Frank Santopadre

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Contributions by Frank Santopadre

USA • MAD Magazine (New York)
MAD Magazine #321September 1993
  • Show You Care. Save a Child Star (Writer)
MAD Magazine #330September 1994
  • Back Cover: Commemorative Music Stamps We'd Like to See (Writer with Greg Theakston)
  • When Othe Magazines Resort to Featuring Nude Celebrities on Their Covers (Writer with Drew Friedman)
MAD Magazine #386October 1999
MAD Magazine #413January 2002
  • The Controversial Artist Instruction School (Writer with James Warhola)
MAD Magazine #437January 2004
MAD Magazine #469September 2006
  • Fox News Comedy Shows that never got off the ground (Writer with Drew Friedman)
MAD Magazine #497January 2009
MAD Magazine #498February 2009
MAD Magazine #501October 2009
MAD Magazine #507February 2011
MAD Magazine #513February 2012
  • 16. Michele Bachmann Speaks - "The Look of Moron" - (The Book of Mormon Broadway Play Poster Parody) (Writer with Genevieve Sterbenz)
USA • MAD Magazine (California)
Brasil • MAD Magazine (Record)
MAD Magazine #111January 1995
  • Os Rótulos Politicamente Corretos que Gostaríamos de Ver (Writer with George Woodbridge)
MAD Magazine #134October 1997
Brasil • MAD Magazine (Panini)
  • Novos Programas no Canal Pirata (Writer with Tom Bunk)
MAD Magazine #79February 2015
Brasil • Miscellaneous MAD Specials (Record) (Record)
Mad EsøtericøDecember 1993
Brasil • MAD Especial (Mythos) (Mythos)
Brasil • MAD Especial (Panini) (Panini)