Jack Davis

Jack Davis
December 2nd, 1924, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
July 27th, 2016, St. Simons Island, Georgia, U.S.
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Contributions by Jack Davis

MAD Magazine • USA • New York
MAD Magazine #1October 1952
MAD Magazine #2December 1952
MAD Magazine #3January 1953
MAD Magazine #4January 1953
MAD Magazine #6August 1953
MAD Magazine #8December 1953
  • So What? So You, Too, Can Join the E.C. Fan-Addict Club! (Artist)
    Department: E.C. Fan-Addict Club
  • Lone Stranger Rides Again! (Artist with Marie Severin, Harvey Kurtzman)
    Department: Western ; Lone Stranger
MAD Magazine #9February 1954
  • So What? So You, Too, Can Join The E.C. Fan-Addict Club! (Artist)
    Department: E.C. Fan-Addict Club
  • Yep Kiddies! E.C.'s New Humor Mag, Panic, Is On Sale (Artist with Marie Severin)
    Department: Panic
  • Hah! Noon! (Artist with Marie Severin, Harvey Kurtzman)
    Department: Western
MAD Magazine #15September 1954
MAD Magazine #17November 1954
MAD Magazine #18December 1954
MAD Magazine #19January 1955
MAD Magazine #20February 1955
  • I Dreamed I Walked Down 5th Avenue In My Ironmaidenfit (Artist with Harvey Kurtzman)
    Department: Ironmaidenfit
  • Wrestling (Artist with Harvey Kurtzman)
    Department: Sports
  • Anyone Can Build This Coffee Table (Artist with Harvey Kurtzman)
    Department: Do It Yourself
  • Vera's Cruz (Artist with Harvey Kurtzman)
    Department: Movie
  • Pictoquiz (Artist with Harvey Kurtzman)
    Department: Puzzle
  • In These Danger Periods Your Skin "Dies" A Little (Artist)
    Department: Pund's Cold Cream
MAD Magazine #25August 1955
  • Baseball... Science Or Skill? (Artist with Al Jaffee)
    Department: Sports
  • The Stark Club (Artist with Harvey Kurtzman)
    Department: Television
MAD Magazine #26November 1955
  • The Dave Garrowunway Show (Artist)
    Department: TV
  • Let's Go For A Ride! (Artist)
    Department: How We Live
  • A Guide To Better Understanding The Fine Old Art of Boxing (Artist with Al Jaffee)
    Department: Sports
  • The Race is On for the Super Guided Missile (Artist with Wally Wood, Al Jaffee)
    Department: Science
  • Young Men's Spring Fashions for 1956 (Artist)
    Department: Fashion
  • Million Dollar Horse (Artist with Al Jaffee)
    Department: Sports
MAD Magazine #29September 1956
  • New Designs In Television Sets (Artist with Harvey Kurtzman)
    Department: Science
  • The Man In The Soot-Gray Flannel (Artist with Al Feldstein)
    Department: Movie
  • Camp (Artist with Al Feldstein)
    Department: Poison Ivy
  • MAD Bubble Gum Cards (Artist with Al Feldstein)
    Department: Hobby
  • Energetic 17-Year-Olds Are Happy Happy Happy (Artist with Harvey Kurtzman)
    Department: How To Give A Party
MAD Magazine #30December 1956
  • Elvis Pelvis (Artist with Al Feldstein)
    Department: Mass Hysteria
  • Gunsmoked (Artist with Al Feldstein)
    Department: Western
  • MAD Builds a More Civilized Mouse Trap (Artist with Al Feldstein)
    Department: Beat-A-Path
  • Bowling (Artist with Nick Meglin, Al Feldstein)
    Department: Sports
  • MAD Merit Badges (Artist with Al Feldstein)
    Department: Awards
  • Vital Items You Can Buy for a Quarter (Artist with Al Feldstein)
    Department: Mad Magazine
MAD Magazine #31February 1957
  • The MAD Window Test (Artist with Bill Elder)
    Department: Mad Magazine
  • Field & Scream (Artist)
    Department: Call of The Wild Magazines
  • Why I Write Poetry (Artist with Ernie Kovacs)
    Department: Ernie Kovacs
  • Orson Bean Opens His Family Album (Artist with Orson Bean)
    Department: Orson Bean
  • How Much More of This Stuff Can You Take? (Artist)
    Department: Utterly MAD
MAD Magazine #41September 1958
MAD Magazine #42November 1958
  • Why Go Hunting For Every Issue Of MAD (Artist)
    Department: MAD Magazine
MAD Magazine #99December 1965
  • Horror Movie Scenes We'd Like to See (Artist with Don Edwing)
    Department: Our Creature Presentation
  • The Face on the Town Square Walk (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Motor-Psycho
  • Hullabadig Au Go Go (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
    Department: Slipped Discotheque
MAD Magazine #108January 1967
  • Hokum's Heroes (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: Mein "Kamp" Humor
  • Fantastic Voyages Based on Everyday Experiences (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Mini-Ha-Ha's
MAD Magazine #113September 1967
