Spanish MAD


The publisher had legal problems to use the original title “MAD” during the first edition of the Spanish MAD. Months later (in December of that year) he decided to publish the same product under the title “Locuras” (2nd Edition). Both publications reached only six issues, because they were not really connected with the national taste of that time (the published material was literal translation of the contents of American original). This edition is almost identical to the first edition.

At the same time, an unknown amount of very similar issues of the Spain MAD existed in Argentina. They were distributed by Euredit, identifiable through its similar design. Different than in Spain, the publishers in Argentina had no legal problems with MAD and the magazine could be published under its original title, surpassing the six numbers in the Spanish edition.

  • Puslisher: EUREDIT
  • Editor: L. Moncho Orta


MAD Magazines

1st Edition - MAD
1974 - 1974 (6 items)

2nd Edition - Locuras
1975 - 1975 (6 items)

3rd Edition - Planeta DeAgostini
2006 - 2007 (8 items)

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2016 - Ongoing (4 items)

3rd Edition - Planeta DeAgostini
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2nd Edition - Locuras
4 items

3rd Edition - Planeta DeAgostini
2008 - 2009 (2 items)

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