Sam Sisco

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Contributions by Sam Sisco

USA • MAD Magazine (New York)
MAD Magazine #387November 1999
MAD Magazine #389January 2000
  • 11. The Blair Witch Project - "Eerie Comparisons Between The Wizard of Oz and The Blair Witch Project" (Artist with Desmond Devlin)
  • Mad Anagrams (Artist)
  • Tom Green - The Obnoxious Early Years (Artist with Dave Croatto)
MAD Magazine #398October 2000
MAD Magazine #401January 2001
  • 15. Monday Night Football Hires Dennis Miller - "When Other Comedians Become Monday Night Football Commentators" (Artist with Russ Cooper)
MAD Magazine #422October 2002
  • The Subtle Differences Between Tony Soprano and George W. Bush (Artist with Stan Sinberg)
MAD Magazine #425January 2003
  • 9. The Color-Coded Warning System: Homeland Insecurity (Artist with Mike Snider)
MAD Magazine #426February 2003
  • Mad Deconstructs TV Talk Shows - The O'Reilly Factor (Artist with Desmond Devlin)
  • Which Big Budget Summer Blockbuster Will Make the Most Money? (Artist with Barry Liebmann)
MAD Magazine #448December 2004
MAD Magazine #449January 2005
  • 13. Pete Rose - Odds man out (Artist)
MAD Magazine #450February 2005
  • Lines cut from George W.Bush's 2005 Inauguration speech (Artist with Jeff Kruse)
  • ...Donald Trump, You're fired!!! (Artist with Russ Cooper)
MAD Magazine #457September 2005
  • What celebrities laugh at (Artist with Bob Wieder)
MAD Magazine #469September 2006
MAD Magazine #473January 2007
  • The startling similarities (and differences) between Donald Trump and Rosie O Donnel (Artist)
  • The Bad News Bare-Asses (A MAD Pull-Out Poster) (Artist)
  • The Silly Six - Overlooked Shocking Revelations from the #1 Political Best Seller Game Change (Artist with Jeff Kruse)
MAD Magazine #505October 2010
  • Possible Theories to Explain Justin Bieber's Ever-Present Hand Gesture (Artist with Emily Flake)
  • What to Expect from Amazon's Home Entry Delivery Service (Artist)
USA • MAD Magazine (California)
MAD Magazine #10December 2019
MAD Magazine #16December 2020
  • Eerie Comparisons Between The Wizard of Oz and The Blair Witch Project (Artist with Desmond Devlin)
USA • DC MAD Variant Covers 2014
Brasil • MAD Magazine (Panini)
MAD Magazine #21December 2009
  • “Mundo Brabos”, “Calvin & Jobs”, “LeLievre e Deixe LeLievre”, “Causa Mortis de Pessoas que Já Deviam Ter Morrido – Jonas Brothers”, “Escrotices do Duck” (Author with Pablo Mayer, Gary Hallgren, Glen LeLievre, Don Edwing)
MAD Magazine #33December 2010
  • 'Gaga, a Terrível', 'Bola Katz do Bom', 'Possíveis Teorias para Explicar o Onipresente Gesto de Mão do Justin Bieber' (Author with P.C. Vey, Emily, Gary Hallgren)
MAD Magazine #63October 2013
  • Cinco Razões para Não Deixar o Psy Emplacar Outro Hit (Artist with Heitor Pitombo)
MAD Magazine #64November 2013
  • A Capa que Não Usamos (Artist)
MAD Magazine #75November 2014
  • Music parody: 'Appy' ['Happy'] (Artist with Mike Morse)
  • Novo Departamento de Estatísticas sobre Crimes Jurídicos (Artist with Jeff Kruse)