  • Mad Mini-Movies: Dr. Zhicago (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
    Department: Cinema-Scoop
MAD Magazine #114October 1967
  • TV Game Shows Based On Newspaper Headlines (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
    Department: 5-Star Final Indignity
MAD Magazine #116January 1968
  • A Mad Look at Sky Diving (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
    Department: The Sky Above, The Thud Below
  • Pro Football (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: Passing the Buck
  • Mad's 1968 All-Star Basketball Teams (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Hoopla
  • The Invasioners (Artist with Lou Silverstone)
    Department: Science Affliction
MAD Magazine #121September 1968
MAD Magazine #124January 1969
  • Casey at the Dice (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Oy-Vegas
  • The Mad Ice Hockey Primer (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: Sport 'n' Blood
  • Mad's 1968-'69 Football Low Lights (Artist with Al Jaffee)
    Department: Insane Replays
  • The Mad Plan For Combatting the Boredom of Baseball (Artist with Earle Doud)
    Department: A Pitch in Time Might Save Nine
  • A Mad Peek Behind the Scenes: At a Laundry & Dry Cleaners (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: Inside-Ouch
MAD Magazine #129September 1969
  • The Mad Primer of Bigots, Extremists and Other Loose Ends (Artist with Frank Jacobs, Stan Hart)
    Department: It Must Have Been Something They Hate
MAD Magazine #130October 1969
  • Mad's 1969 College Riot Preview (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Brawls of Ivy
MAD Magazine #131December 1969
  • Passionate Gun Love (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: Loaded Magazine
  • The Facts of Life (& Death) (Artist with Ronnie Nathan)
    Department: Bitter Things for Bitter Living Through Chemistry
  • Mad's Up-Dated Modern Day Mother Goose (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Rhymes of the Times
  • Cover Artist
  • Cover: In This Issue: Sleazy Riders (Artist, Colorist)
  • A Mad Look at College (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Universi-Tease
MAD Magazine #137September 1970
MAD Magazine #138October 1970
  • Artist with Paul Coker, Jr.
    Department: Random Samplings of Reader Mail
  • A Sports Fan's Garden Of Verses (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Poem parody
MAD Magazine #139December 1970
  • Cover Artist
  • Cover: The Magazine Of The Loud Minority (Artist)
MAD Magazine #140January 1971
  • You Know You're Really a Football Fan When... (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Off the Pigskin
  • Marching Songs for Crusaders, Militants and Assorted, Sundry Non-Conformists (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Parade Unrest
  • West Coast Story (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Extremist Unction
  • ABC's "Campus Riot of the Week" (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Clash of '71
  • A Mad Peek Behind the Scenes at a Recording Studio (Artist with Earle Doud)
    Department: Inside-Ouch
MAD Magazine #145September 1971
MAD Magazine #146October 1971
MAD Magazine #147December 1971
  • The New Army (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Gung Ho-Hum
MAD Magazine #148January 1972
  • Mad's Rhyming Guide to Pro Football (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Pros and Poetry
  • The Sports Spectators' Hall of Fame (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Athletic Supporters
  • When TV Makes Full Use of Howard Cosell (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Spoil-Sport
  • A Mad Look at TV Sports Interviews - - Past, Present and Future (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Jocks Trapped
  • A Treasury of Television Poetry and Prose (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Network-Over
MAD Magazine #153September 1972
  • Typical Sports Movie of the Past (Artist with Lou Silverstone)
    Department: Boolah-Boolah
  • Typical Sports Movie of the Present (Artist with Lou Silverstone)
    Department: Moolah-Moolah
MAD Magazine #154October 1972
MAD Magazine #155December 1972
  • Howard at the Mike (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Sports-Blaster
MAD Magazine #156January 1973
  • Profitable Football News (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Field Gold
  • Some Really Dangerous Jobs For George Plimpton (Artist with Arnie Kogen)
    Department: Let George Do It!
