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We Buy MAD Magazines and Alfred E. Neuman Collectibles

The owner of MADtrash.com (Yes, it ‘s me, Bernd Engel) is still trying to complete his international MAD magazine collection. Not only magazines are wanted, I ‘m looking also for MAD books, special issues and other rare MAD collectibles.  If you have items that you want to sell, please send mail to contact@madtrash.com. Please describe your things in detail. We will come to some agreement and make a deal that both parties are happy with.

My want list below displays the stuff I really need, but I ‘m open to buy any other cool MAD and satire magazine stuff.


Wanted MAD items from Brasil


Wanted MAD items from Greece

  • MAD Special 1st Edition #5,7,10,15
  • MAD Special 1st Edition (Cyprus Variant Cover): #1,2,4,5,6,7,8,10,11,12,13,14
  • MAD Super Special 1st Edition: #1-4,6

Wanted MAD items from the USA


Miscellaneous MAD items I’m looking for!

With some of the books I am not sure if they really exist. Or I’ve never seen a picture of them.

Great Britain UK

  • Super Specials: #61
  • Super MAD Special: #7
  • Moxie Monthly Fanzine #1

South Africa

  • MAD Collector’s Series: all issues from 25 (if existing)
  • MAD Special: #50, 51, 53, all issues from 139


USA Paperback Book / Gift Sets

  • Totally MAD (with number on box)
  • It ‘s a MAD World (Pink Background)
  • The MAD Scene (Red Backgound)
  • The MAD Scene (Red Background with Signet Books $4.80)
  • The MAD Scene (Pink Background)
  • The MAD Scene (White Background)
  • Completely MAD (Green Background with Alfred heads)
  • Completely MAD (Black Background)
  • Completely MAD (Black Background Version 2)
  • Completely MAD (Yellow Background)
  • Completely MAD (Black Background with Orange Alfred (Misprint))
  • Completely MAD (Yellow Background Version 2)
  • Completely MAD (6 Book Set – Black Background)
  • The MAD Sampler #2 – A Collection of Wit, Man!
  • MAD Paperback Gift Set
  • A Certifiably MAD Collection (Gold Box – Plain Background)
  • A Certifiably MAD Collection (Orange Box – Plain Background)
  • A Certifiably MAD Collection (Green Box – Plain Background)
  • A Certifiably MAD Collection (Blue Box – Plain Background)
  • Five MAD Books, Gold Book Ends by Warner
  • Five MAD Books, Red Book Ends by Warner
  • It ‘s A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD World by Signet
  • The Cool, Calm, Collected Al Jaffee (5 Book Set)


Please send me a mail, if you can help filling the gaps in my collection:



  1. Have Mad Magazine in red bound format with MAD in gold letters, Approximately 50 volumes. Issues 24-Current. Also have ridiculously Expensive Mad with soft cover and inserts. I have another Mad hardcover from the rustily 60’s. I also have the 3 L.P.’s from the early 60’s. as well as all R Cochran reprinted published in the 80’s. May need to sell soon due to health concerns.

  2. I have 53 issues, 3 from 1970,June,Oct.,& Dec. -8 from 1971,8 from 72,8 from 73–7 from 74,8 from 75, 8 from 76,— 7 from 77&,8 from 78 and1 from march of72 cracked magazine!

  3. hello,
    I have a copy of Mad for KEEPS , hardback copy with dustjacket 1958 E.C. PUBLICATIONS
    MAD FOR EVER,introduction by Steve Allen, 1959 by E.C.Publicatons, bound in England,hardback copy with cover

  4. Issue 183 June 1976 fair condition
    issue with pizza 🍕 delivery boy wanted with whole pizza rolling down the street.
    1985 Ronald Reagan and Rambo on front cover good condition interested?

  5. Hi I have a collection of Mad Magazines that I would like to sell please. I am based in the UK. The magazines I have are:
    MAD magazines from circa 1959 onwards includes issues no. 50 through to no. 103 with none missing plus issue no. 30, 105 & 106 a total of 56 MAD magazines no. 100 being a double Centenary issue. All in excellent condition and would recommend viewing to appreciate this.


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