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Contributions by Feggo

Department: Pen and Stink
Story: Mulligans Island

MAD Magazine #481 September 2007

Department: Random Acts of Mindless
Story: The Fundalini Pages; "Where your IPhone $$$$ goes", "Duck Droppings", "Joke Set-Ups in search of a punchline", "Fundalini asks What if...", "The godfrey report", "The fast 5", "Melvin & Jenkins", "Paint like the Masters", "Castro comments", "Tierra del Feggo", "Meet the 08 presidential candidates: John Edwards", "Other bad animal employment opportunities", "Little green Army men theatre"
with Don Edwing, Eric Scott, Jeff Kruse, Adam Rust, Desmond Devlin, John Caldwell, Rick Tulka, Laura Howell, Dick DeBartolo, Jack Syracuse, Kevin Pope

MAD Magazine #549 February 2018

Writer, Artist
Department: The Strip Club
Story: Game of Boness

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MAD Magazine #136 January 1998

Department: Seção Internacionargh
Story: Natal pelo Mundo
with Richter, Efbe, Langer, Kostas, M. de Angelis, Roland Fiddy, Olo, Mike Williams

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Department: Seção Tira É Tudo
Story: Festival de Tiras: “Só Dói Quando Dou Risada”, “A Máquina que Viaja pelo Tempo”, “Blogueiros Através dos Tempos”, “O Lado Estúpido…”, “Outro Dia no Deserto”, “As Aparências Enganam”
with Scott Nickel, Douglas Paszkiewicz, Christopher Baldwin, Dustin Glick, Joey Alison Sayers

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Writer, Artist
Department: Seção Pena da Caneta
Story: Clube da Comédia: 'Perdido no Mar'

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