MAD Magazine Competitors

MAD magazine is without any doubt the most successful and most influencing satire magazine of all time. Of course, other publications tried to copy MAD’s concept and black and white magazines and satirical comics began to be published. The most famous ones are Cracked, Crazy and Sick magazines. Not to mention all other short lived magazines and comics. These imitations can be found worldwide. Have a look!

MAD Competitors from Argentina

MAD Competitors from Australia

MAD Competitors from Brasil

MAD Competitors from Germany

MAD Competitors from Sweden

MAD Competitors from USA

Cracked Series

1958 - 2007 • Involved MAD Artists: Jack Davis, Jerry DeFuccio, Bill Elder, ...

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Help! Series

1960 - 1965 • Involved MAD Artists: Paul Coker, Jr., Jack Davis, Don Edwing, ...

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Humbug Series

1957 - 1958 • Involved MAD Artists: Jack Davis, Bill Elder, Al Jaffee, ...

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Four Color Series

1939 - 1962 • Involved MAD Artists: Jack Davis

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Help! Paperbacks Series

1961 - 1962 • Involved MAD Artists: Harvey Kurtzman

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Grump Magazine Series

1965 - 1967 • Involved MAD Artists: Roger Price

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Freaky Magazine Series

2019 - Ongoing • Involved MAD Artists: Andrew Goldfarb

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College Laughs Series

1957 - 1968 • Involved MAD Artists: Don Orehek, John Severin

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Giant Cracked Series

1965 - 1989 • Involved MAD Artists: Jack Davis, Bob Fingerman, Don Orehek, ...

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Cracked Party Pack Series

1987 - 1990 • Involved MAD Artists: John Severin, Bill Wray

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King-Sized Cracked Series

1967 - 1986 • Involved MAD Artists: John Severin

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