  • A Moving Jungle Tale (Artist, Colorist with Don Edwing)
  • Failing Health (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Fever Pitch
  • Cannonball (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
    Department: The Fat's on the Fire
MAD Magazine #161September 1973
  • A Mad Look at Tarzan (Artist with Don Edwing)
    Department: Lord of the Bungle
MAD Magazine #162October 1973
  • Magazines For Neglected Sports (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Games of Nil
MAD Magazine #163December 1973
  • Mad's Sure-Fire Sports Predictions (Artist with Paul Peter Porges)
    Department: The Old Crystal Ballgame
MAD Magazine #164January 1974
  • Mad's Rattlers (Artist with Larry Gore)
    Department: Wise Guide
  • Gambler Magazine (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Patrons of the Odds
  • A Swinging Jungle Tale (Colorist, Artist with Humberto de la Torre)
  • Mad's "Karate Movie" Producer of the Year (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Hack Film-Maker
MAD Magazine #169September 1974
  • The Mad Tennis Primer (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: Court Jesting
MAD Magazine #170October 1974
MAD Magazine #171December 1974
  • Mad's Sure-Fire Cliche Killers (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Put Your Funny Where Your Mouth Is
  • Cover Artist
  • Front Cover (Colorist, Artist)
  • Some Real Life Scenes We'd Like to See (Artist with Paul Peter Porges)
    Department: Jest Desserts
  • Mad's College Football Coach of the Year (Artist with Lou Silverstone)
    Department: Doin' the Varsity Dragon
  • The Mad Handbook of House-Guesting (Artist with Paul Peter Porges)
    Department: Look Before You Leech
MAD Magazine #177September 1975
  • Young Sports Illustrated (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Minor Disaster
MAD Magazine #178October 1975
  • Cover Artist
  • Cover: Godfather II & Orient Express (Colorist, Artist)
MAD Magazine #179December 1975
  • Artist with Al Jaffee
    Department: Letters
  • Mad's Obnoxious Sports Spectator of the Year (Artist with Lou Silverstone)
    Department: T'row De Bum Out
MAD Magazine #180January 1976
  • TV Disclaimers We'd Like to See (Artist with Lou Silverstone)
    Department: Affrontal Attack
  • Historical Scenes We'd Like to See Re-Enacted (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: Yankee-Panky
  • Mad's "Traffic Commissioner of the Year" (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
    Department: The Colossus of Roads
  • Take It With a Grain of Salt When... (Artist with Lou Silverstone)
    Department: CY-NACL
MAD Magazine #185September 1976
  • Where Else but on TV...? (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Telly it Like it is
MAD Magazine #186October 1976
  • Infractions We'd Like to See Called in Every Day Life (Artist with Paul Peter Porges)
    Department: A Flag on the Ploy
MAD Magazine #187December 1976
MAD Magazine #188January 1977
  • The Bad Mouth Bears (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Split Scream
  • A Little Kid's Guide to Understanding the News (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Beating the Lexicon Game
  • When You're Poor...and...When You're Rich (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Status Quotes
  • We'd Like to See the Day When... (Artist with Lou Silverstone)
    Department: We Should Live So Long
  • Mad's Academy Awards for Jocks (Artist with Lou Silverstone)
    Department: Athlete's Feat
MAD Magazine #193September 1977
  • Casey at the Talks (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: How Much Is on First?
