Vol. 2 (Artist with Stan Sinberg)
    Department: Gallbearers
MAD Magazine #436December 2003
  • Absolute Latest, up-to-the-minute Pick-Up Lines (Artist with Mike Snider)
    Department: Canned Openers
MAD Magazine #437January 2004
  • 2. Britney and Madonna Shamelessly Swap Spit (Artist)
    Department: The MAD 20 - The dumbest People, Events & Things of 2003
MAD Magazine #438February 2004
  • The prize is slight (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
    Department: Corn on the Bob
MAD Magazine #449January 2005
  • Things we definetly won't miss about buying CDs (Artist with Joe Raiola)
    Department: Disc, Too, Shall Pass
  • If the Star Wars Galaxy has classified ads (Artist with David Shayne)
    Department: May the for sale be with you
MAD Magazine #457September 2005
MAD Magazine #459November 2005
MAD Magazine #460December 2005
  • 2006 MAD Calendar (Artist)
MAD Magazine #462February 2006
  • American Idol also rans: Where are they Now? (Artist with Jeff Kruse)
    Department: Rejects Education
  • The sights and sounds of the 2006 World Cup (Artist with Jeff Kruse)
    Department: A-HOOOOOOOOLES!
  • Phrases we swear we heard on an infomercial (Artist with Jeff Kruse)
    Department: The wrath of con
MAD Magazine #470October 2006
  • The DMV road test for the real world (Artist with Jacob Lambert)
    Department: The wheel deal
MAD Magazine #471November 2006
  • A T.V. Commercial we do like to see (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
    Department: An embarrassment of Richards
MAD Magazine #472December 2006
  • Questions we do like to ask the Turkey Hotline (Artist with Scott Maiko)
    Department: Pranksgiving
  • Naggy 911 (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
    Department: Child scare professional
  • The Biggest Lardass (Artist with Desmond Devlin)
    Department: Fats Entertainment
  • Everyday Pet Peeves of Transformers (Artist with Jacob Lambert)
    Department: Wheely Pissed Off
MAD Magazine #481September 2007
  • The MAD guide for public speakers, Volume one: Phrases to absolutely avoid when delivering a eulogy (Artist with Jeff Kruse)
    Department: Deceased and Desist
MAD Magazine #483November 2007
  • 1 worse than 100 (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
    Department: Take this mob and shove it
MAD Magazine #484December 2007
  • Juggles the juggling juggler who juggles (Artist with Mo Willems)
    Department: Humor in a juggler vein
MAD Magazine #486February 2008
  • The Fundalini Pages: "Castro comments", "Less popular conspiracy Theories", "Fundalini asks: What if Barack Obama were a Zombie", "Least-listed items on the average american's "Bucket List", "Defenses to use then you're sued by the Music Industry for illegal downloading", "Highlights from the Pope's visit to Yankee Satium", "Melvin & Jenkins' guide to Pet Care", "The fast 5 easter candies still le (Author with Glen LeLievre, Desmond Devlin, Hermann Mejia, Garth Gerhart, Jacob Lambert, Jeff Kruse, Peter Bagge, Kevin Pope)
    Department: Random Acts of Mindless
  • MAD's international preview of the Beijing Olympics (Artist with Desmond Devlin)
    Department: Let the games be grim
MAD Magazine #495November 2008
  • The Fundalini Pages: "Questions you may hear during the vice presidential debates", "Fundalini Voter Guide to third party candidates", "The real reasons Harry Potter and the half blood prince was delayed", "Least popular halloween costumes of 2008", "Biiterman", "Pull my Cheney", "Advantages and disadvantages of High Def TV", "Outtakes from John Edward's Nightline Interview" (Author with Jeff Kruse, Tom Cheney, Scott Bricher, Sam Sisco, Desmond Devlin, Garth Gerhart, Dick DeBartolo)
    Department: Random Acts of Mindless
MAD Magazine #496December 2008
  • Comments you'll never hear no matter how long you live (Artist with Darren Johnson)
    Department: Don't phrase me, bro
MAD Magazine #497January 2009
  • The Fundalini Pages: "Practical uses for your gas-guzzling SUVs", "Celebrity cause-of-death betting odds", "Food myths you just shouldn't believe", "Vey to go!", "Where the $750 Billion government bailout funds are going", "Bitterman", "Signs your bank is in big trouble", "Video Game Review: Guitar Tech hero" (Author with Dave Croatto, P.C. Vey, Adam Rust, Dick DeBartolo, Kevin Pope, Garth Gerhart, Scott Bricher, Jeff Kruse)
    Department: Random Acts of Mindless
MAD Magazine #501October 2009
  • A TV commercial we'd like to see (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
    Department: There's a soaker born every minute
MAD Magazine #502January 2010
  • The Fundalini Pages: Medical Myths you just shouldn't believe (Artist with Jeff Kruse)
    Department: Random Acts of Mindless
MAD Magazine #548December 2017
  • Mad's Tom Bunk Visits Walt Disney World (Artist, Writer)
  • Selected Observations From Random Autopsies (Artist with Jeff Kruse)
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