MAD Magazine #449

MAD Magazine #449 • USA • 1st Edition - New York
1st Edition - New York
January 2005
20 dumbest People, Events and Things of 2004
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- Double Cover Feature


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Table of Contents

Contents Page

Page: 1

Random Samplings of Reader Mail

Department: Letters and Tomatoes

Page: 2

The Fundalini Pages

  • List of all contributors

    Author: Tom Bunk Author: Desmond Devlin Author: Joe Raiola Author: Irving Schild Author: Scott Bricher Author: Hermann Mejia Author: Kevin Pope Author: David Shayne Author: Jeff Kruse Author: Teresa Burns Parkhurst Author: Garth Gerhart Author: Tom Cheney Author: Patrick Merrel Author: Carolyn Abram

    Page: 6

  • First... Then... What's Next?

  • Highlights of the New Seinfeld DVD

  • dis-Harmony

  • Melvin & Jenkins' Guide to Church Socials

  • Bitterman - doesn't go to church

  • The Puzzle Nook - "never leave important decisions to ---ce"

  • Celebrity Cause of Death Betting Odds - Mel Gibson

  • A Jailhouse Letter from Martha Stewart

  • WiFi Wonderland

  • dis-Harmony

  • The Godfrey Report

  • Tips to Make Your Holiday More Enjoyable

  • dis-Harmony

  • Video Game Review - Dangerous Assignment: Assigned to Danger

  • Pull My Cheney!

  • Magazine Corrections You May Have Missed - TV Guide's original assessment of Friends was wrong

Lewd & Disorder - Criminal Malcontent (Law & Order Parody)

Department: Trying Wolf once too often

Writer: Dick DeBartolo Artist: Tom Richmond

Page: 10

Spy vs. Spy

Department: Joke and Dagger

Artist, Writer: Peter Kuper

Page: 16

Monrie and... Christmas (It's a wonderful strife)

Department: Angster's Paradise

Artist: Bill Wray Writer: Anthony Barbieri

Page: 20

The MAD 20 Dumbest People, Events and Things of...

A MAD Look at New Year's

Department: Serge-In General

Artist, Writer: Sergio Aragonés

Page: 48

One fine day at the Service Station

Department: Tune-ups and downs

Artist: John Caldwell Writer: Craig Boldman

Page: 52