George Woodbridge

George Woodbridge
1930, Flushing, Queens, New York City, USA
January 19th, 2004, New York City, USA
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Contributions by George Woodbridge

MAD Magazine • USA • New York
  • Tom Lehrer Sings (Artist with Tom Lehrer)
    Department: Tom Lehrer Dept.
  • Why I Left The Army And Became A Civilian (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Section 8 Dept.
  • MAD Tickets (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Show-Off Dept.
  • $ucce$$ $tory (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Healthy Competition Dept.
  • MAD's Picture-Phone Backdrops (Artist)
    Department: Seeing Is Believing Dept.
MAD Magazine #35October 1957
  • The Hunting Song (Artist with Tom Lehrer)
    Department: Tom Lehrer Dept.
  • Spot The Clod (Artist)
    Department: Mad Magazine
MAD Magazine #36December 1957
  • My Fren' Dufo (Artist with Wally Cox)
    Department: Wally Cox Dept.
  • The Nursery News (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Child Bites Dog Dept.
  • OK! Gunfight At The Corral! (Artist)
    Department: Movies Dept.
MAD Magazine #37January 1958
  • See Them Now (Artist)
    Department: Characters That Grow On You Dept.
  • Orson Bean's Civil War (Artist with Orson Bean)
    Department: Orson Bean Dept.
  • Blood, Guts, A Roscoe & You (Artist)
    Department: The "Eyes" Have It Dept.
  • How Neurotic Are You? (Artist with Paul Laikin)
    Department: Sick, Sick, Sick Dept.
  • Commemorative Stamps (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Postage Overdue Dept.
  • Why I Changed My Job (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Opportunity Knocks Dept.
  • Initials That Describe The Name (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Much Abbreviated Drivel Dept.
  • What It Was, Was Football (Artist with Andy Griffith)
    Department: Andy Griffith Dept.
MAD Magazine #41September 1958
  • Go West, Old Format (Artist with Albert Meglin)
    Department: 3:10 To Yuma Dept.
  • Go East, Old Western (Artist with Albert Meglin)
    Department: 3:10 To Westport Dept.
  • How To Play Golf (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Tee And Sympathy Dept.
MAD Magazine #42November 1958
  • MAD's 1958 Pigskin Preview (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Unnecessary Roughness Dept.
  • Not-So-Far-From-Wrong Spelling Errors (Artist with Julius Rothenberg)
    Department: E Before I Except After Q Dept.
MAD Magazine #43December 1958
  • MAD's M.V.B.T.A. Awards (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: The Double-Play's The Thing Dept.
  • Woodlore (Artist)
    Department: To Blazes With The Trail Dept.
MAD Magazine #44January 1959
  • Basketball (Artist)
    Department: Dribble Drivel Dept.
  • The Search For Sleep (Artist)
    Department: Mind Over Mattress Dept.
  • MAD's Guide For Novice Drivers (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: This Auto Kill You Dept.
  • Tatooing Gets A Shot In The Arm (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Come Into My Parlor Dept.
  • Don't Look Like An April Fool (Artist)
    Department: MAD Magazine
  • Western Weapons Of The Future (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: Have Spittoon - Will Travel Dept.
  • How To Choose And Train Your Master (Artist with Frank Jacobs, Robert Margroff)
    Department: A Doghouse Is Not A Home Dept.
  • MAD's Modern Handy Phrase Book For The American Tourist (Artist with Sy Reit)
    Department: Nuts To Vous Dept.
  • How To Be A MAD Non-Conformist (Artist with Sy Reit)
    Department: Vive La Difference Dept.
  • Future Halls Of Fame (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow Dept.
  • They'll Laugh When You Sit Down To Play Musically MAD (Artist)
    Department: Musically MAD
  • On-The-Job Marching Songs (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: 4/4 Time-And-A-Half Dept.
  • Future "Confession" Books (Artist with Gary Belkin)
    Department: Confession Is Good For The Sale Dept.
  • Insurance Policies For Teen-Agers (Artist with Sy Reit)
    Department: Honestly This Is The Best Policy Dept.
MAD Magazine #49September 1959
  • Family Magazines (Artist with Arnie Kogen)
    Department: What's Buzzin' Cousin Dept.
  • MAD Medals For Everyday Heroes (Artist with Dave Berg)
    Department: Brave Of The Home Dept.
MAD Magazine #50October 1959
  • Where Song-Writers Get Their Inspiration (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: No Muse Is Good Muse Dept.
  • Changing Meanings For Fun & Profit (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: Out-Of-Context Dept.
  • TV Ads We'd Like To See (Artist)
    Department: Television Dept.
  • Practical Greeting Cards (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Maybe Happy Returns Dept.
MAD Magazine #51December 1959
  • MAD Looks At Adult Education (Artist with Paul Laikin)
    Department: Blackboard Bungle Dept.
  • Grandstand Football (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Way Off-Side Dept.
MAD Magazine #52January 1960
  • MAD's Tips On Highway Safety (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Route Of All Evil Department
  • Modern Sources of Untapped Energy (Artist with Sy Reit)
    Department: More Power To You Dept.
  • Random Samplings of Reader Mail (Artist)
    Department: Letters Dept.
  • Popular Politician (Artist with Gary Belkin)
    Department: Vote's My Line Dept.
  • Have Yourself A Political Party (Artist)
    Department: Alfred E. Neuman For President Kit
  • Madison Avenue's Political Ad Campaigns (Artist with Gary Belkin)
    Department: Hoke-Filled Room Dept.
