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Contributions by John Prete

MAD Magazine • USA • New York
  • Announcements of the Day Richard M. Nixon High School (Writer with George Woodbridge)
    Department: Intercom-Ic Relief
  • Mad's Pro Wrestling Predictions (Writer with Angelo Torres)
    Department: Crystal Brawl
  • When the Rambo Influence Spreads Everywhere (Writer with Lou Silverstone, Angelo Torres)
    Department: Getting Blood From Stallone
MAD Magazine #265September 1986
  • Are You A Good Driver (Writer with Paul Coker, Jr.)
    Department: Road Scholar
MAD Magazine #266October 1986
  • Mad's Reader Opinion Poll Part I: Television (Writer)
    Department: And Survey We Go!
MAD Magazine #275December 1987
  • Mad's Home Version of Jeopardy! (Writer)
    Department: Flop, Flop, Quiz, Quiz
MAD Magazine #276January 1988
  • Commemorative Chrismas Ornaments (Writer with Al Jaffee)
    Department: Great Balls Of Ire
MAD Magazine #281September 1988
  • Reader's Opinion Poll Mad's (Part 2: Movies) (Writer with Mort Drucker)
    Department: And Survey We Go Again!
MAD Magazine #282October 1988
  • Alf's Celebrity Cat Cookbook (Writer with Sam Viviano)
    Department: The Fur Will Fry
MAD Magazine #283December 1988
  • Same Words... Different Circumstances! (Writer with Paul Coker, Jr.)
    Department: Just a Phrase We're Going Through
  • Mad's Find The Hidden Scoundrels Puzzle (Writer with Al Jaffee)
    Department: Post Sleazin' Play
  • Recasting Famous Old Movies With Today's Famous Wrestlers (Writer with Sam Viviano)
    Department: Goonstruck
  • The Name Game of the Rich and Famous (Writer with Mort Drucker)
    Department: Sheer Noun-Sense
  • It's Never a Good Sign When.. (Writer with Al Jaffee)
    Department: Hardee-Har-Harbringers
MAD Magazine #292January 1990
  • MAD's Home Version Of Double Jeopardy! (Writer)
    Department: Ask Backwards
  • Do You Really Need To Know... (Writer with Al Jaffee)
    Department: Facts Evasion
  • Just What Is An Eternal Optimist??? (Writer with Gerry Gersten)
    Department: Every Clod Has A Silver Lining
  • Give It Up! (Writer with Paul Coker, Jr.)
    Department: Assuming The Futile Position
  • More Same Words... Different Circumstances! (Writer with Rick Tulka)
    Department: Just A Phrase We're Going Through
MAD Magazine #307December 1991
  • Back Cover: Fairy Tale We'd Like To See, A (Hansel & Gretel) (Artist with Don Edwing)
MAD Magazine #308January 1992
  • Still More Runners-Up To "The Three Biggest Lies In America" (Writer with Harry North)
    Department: Truth Decay
MAD Magazine #316January 1993
  • The MAD Living Will (Writer)
    Department: One Footnote In The Grave
MAD Magazine #339October 1995
  • Are You a Shopaholic? (Writer with Tom Bunk)
    Department: The Buying Game
  • Back Cover: A TV Ad We'd Like to See - Budweiser Frogs (Writer with Bob Jones)
MAD Magazine #361September 1997
  • Monopoly Cards That Reflect the Way Business is Really Done Today (Writer with Sam Viviano)
    Department: Chairman of the Board Game
MAD Magazine #366February 1998
  • How to Talk to Your Kids About Drugs - Partnership For a Drugged-Out America (Writer with Irving Schild)
    Department: A MAD Ad Parody
  • A Man's Guide to Not Buying Into Diamonds (Writer)
    Department: A MAD Ad Parody
  • Paul Simon - Songs Inspired By My Catastrophic Failure The Capeman (Writer with Rick Tulka)
    Department: A MAD Ad Parody
  • The Boose Wavy Radio (Writer)
    Department: A MAD Ad Parody
MAD Magazine #373September 1998
  • Orwreck XL Vacuum (Writer with Hermann Mejia)
    Department: A MAD Ad Parody
MAD Magazine #374October 1998
  • Are You A Compulsive Gambler? (Writer with Paul Coker, Jr.)
    Department: Playing in the Wager Leagues
MAD Magazine #377January 1999
  • 20. Right-Wing Gay Bashing - "A Newspaper Ad We'd Like to See" (Writer with Irving Schild)
  • Mad's Star Wars Trivial Pursuit (Writer with Hermann Mejia)
    Department: Jedi.Q
  • forgot milk? (Writer)
    Department: Ad Parody
MAD Magazine #390February 2000
  • Still More Same Words...Different Circumstances! (Writer with Bob Staake)
    Department: Just a phrase we're going through
  • Is It Really Cause for Celebration When... (Writer with James Warhola)
    Department: It's a Win-Wince Situation
  • Final Episodes of Peanuts You Never Saw (Writer with Jack Syracuse)
    Department: What a long strange strip it's been
  • A New Millennium Update to Mad's Table of Little Known and Very Useless Weights, Measures and Distances (Writer with Bob Staake)
    Department: Topical gags
  • Subtile Indications that the Guy You’re Dating May Not Be a Millionaire (Writer with Steve Jarczak, Ray Alma)
    Department: The Ruse of Engagement
  • How global warming is affecting various people (Writer with Drew Friedman)
    Department: An inconvenient spoof
  • The average 5th grader knows... (Writer with Peter Bagge)
    Department: Wisdom Truth
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