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Contributions by Timothy Shamey

MAD Magazine #350 October 1996

Department: Executive Derision
Story: A MAD Guide to Corporate Thinking
Artist with Barry Liebmann
Department: And Now an Absurd from Our Sponsors Dept.
Story: A TV Commerical We'd Like to See
Artist with Dick DeBartolo
Department: Defects of Life Dept.
Story: Product Recalls You May Have Missed
Artist with Dick DeBartolo

MAD Magazine #360 August 1997

Department: Bard Silly Dept.
Story: Shakespearean Sonnets for Modern Lovers
Artist with Andrew J. Schwartzberg

MAD Magazine #362 October 1997

Department: The Little Ninja That Could Dept.
Story: Mad Goes on the Set of the Next "Jerky Chan" Movie
Artist with Desmond Devlin

MAD Magazine #363 November 1997

Department: Slaughter in the Court Dept.
Story: Mad Interviews the Defense Attorney of the Year
Artist with Stan Hart
Department: Mad Movie Satire
Story: WhattaBore
Artist with Dick DeBartolo
Story: Ad parody: LoJerk Stolen Vehicle Recovery System
Artist with Jeff Kruse

MAD Magazine #435 November 2003

Department: Bland on the Run
Story: Carpool - The Video Game
Artist with David Shayne, Scott Bricher

MAD Magazine #436 December 2003

Department: Snide and Prejudice
Story: If 24 really depicted what life would be like for America's first Black President
Artist with Mike Mikula

MAD Magazine #437 January 2004

Department: The MAD 20 - The dumbest People, Events & Things of 2003
Story: 7. Thinking inside the Box - Man ships himself cross-country
Artist with Charlie Kadau
Department: Weapons of Grass Destruction
Story: The Chia Head of State
Artist with Liz Lomax, Charlie Kadau
Department: Bargain Debasement
Story: Coupon Funbooks for places other than Las Vegas
Artist with Mike Snider, Rick Tulka, Scott Bricher

MAD Magazine #448 December 2004

Department: World wide web-slinger
Story: When Spiderman goes completely international
Artist with Kirbycolors, Tom Raney, Javier Rodriguez, Tom Fowler, Alvaro Lopez, Alé Garza, David Rodriguez, David Shayne, Gina Going, Marcos Martín, Kagan Mcleod

MAD Magazine #456 August 2005

Department: Random Acts of Mindless
Story: The Fundalini Pages: "What I'm watching", "The progress of electronic communication in America", "Celebrity Cause-of-Death betting odds: Mr. Britney Spears", "Animal Housed", "The Clint Howard collection", "Winners at the 2005 Video game Awards", "The Godfrey Report", "Signs that your teammate may be on steroids", "The cover we didn't use", "The Fundalini Comedy Spotlight", "Britney and Kevin: The
Author with Paul Coker, Jr., Drew Friedman, Mike Snider, Gary Hallgreen, Alan Roberts, Jeff Kruse, Don Edwing, Jack Syracuse, Dennis Snee, Scott Mendenhall, Kevin Pope, Darren Johnson, Desmond Devlin, Ray Alma, Scott Bricher, Garth Gerhart

MAD Magazine #457 September 2005

Department: Random Acts of Mindless
Story: The Fundalini Pages: "This month's hot new toys: 50cent's nine-hole course", "The puzzle nook", "The fast 5 things to expect at the wedding of Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes", "Why americans still want to have a beer with George Bush", "Activist Ribbons we'd like to see", "The Godfrey Report", "Celebrity cause-of-death betting odds: Dave Chappelle", "The Godfrey report", "Areas of the Star Trek Univers
Author with Peter Kuper, Jack Syracuse, Mike Snider, Frank Jacobs, Jacob Lambert, Ted Rall, Nate Fakes, Dick DeBartolo, Peter Bagge, Barry Liebmann, Patrick Merrel, Scott Mendenhall, Paul Coker, Jr.

MAD Magazine #460 December 2005

Department: Random Acts of Mindless
Story: The Fundalini Pages: "The world's crappiest Freakshow!", "Vey to go!", "Melvin & Jenkins guide to cell phones", "George Lucas director of Star Wars", "The fast 5 things overheard at the wedding of Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher", "If the next Harry Potter movie was directed by:", "The hardcore gamer's psalm", "Stupid IKEA product name or cartoon sound effect", "Fundalini Foto News: MTV goes south for
Author with Ray Alma, P.C. Vey, Grey Blackwell, Huw Evans, Don Edwing, Leonardo Rodriguez, Rich Powell, Tom Nick Cocotos, Desmond Devlin, Kevin Pope, Matthew A. Cohen, Mark Cantrell, Ross Garmil
Department: Polluting the Flag
Story: When the government allows Product Placement in the Pledge of Allegiance
Artist with Darren Johnson

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MAD Magazine #1 April 2018

Back Cover: MAD's Guide to Protecting Your Home
Artist with Dick DeBartolo

MAD Magazine #8 August 2019

Department: Cosmo-Illogical
Story: Broscopes
Artist with Alison Stevenson

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MAD Magazine #143 September 1998

Department: Seção Contatos Imerdiatos
Story: Movie satire: “Arquivo Xixi – Pô, Filme?”
Artist with Dick DeBartolo
Department: Seção Maufrágio
Story: Titanic – Produtos & Artefatos: Catálogo Oficial
Artist with Dick DeBartolo
Department: Seção Múltipla Escolha
Story: TAPGSM – Teste de Aptidão para Ganhar Salário Mínimo
Artist with Mike Snider
Department: Seção Ex-Colar
Story: Dicas de que Sua Escola É Mesmo Barra-Pesada
Artist with Barry Liebmann
Department: Seção Errei
Story: Movie satire: “O Rei da Argh”
Artist with Dick DeBartolo
Department: Seção Argh-ológica Part 2
Story: Uma Manhã de Sol na Ilha de Páscoa
Artist with Jay Lynch

MAD Magazine #154 December 1999

Department: Seção Quatrilho
Story: Regras Ocultas do Namoro a Quatro
Artist with Desmond Devlin

MAD Magazine #155 February 2000

Department: Seção Som na Cox
Story: Manual de Instruções – Sistema de Som Surround Cinema em Casa Mr. Movie™
Artist with Darren Johnson, Dennis Wunderlin

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MAD Magazine #37 April 2011

Story: Ad parody: Cabelo de SamamBieber
Artist with Scott Maiko, Liz Lomax

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MAD Especial #15 December 2006

Department: Seção Pondo Ordem no Puteiro
Story: Regras Implícitas nos Encontros Duplos
Artist with Desmond Devlin
Department: Seção Revolta às Aulas
Story: Selecionando a Tribo Certa do Colegial pra Você
Artist with Tom Bunk, Ray Alma, Kyle Baker, Bill Wray, Mike Snider, R.J. Matson, Leslie Sternbergh, Hermann Mejia, Amanda Conner

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