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Contributions by Barry Liebmann

MAD Magazine • USA • New York
  • If Children Treated Their Parents the Way Their Parents Treat Them (Writer with Paul Coker, Jr.)
MAD Magazine #211December 1979
  • Mad's Ingenious Plan for a More Efficient Government (Writer with Jack Davis)
MAD Magazine #218October 1980
  • The Mad Dictionary of Cliche Parental Terms (Writer with Paul Coker, Jr.)
    Department: The Mad Dictionary
MAD Magazine #220January 1981
  • A Mad Guide to... The Double Standards of Age (Writer with Bob Jones)
    Department: A Mad Guide
MAD Magazine #233September 1982
  • Isn't it Suspicious... (Writer with Paul Coker, Jr.)
    Department: Two Sides of the Con
MAD Magazine #249September 1984
  • A Psalm for the Modern Television Preacher (Writer with George Woodbridge)
    Department: Daily Bread
MAD Magazine #267December 1986
  • Why Are We Always Impressed By...? (Writer with Angelo Torres)
    Department: Awe-Full
  • That'll Be the Day! (Writer with Jack Davis)
    Department: The Odds Must Be Crazy
  • Mad's Post-Nuclear Publications (Writer with Bob Clarke)
    Department: All the Nukes That's Fit To Print
MAD Magazine #305September 1991
  • Why We Get The Holiday Blahs (Writer with George Woodbridge)
    Department: A Manic For All Seasons
MAD Magazine #314October 1992
  • Lost Playground Of Kids Your Parents Always Told You About But You've Never Seen Yourself! (Writer with Tom Bunk)
    Department: Myth-Conceptions
MAD Magazine #323December 1993
  • MAD Studies The First Day Of School 30 Years Ago and Today (Writer with Dave Berg, Rick Tulka)
    Department: Grade Moments In History
MAD Magazine #333January 1995
  • Back Cover: Wizz Home Entertainment Centers - 9 Ways to Say "Shove Your White Christmas!" (Writer with Greg Theakston)
  • How to Pick Lottery Numbers the Mad Way (Writer with Tom Bunk)
MAD Magazine #340November 1995
  • How Madonna Revived Her Sagging Career - A Look Back from the 21st Century (Writer with Rick Tulka)
    Department: Restoring the Old Luster
MAD Magazine #342January 1996
  • What People Say / What Other People Hear (Writer with Al Jaffee)
    Department: Aural Fixation
  • Mad's Colossal, Stupendous, Absolutely Fantabulous Plan to Liven Up The Academy Awards (Writer with Sam Viviano)
    Department: Oscar Mired Balony
  • Why Is It? (Writer with George Woodbridge)
    Department: We're Here, We're Queries, Get Used to it!
  • The Newt Gingrich Video Club (Writer with Drew Friedman)
    Department: The Film-Flam Man
  • Biblical Pet Peeves (Writer with Mort Drucker)
    Department: In the Name of the Bother
  • Mad Assesses the Field of Other "Potential" Presidential Contenders (Writer with Rick Geary)
    Department: Behind the Nominate Ball
MAD Magazine #350October 1996
  • A MAD Guide to Corporate Thinking (Writer with Timothy Shamey)
    Department: Executive Derision
  • Mad Weighs the Pros & Cons (Writer with Tom Bunk)
    Department: Two Snides to every Story
  • A Mad Modern Report Card (Writer with James Warhola)
    Department: The Grades of Wrath
  • Sure Signs That You're Turning Into Your Parents (Writer with Rick Geary)
    Department: Hereditease
MAD Magazine #365January 1998
  • Office Christmas Party Mistletoe Agreement (Writer with Marshall Vandruff)
    Department: Claus and Effect
  • Mad's Dating Pluses & Minuses Scorecard (Writer with Carol Lay)
    Department: The Rating Game
MAD Magazine #375November 1998
  • Tipoffs That You Go to a Really Tough School (Writer with Timothy Shamey)
    Department: Readin', Riotin' & Rithmetic
MAD Magazine #377January 1999
  • Who's Who at a Star Trek Convention (Writer with Sergio Aragonés)
    Department: Nerds of a Feather
MAD Magazine #378February 1999
  • If Truth in Advertising Laws Applied to Comic Book Previews (Writer with Amanda Conner)
    Department: Pulp Nonfiction
  • U.S.S. Desperation Singles Cruise (Writer with Tom Bunk)
    Department: The Schlub Boat
MAD Magazine #388December 1999
  • The Positive Side of the Y2K Problem (Writer with Paul Coker, Jr.)
    Department: Grist for the Mill-ennium
MAD Magazine #390February 2000
  • Back Cover: More Candy Hearts for Modern Lovers (Writer with Irving Schild)
MAD Magazine #398October 2000
  • The Case For/Against Gore/Bush (Writer with Sam Sisco)
    Department: Electile Dysfunction
  • What Is A Terrorist? (Writer with Drew Friedman)
    Department: Separate but Evil
  • How Everything Changed After The Attacks (Writer with Peter Kuper)
    Department: Altered States of the Union
MAD Magazine #421September 2002
  • Mad's Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down Review - Why You Should or Shouldn't See Austin Powers in Goldmember (Writer with Hermann Mejia)
    Department: A Poke in the Spy Part 2
MAD Magazine #422October 2002
  • Why is George W. Bush’s Approval Rating So High? (Writer with Rick Tulka)
    Department: Pollster-Guise
MAD Magazine #426February 2003
  • Hey America, Cheer Up! (Writer with Hermann Mejia)
    Department: Gloom with a View
  • Which Big Budget Summer Blockbuster Will Make the Most Money? (Writer with Sam Sisco)
    Department: Gross Encounters
MAD Magazine #434October 2003
  • Without Sports... (Writer with Tom Richmond)
    Department: Let the Games be Gone
  • How gay marriages really affect you (Writer with Paul Coker, Jr.)
    Department: Mad Vow Disease
  • How to think like a Superstar (Writer with Bob Staake)
    Department: Pompous and Circumstance
MAD Magazine #446October 2004
  • George W. Bush's 10-point plan for Fighting Terrorism (Writer with Drew Friedman)
    Department: Between Iraq and Jihad place
  • Having Gay Parents - The advantages & the disadvantages (Writer with Rick Tulka)
    Department: Queer as Folks
MAD Magazine #471November 2006
  • Liberals and Conservatives agree ...and disagree (Writer with Ward Sutton)
    Department: The grate debate
MAD Magazine #481September 2007
  • The Believability & Unbelievability of Harry Potter (Writer with Paul Coker, Jr.)
    Department: Reel to Real
MAD Magazine #484December 2007
MAD Magazine #498February 2009
  • Questions tp ask your local PBS station during pledge week (Writer with Ward Sutton)
    Department: Random Acts of Mindless
MAD Magazine #549February 2018
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