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Dave Crosland

Country: USA

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Contributions by Dave Crosland

MAD Magazine #480 August 2007

Department: The Folks on you
Story: Dont you hate when your parents... The sequel!
Artist with Jacob Lambert

MAD Magazine #498 February 2009

Department: Random Acts of Mindless
Story: The Fundalini Pages: "Positives Aspects of the Economic Meltdown", "Punchlines in search of Jokes!", Lelievre and let die", "Celebrity cause-of-death betting odds: Tyra Banks", "Ways to make sure you don't lose your job in these tough times!", "Melvin & Jenkins' guide to cold symptons", "The Godfrey report", "Solution to last month's 'Mini-Mystery'" "Rejected Comic Strips", "Covers we didn't use"
Author with Ray Alma, Kevin Pope, Jeff Kruse, Glen LeLievre, Desmond Devlin, John Caldwell, Rick Tulka, Darren Johnson, Tim Hamilton, Dick DeBartolo, Gary Hallgreen, Leonardo Rodriguez, Barry Liebmann

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MAD Magazine #36 March 2011

Department: Salada Mista Part 5
Story: Bicho-Bebe com Programas de TV para Mantê-lo Sóbrio
Artist with Jeff Kruse

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