Kit Lively

Kit Lively
April 8th, 1970


Kit has been one of MAD’s Usual Gang of Idiots for several years, most often collaborating with fellow MAD Idiot Scott Nickel on the regular comic strip feature The Dork Side, as well as other various features. Kit and Scott also contribute regularly to foreign versions of MAD as well.
Kit’s cartoons have also been published by National Lampoon, Joe Bob Briggs, SmartAlex Greetings, Medical Economics, Biker, Hustler, Hustler Humor and a wide variety of other magazines that are even less-respectable.
His book of cartoons and comic strips, ‘Dammit! I Swallowed Another One!’ is being published by Bear Manor Media in September of 2011.
A man of unique and sophisticated tastes, he spends his leisure time scouring the internet for the elusive and collectible cumberbun worn by Alan Thicke during his presentation at the 1996 Daytime Emmy Awards.

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Contributions by Kit Lively

MAD Magazine • USA • New York
MAD Magazine #549February 2018
  • WTF Jeff? or My Roommate Might Be a Serial Killer (Writer with Scott Nickel)
    Department: The Strip Club
MAD Magazine • USA • California
MAD Magazine • Brasil • Panini