MAD Magazine #455

MAD Magazine #455 • USA • 1st Edition - New York
1st Edition - New York
July 2005
BATMAN begins!
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  • This issues is available in 2 different covers
  • Features the 100th episode of Monroe
  • First appearances of The MAD Strip Club
  • Editorial

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    Table of Contents

    Contents Page

    Page: 1

    "Parents are the ones who never listen to a word you say - until you mutter something under your breath!"

    Department: Alfred E. Neuman Quotes

    Page: 1

    Random Samplings of Reader Mail

    Department: Letters and Tomatoes

    Page: 2

    The Fundalini Pages

    • List of all contributors

      Author: Dick DeBartolo Author: Ray Alma Author: Jack Syracuse Author: Scott Bricher Author: John Caldwell Author: Bob Staake Author: Garth Gerhart Author: Mike Snider Author: Scott Mendenhall Author: Pranav Behari Author: Philip Kim

      Page: 8

    • 12 Ways NASA Plans on Cutting the Costs of the Space Program

    • The Cover We Didn't Use - Holy Smoke! - Special Sinful Issue! (Pope selection)

    • Celebrity Cause-of-Death Betting Odds - Donald Trump

    • Sundays at 9 on Al-Jazeera: Desperate Hamas Wives

    • Fundalini Foto News: Congress Gets Pumped Up About Steroids in Baseball

    • Updated Parental Warnings

    • The Godfrey Report

    • A Mad Guide to Martha Stewart's Prison Tattoos

    • The Fast 5 - Little-Known Facts About the Recent Conclave of Cardinals

    • Bitterman - "I had the biggest crush on you back then..."

    Battyman, begone! (Batman begins Parody)

    Department: You've got Bale

    Writer: Desmond Devlin Artist: Tom Richmond

    Page: 12

    MAD's CD Cover doodles

    Department: Deface the music

    Artist, Writer: Russ Cooper

    Page: 20

    If the Star Wars Galaxy has classified ads

    Department: May the for sale be with you

    Artist: Tom Bunk Writer: David Shayne

    Page: 22

    A MAD look at Summer Camp

    Department: Serge-In General

    Artist, Writer: Sergio Aragonés

    Page: 24

    Monroe and... Therapy

    Department: Angster's Paradise

    Artist: Bill Wray Writer: Anthony Barbieri

    Page: 33

    Americans who just missed becoming pope

    Department: He's not a papal person

    Artist: Hermann Mejia Writer: Jeff Kruse

    Page: 38

    New books by your favorite conservative authors

    Writer: Joe Raiola Artist: Scott Bricher Artist: Hermann Mejia

    Page: 40

    Spy vs. Spy

    Department: Joke and Dagger

    Artist, Writer: Peter Kuper

    Page: 42

    The Strip Club

    MAD's inspiritional animal stories

    Department: The beast and the brightest

    Artist: Leonardo Rodriguez Writer: Brian McConnachie

    Page: 53

    Parental double-standards

    Department: That's Gall, Folks

    Artist: Peter Bagge Writer: David Shayne

    Page: 56

    MAD sucker-punches The Contender - A knockout collection of outtakes

    Department: Do the fight thing

    Writer: Mike Snider

    Page: 58

    Back Cover Inside: Fold-In - What event is guaranteed to bring many Mad readers together this year?

    Artist, Writer: Al Jaffee