MAD Magazine #194October 1977
  • You're an Eternal Optimist If ... (Artist with Jack Kent, Tom Koch)
    Department: Fool's Paradox
MAD Magazine #195December 1977
MAD Magazine #196January 1978
  • A Mad Look at a Modern High School (Artist with Lou Silverstone)
    Department: A Mad Look at
  • Mad Goes to a Preview of an "In Search of ..." Movie (Artist with Lou Silverstone)
    Department: Creature Presentation
  • You Can't Beat the System (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Establishment Anguish
  • Why Kill Yourself? (Artist)
  • Surprise Televisions Commercials (Artist with Tom Koch, Dezi Szonntagh)
  • Back Cover: One Night in the City (Artist with Al Jaffee)
  • You Can Never Escape From Stress (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: That Old Familiar Strain
MAD Magazine #201September 1978
  • A Mad Look at the Changing Face of Crime (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: A Mad Look at
MAD Magazine #202October 1978
  • Uncle, The Magazine for Camp Counselors (Artist with Stan Hart)
MAD Magazine #203December 1978
  • If Sesame Street Branched out into Specialized Avenues of Education (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
MAD Magazine #204January 1979
  • Some Really Dangerous Stunts We'd Like to See Evel Knievel Do on TV (Artist with Lou Silverstone)
    Department: Evel Knievel
  • A Mad Look at Tarzan... Today (Artist with Don Edwing)
    Department: A Mad Look at
  • Academy Awards for Union Leaders (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Academy Awards
MAD Magazine #210October 1979
MAD Magazine #211December 1979
  • Mad's Ingenious Plan for a More Efficient Government (Artist with Barry Liebmann)
MAD Magazine #212January 1980
  • Cover Artist
  • Front Cover (Cover Artist)
  • The Mad Running Primer (Artist with Larry Siegel)
  • Cover Artist
  • Front Cover (Cover Artist)
  • Mad's "Religion" Promoter of the Year (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Mike Malice
  • The Jogger, With Apologies to Edgar Allan Poe (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
  • Mad's Plan to Make the Congressional TV Show More Entertaining (Artist with Lou Silverstone)
MAD Magazine #217September 1980
MAD Magazine #218October 1980
  • Advertising Makes You Wonder... (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Advertising Makes You Wonder...
MAD Magazine #219December 1980
  • A Mad Expose of Some... Phoney Baloney (Artist with Paul Peter Porges)
    Department: A Mad Expose
  • What Television Says and What it Really Means (Artist with Tom Koch)
  • A "Let the Punishment Fit the Crime" Up-Date (Artist with Mike Snider)
  • If They Can Put a Man on the Moon, Then Why Can't They... (Artist with John Ficarra)
MAD Magazine #226October 1981
  • If Your Losing Streak is Becoming a Way of Life, You're in Luck! (Colorist, Artist)
    Department: Parker Brothers Games
  • Stuff We Don't Get to See on the Tube (Artist with Lou Silverstone)
    Department: TV Guise
MAD Magazine #227December 1981
MAD Magazine #228January 1982
  • A Mad Look at the Idiocy of Young Athletes Who Imitate the Pros on TV (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: A Mad Look at
  • Only a True Rock Fan Would... (Artist with Chris Hart)
  • Mad Visits a Local Gun Club Picnic (Artist with Larry Siegel)
  • Mad's Occult Promoter of the Year (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: There's a Fraud in your Future
MAD Magazine #233September 1982
  • Six Minutes Looks at Nuclear Power (Artist with Lou Silverstone)
    Department: Gone Fission
MAD Magazine #234October 1982
  • M*U*S*H* (Artist with Arnie Kogen)
    Department: Th-Th-That's Alda, Folks
MAD Magazine #235December 1982
  • Rockhead III (Artist with Arnie Kogen)
    Department: A Rolling Stallone Gathers More Gross III
MAD Magazine #236January 1983
  • Q.T. The Quasi-Terrestrial (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Mad Movie Satire
  • Back Cover: This Way...!! I Spotted Him !! (Artist with Don Edwing)
  • Paltry Guise (Artist with Arnie Kogen)
    Department: Special Deffects
  • Back Cover: The Treasure Hunters (Colorist, Artist with Sergio Aragonés)
  • A Mad Look at the Differences Between Optimism, Pessimism & Realism (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: The Book of Ists
MAD Magazine #241September 1983
  • Three Cornered Pitney (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Wild Game
MAD Magazine #242October 1983
  • An Advertiser Would Have Us Believe... (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Topical Satire
MAD Magazine #243December 1983
MAD Magazine #244January 1984
  • Mad's All-Inclusive "Monday Night Football" Betting Pool (Artist)
    Department: Bet It Like It Is
  • Staying Awake (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Low Travoltage
  • Cover Artist
  • It's a Mad, Mad World (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: That's Chauv Biz!
