Canadian MAD

The Canadian published only one original MAD edition. This was the Quebec MAD Edition in French language, which lasted only 12 issues. The US MAD edition was also sold in Canada, but some a lot of issue were sold for a different (higher) price. For this reason quite many issue have Canadian price differences visible on the front cover. MADtrash is currently compiling a complete list of Canada price variation issue and it will be published very soon.

Like in Great Britain, the Canadian also published US MAD paperbacks with a slight difference in the publication notes. Unfortunately we don’t have any scans of these paperbacks. Any help on this is very welcome.

Any help and additional information on this list is highly appreciated!

Here is list of all known Canada variation paperbacks:

  • Don Martin Steps Out (2nd)
  • Polyunsaturated MAD (1st)
  • Three Ring MAD (Signet 1st)
  • MAD in Orbit (Signet 1st)
  • MAD Frontier (Signet 2nd)
  • Fighting MAD (Signet 1st, 2nd)
  • Ides of MAD (Signet 1st)
  • The Organization MAD (Signet 1st)
  • Bedside MAD (Signet 1st, 2nd, 22nd)
  • The MAD Reader (11th, 14th, 17th)
  • MAD about Sports (1st)


  • Dirty Old MAD (1st)
  • Non-Violent MAD (1st)
  • Recycled MAD (1st)
  • MAD-ly Yours (1st)


Canadian MAD Magazines

MAD Magazine

1991 - 1992 • 1st Edition - Quebec

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