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Country: USA

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MAD Magazine #486 February 2008

Department: Random Acts of Mindless
Story: The Fundalini Pages: "Things you don't want to hear from a High School Guidance Counselor", "Better Endings to Fairy Tales than Happily ever after", The 3 biggest lies in Video Games", Least E-Mailed Articles", "Only a Hardcore cable news junkie...", "Modern Heart Pendants", "Meet the '08 presidential candidates: Dennis Kucinich", "Vey to go!", "Fundalini goes to the white house", The Godfrey Repo
Author with Scott Bricher, P.C. Vey, Desmond Devlin, Jack Syracuse, John Caldwell, Darren Johnson, Paul Coker, Jr., Jacob Lambert, Charles Akins, Jeff Kruse, Tom Bunk, Peter Bagge

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