  • Scarred Face (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: Snort Subject
  • Back Cover: Elephant Sneeze (Colorist, Artist with Don Edwing)
MAD Magazine #249September 1984
  • How Many Mistakes can You Find in this Picture of a Movie Theater? (Artist with Chris Hart)
    Department: Err Apparent
MAD Magazine #250October 1984
MAD Magazine #251December 1984
  • Mad's Baseball Owner of the Year (Artist with Lou Silverstone)
    Department: Our National Blastime
MAD Magazine #252January 1985
  • After the Game Is Over (Artist with Lou Silverstone)
    Department: Oscillating Fans
  • The Mad Television Writer's Rule Book (Artist with David Allikas)
    Department: Device Squad Book
  • The Mad Wrestling Primer (Artist with Lou Silverstone)
    Department: Ringsnide Seat
MAD Magazine #257September 1985
  • A Frequent Flyer Bonus Program We'd Like to See (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
    Department: Dick DePartment
MAD Magazine #258October 1985
  • Mad's Guide to Computer Language (Artist with Charlie Kadau)
    Department: Mad's Guide to
  • Goofies (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Grinding Out the Same Old Spiel-berg
MAD Magazine #260January 1986
  • Cover Artist
  • Cover: Back to the Future (Artist)
  • Mad's Do-It-Yourself "Indiana Jones" Sequel (Artist with Charlie Kadau)
  • Violent Mother Goose (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Drawing Verse Blood
  • Mad's Sure Signs of Insanity (Artist with Desmond Devlin)
    Department: Heavy Mental
MAD Magazine #265September 1986
  • The Mad Sports Fan Hate Book (Artist with Lou Silverstone)
    Department: Jeering Them On
MAD Magazine #266October 1986
  • Upcoming TV Cop "Teams" (Artist with Charlie Kadau)
    Department: May the Force Be With Two
MAD Magazine #267December 1986
  • A Mad Peek Behind the Scenes At A Music Video (Artist with Mike Snider)
    Department: Schlock Around the Rock
MAD Magazine #268January 1987
  • Instructional Sports Videos We'd Like To See (Artist with Mike Snider)
    Department: Tape Me Out to the Ballgame
  • Mad's Record Book For Televised Sports-Vol. I (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Stat's Entertainment
  • Mad's Record Book for Televised Sports - Vol. II (Artist with Tom Koch)
  • Mad's Alibis For All Occasions (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: A Serving of Spare Fibs
MAD Magazine #273September 1987
MAD Magazine #274October 1987
  • Major League Baseball Rule Changes For The 1980's (Artist with Chuck Shepherd)
    Department: Law and Batting Order
MAD Magazine #275December 1987
MAD Magazine #276January 1988
  • The Mad People Watcher's Guide To A Typical Football Game (Artist with Mike Snider)
    Department: Our Bleacher Presentation
  • Predecessor (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
    Department: May the "Schwarz" Be With You
  • The Official Mad Pardon Of Ronald Reagan (Artist with Al Jaffee)
    Department: To Err Is Reagan; To Forgive a Crime
  • That'll Be the Day! (Artist with Barry Liebmann)
    Department: The Odds Must Be Crazy
  • Beauty Is the Beast (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
    Department: Where the Wild Thing Stars
MAD Magazine #281September 1988
  • A Mad Peek (Ripoff Mail Order House) Behind The Scenes (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
    Department: An Embarrassment Of Richard's
MAD Magazine #282October 1988
  • The Battle Of Oprah and Phil (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Frank On a Roll
MAD Magazine #283December 1988
  • The Saga Of AT & T (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Frank On a Roll
MAD Magazine #284January 1989
  • NBC's Superbowl Memo (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: The Hype Report
  • The Moron Downer Jr. Show (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: Prime Slime Entertainment Department
  • Kookoon The Rehash (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
    Department: Varicose Encounter Of The Absurd Kind
  • Leather Clothes Must Be Worn (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Frank On a Roll
MAD Magazine #289September 1989
  • When Rap Music Spreads Into Everyday Life (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Frank On a Roll
MAD Magazine #290October 1989
  • Ten College Athletes (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Frank on a Roll
MAD Magazine #291December 1989
  • No Hoax Barred (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Hogan's Zeroes
MAD Magazine #292January 1990
  • One Fine Morning In Miami (Artist with Don Edwing)
    Department: Tales From The Dock Side
  • One Typical Afternoon In The Bronx (Artist with Lou Silverstone)
