MAD Magazine #484

MAD Magazine #484 • USA • 1st Edition - New York
1st Edition - New York
December 2007
Spend the Holidays with... Lindsay! Nicole! Britney! Paris!
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Table of Contents

Contents Page

Page: 1

"Parents say that anything worth doing is worth doing right. Luckily, whatever they ask you to do is never worth doing!"

Department: Alfred E. Neuman Quotes

Page: 1

Contents Page with Important Message from the Editors

Department: Letters and Tomatoes

Writer: Dick DeBartolo

Page: 2

The Fundalini Pages

  • List of all contributors

    Author: Paul Coker, Jr. Author: Jack Syracuse Author: Hermann Mejia Author: John Caldwell Author: P.C. Vey Author: Matthew A. Cohen Author: Garth Gerhart Author: Frank Santopadre Author: Barry Liebmann

    Page: 8

  • Fundalini Goes to The MTV Video Music Awards

  • The Godfrey Report

  • Vey To Go!

  • Meet the '08 Presidential Candidates - Fred Thompson

  • Senator Larry Craig's Can't-Miss Men's Room Pick-Up Lines

  • The To-Do List of Trouble Helmsley, the Dog Who Inherited $12 Million

  • The Sopranos Wins The Emmy

  • Fundalini Goes to The Emmys

  • Political Bumper Stickers We're Sure to See

  • Bitterman - TV instead of socializing

Bring our troops home from Iran!

Department: A MAD Protest Poster

Page: 11

MAD deconstructs TV Talkshows - This month: The Colbert Show

Department: The chat and the stat

Writer: Desmond Devlin Artist: Sam Viviano

Page: 12

Juggles the juggling juggler who juggles

Department: Humor in a juggler vein

Artist: Tom Bunk Writer: Mo Willems

Page: 16

You are not exactly full of the true spirit of christmas if...

Department: Totally scrooged

Artist, Writer: John Caldwell

Page: 18

Are we winning the war on terrorism?

Department: Homeland Insecurity

Writer: Barry Liebmann Artist: Ward Sutton

Page: 22

The Don Martin 2008 Calendar

Artist: Don Martin

Page: 24

Blose - Better sounding ads through research

Department: A MAD Ad Parody

Writer: John Ficarra Photographer: Irving Schild

Page: 25

Ways to keep voters interested until Election day

Department: The case odf Ballor Fatigue

Artist, Writer: Teresa Burns Parkhurst

Page: 30

The MAD world of... Family Life

Department: Mortal Kin

Artist: Marc Hempel Writer: Stan Sinberg

Page: 32

Monroe and... The Tutor

Department: Angsters Paradise

Writer: Anthony Barbieri Artist: Tom Fowler Colorist: Carl Peterson

Page: 35

Spy vs Spy

Department: Joke and Dagger

Artist, Writer: Peter Kuper

Page: 40

What the heck is the difference

Department: Observation Dreck

Page: 42

A MAD Look at Sports Scandals

Department: Serge-In General

Artist, Writer: Sergio Aragonés

Page: 43

Not so hot topic catalog - everything about the merchandising

Department: Hot Topic Catalog Parody

Photographer: Irving Schild Writer: Scott Maiko Stylist: Albert Crudo

Page: 47

Back Cover Inside: Fold-In - What primitive form of sub-human life has recently been discovered?

Artist, Writer: Al Jaffee