MAD Magazine #202

MAD Magazine #202 • USA • 1st Edition - New York
1st Edition - New York
October 1st, 1978
Summer Camps
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Table of Contents


Cover Artist: Jack Rickard

Table of Contents

Letters Dept.

Department: Letters


Artist: Mort Drucker Writer: Larry Siegel

Some Imaginative Mad Suggestions for... Recycling Your Throw-Aways

Department: Some Imaginative Mad Suggestions for...

Artist: Al Jaffee Writer: Paul Peter Porges

Uncle, The Magazine for Camp Counselors

Artist: Jack Davis Writer: Stan Hart

A Mad Look at Some Unfinished Sentences

Department: A Mad Look at

Artist: Bob Clarke Writer: John Caldwell

Candid Mad Snapshots of Historical Celebrities

Department: Snapshots of Historical Celebrities

Artist, Writer: Paul Peter Porges

Don Martin Dept. Part I: One Morning in Latin America

Department: Don Martin

Artist, Writer: Don Martin

The Lighter Side of... Over-Reacting

Department: The Lighter Side of...

Artist, Writer: Dave Berg

Bubble Gum Cards that Reveal the Real, Human Side of Athletes

Department: Bubble Gum Cards

Writer: Frank Jacobs Artist: Jack Rickard

Don Martin Dept. Part II: One Afternoon on the Beach

Department: Don Martin

Artist, Writer: Don Martin

American Recreational & Resort Facilities, Inc. Wholesale Supply Catalogue

Artist: Bob Clarke Writer: Tom Koch

You're A Genius If... But You're an Idiot If...

Artist: Paul Coker, Jr. Writer: Ed Danko

Don Martin Dept. Part III: One Morning in a Bus Terminal

Department: Don Martin

Artist, Writer: Don Martin

Lust Boat

Writer: Dick DeBartolo Artist: Angelo Torres

Drawn Out Dramas (Various Places around the Magazine)

Artist, Writer: Sergio Aragonés

Back Cover Inside: What Kind of Competition is Giving Motel Owners the Jitters?

Artist, Writer: Al Jaffee

Back Cover: More Fairy Tales Scenes We'd Like to See (The Frog Prince)

Writer: Sergio Aragonés Artist: Don Martin