    Department: Greetings and Sanitations
  • One Sultry Evening In Cairo (Artist with Don Edwing)
    Department: Of Human Bandage
  • Lethal Wreckin' Too! (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
    Department: Sequel Opportunity Destroyers
  • Get A Life!!!!!!!! (Artist with Charlie Kadau)
    Department: Taking A Schlep In The Right Direction
  • Sports Disasters Of The 1980's (Artist with Don Edwing)
    Department: Let The Maims Begin
  • Cover Artist
  • Cover: Alfred The Umpire (Cover Artist)
MAD Magazine #297September 1990
  • When TV Sports Advertisers Decide To "Sponsor" More Than Just Kickoffs and Home Runs (Artist with Mike Snider)
    Department: Endorse Of A Different Color
MAD Magazine #298October 1990
MAD Magazine #300January 1991
  • Groan With The Wind (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: The South Will Writhe Again
  • Little-Known (And Rarely Called) Sports Infractions (Artist with Mike Snider)
    Department: Getting Your Fouls In An Uproar
MAD Magazine #305September 1991
  • The MAD Guide To Sports Phrases On and Off The Playing Field (Artist with Mike Snider)
    Department: Jargon In Place
MAD Magazine #306October 1991
  • Why Sports Life Is Harder Than Real Life (Artist with Desmond Devlin)
    Department: Jocks Trapped
MAD Magazine #307December 1991
  • Throbbin Hood Prince Of Heaves (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Knock On Sherwood
MAD Magazine #308January 1992
  • Cover Artist
  • Cover: Alfred E. Neuman Videotaping the Terminator (Cover Artist)
  • Rules For Games The Way They're Really Played (Artist with Michael Goodwin)
    Department: Wise Guides
MAD Magazine #314October 1992
  • MAD presents Selected Scenes From The Transylvania Mall (Artist with Don Edwing)
    Department: Little Shops Of Horrors
MAD Magazine #315December 1992
  • $ure Bet$ In Sports (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: The Odds Must Be Crazy
MAD Magazine #316January 1993
  • Words of Warning That Your Life Is Not Going So Well (Artist with Mike Snider)
    Department: The Hinter Of Our Discontent
  • What Would Really Happen If Extraterrestrials Came To Earth Today (Artist with Mike Snider)
    Department: Alien Notion
  • We're The Stars Of The Ball Game (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Frank On a Roll
  • Great Moments From The Home Shopping Club: Own Them All on Videocassette! (Artist with Charlie Kadau, Joe Raiola)
    Department: Buy Now, Play Later
  • Enjoy and Profit From World Cup Soccer (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Field of Schemes
MAD Magazine #321September 1993
  • Real-Life Stupid Human Tricks (Artist with Mike Snider)
    Department: Agony Of Their Feats
MAD Magazine #322October 1993
  • Salutes Some Legendary Moms and Dads (Artist with Don Edwing)
    Department: Stupid Obstet-Tricks
MAD Magazine #324January 1994
  • A Sports Fan / Sports Fanatic (Artist with Desmond Devlin)
    Department: The Obsessed Is Yet To Come
  • Miscue 911 (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
    Department: A High Price Toupee
  • The Information Superhighway-Man (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Frank On a Roll
MAD Magazine #331October 1994
  • A Monster Gag (Artist with Don Edwing)
    Department: The Kong Show
MAD Magazine #333January 1995
  • Some Statistics the NBA isn't Especially Proud of (Artist with Desmond Devlin)
    Department: Slam Junk
  • The Frugal Redneck (Artist with Mike Snider)
    Department: More Frugal Books You Can Expect to See
  • The Bride of Frankenstein (Artist with Don Edwing)
    Department: Scenes We'd Like to See
  • Why Kill Yourself? (Artist with Don Edwing)
    Department: Subscription Ad
  • Why Kill Yourself? (Artist with Don Edwing)
    Department: Subscription Ad
  • Baseball vs. Softball (Artist with Michael O'Rourke)
    Department: Pros and Con-Trast
MAD Magazine #341December 1995
  • Back Cover: Bore'em and Bait'em Media Circus (Artist with Mike Snider)
  • Mother Nature's Revenge (Artist with Steve Greenberg)
    Department: Behin the Retaliate Ball
  • Why Kill Yourself? (Artist with Don Edwing)
    Department: Subscription Advertisement
  • Telemarketing Theatre (Artist with John Reiner)
    Department: Taking the Wind of their Sales
  • June 3, One Million B.C. (Artist with Dan Collins)
    Department: Passing a Stone-Age
  • Olympic Moments We're Sure to See (Artist with Mike Snider)
    Department: Déjà Preview
MAD Magazine #354February 1997
  • Alternatives to the Heimlich Maneuver (Artist with Tom Cheney)
    Department: Food and Dislodging
MAD Magazine #469September 2006
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