Finnish MAD

History of the Finnish MAD Magazine

1.Edition (1970 – 1972)

The first edition of the Finnish MAD was largely based on the US original MAD Magazine. It started in April 1970 and ended after 3 Years only in 1972 with 30 issues published. This first edition was officially called “Suomalainen MAD”, which simply means “Finnish MAD”.

Quick list of publications:

1970 – 9 issues
1971 – 12 issues
1972 – 9 issues

– Tyypillisesti MAD (translated from Typically MAD)
– Don Martin keittää sopan (translated from Don Martin Cooks Up More Tales)

2.Edition (1982 – 2000)

The second edition of the Finnish MAD started in 1982, published by Semic Publishing Ltd. The publisher switched in 1998 to Egmont. Marjaana Tulosmaa was the chief editor. He is a well-known personality in Finland. The first MAD special was released in 1984 and was called Kino-MAD. Finlands last MAD issue appeared in 9 November 2005.

Quick list of the most important Finish MAD artists:

– Juba
– Tapani Rytöhonka
– Ari Kutila
– Wallu
– Kyky Ahonen
– Kari Korhonen
– Ilkka Heilä
– Jukka Murtosaari
– Petri Hiltunen
– Samson
– Jari Rasi ja Eeli Aalto

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