MAD Magazine #57September 1960
  • Scenes We'd Like to See (Artist with Gary Belkin)
    Department: Hollywood Dept.
  • Beatnik: The Magazine for Hipsters (Artist)
    Department: Sick Sick Slick Dept.
MAD Magazine #58October 1960
  • Help the Best Man to Win (Artist)
MAD Magazine #59December 1960
  • Famous Lost Words (Artist with Gary Belkin)
    Department: To Spurn a Phrase Dept.
  • The Two Faces of World War II (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: Mine Enemy Grows Nicer Dept.
MAD Magazine #60January 1961
  • Mad's College Songs and Cheers for Traitors, Defeatists and Cowards (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: Rah Rah Black Sheep Dept.
  • Warm-Ups (Artist with Gary Belkin)
    Department: Claptrap Dept.
  • Mad's Comprehensive Irritation Insurance (Artist with Sy Reit)
    Department: The Clause That Refreshes Dept.
  • Mad Salutes an Unsung Hero (Artist with Don Reilly)
    Department: Speaking of Pictures Dept
  • The Population Explosion (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: No Room at the Top Dept.
  • Up to Date Names for Rockets and Missiles (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Out to Launch Dept.
  • Magazines For Senior Citizens (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Paging the Aging Dept.
  • How to Read Between the Lines and Fill In Those Little Dots in a Gossip Column (Artist with Don Reilly)
    Department: Little Black-And-White Lies Dept.
  • The Mad Treasury of Unknown Poetry (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Verse of the People Dept.
  • The Business of Baseball (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Diamonds Are a Boy's Best Friend Dept.
MAD Magazine #65September 1961
  • A Mad Guide to Classified Ad Abbreviations (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Vowel Play Dept.
  • Medical Illustrated (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: Inside Joke Dept.
MAD Magazine #66October 1961
  • Celebrities' Wallets (Artist with Arnie Kogen)
    Department: 8-Ball in the Back Pocket Dept.
  • The Mad Mythology Primer (Artist with Walter Farley)
    Department: A-to-Zeus Dept.
MAD Magazine #67December 1961
  • Mad's Do-It-Yourself Magazine Covers (Artist with Sy Reit)
    Department: Beat 'Em to That Pulp Dept.
  • Celebrities' Wallets (Artist with Arnie Kogen)
    Department: 8-Ball in the Side Pocketbook Dept.
MAD Magazine #68January 1962
  • College Fraternities (Artist with Don Reilly)
    Department: Sorority, Wrong Number Dept.
  • Fight Songs For Schools That Can't Afford Major Sports (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Siss-Boom-Blah Dept.
  • Less Violent TV Shows (Artist with E. Nelson Bridwell)
  • Movies in Flight (Artist with Sy Reit)
    Department: You Ain't Seen Nuttin' Jet Dept.
  • The Birth of a Madison Avenue Brand Name (Artist with Walter Farley)
    Department: Artificial Dissemination Dept.
  • Mother's Day Cards For Substitute Mothers (Artist with Phil Hahn)
    Department: Put Them All Together They Spell Dept.
  • Scenes We'd Like to See (Artist)
    Department: Hollywood Dept.
MAD Magazine #73September 1962
  • Racketeer Illustrated (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: Little-Read Writing Hoods Dept.
MAD Magazine #74October 1962
  • Labor Day Cards From Management to Labor (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Executive Suite-Talk Dept.
  • If They Had Summer Replacements in Every Day Life (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Switch-Craft Dept.
MAD Magazine #75December 1962
  • Mad's 1962 Football Roundup (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Varsity Dregs Dept.
MAD Magazine #76January 1963
  • If the U.S. Government Bought Like the U.S. Public Buys (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Boosting the Economy-size Dept.
  • Modern Teenage Sports (Artist with Arnie Kogen)
    Department: Sweet Bide of Youth Dept.
  • Hollywood Surplus Sale (Artist with Earle Doud)
    Department: Lights, Camera, Auction Dept.
  • Future Group-Comparison Tests (Artist with Earle Doud)
    Department: With No Reimers or Reason Dept.
  • The Darker Side of Telstar (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Spatial Delivery Dept.
  • Movie Dialogue We'd Like to Hear (Artist)
    Department: Off the Beaten Sound Track Dept.
  • Mad's Realistic, Up-To-Date Service Songs (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: March Along with Mitch Dept.
  • More Movie Dialogue We'd Like to Hear (Artist)
    Department: Off the Beaten Sound Track Dept.
  • Movie Dialogue We'd Like to Hear (Artist with Harry Purvis)
    Department: Off the Beaten Sound-Track Dept.
  • More Movie Dialogue We'd Like to Hear (Artist with Harry Purvis)
    Department: Off the Beaten Sound Track Dept.
  • Father's Day Cards From Special People (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Pop's Corn Dept.
MAD Magazine #81September 1963
  • Mad's Wonder Drugs for Common Teenage Ailments (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: A Cure for the Common Clod Dept.
MAD Magazine #82October 1963
  • What If Hollywood Were to Follow the Trend Towards Long and Pretentious Titles for TV Dramas (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: Marquee De Sad Dept.
MAD Magazine #83December 1963
  • A Mad Guide to Art Films (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: A Kick in the Cannes Dept.
MAD Magazine #84January 1964
  • More Movie Dialogue We'd Like to Hear (Artist with Harry Purvis)
    Department: Hollywood Dept.
  • Modern Teacher (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: Working For Schoolie Wages Dept.
  • Jabber-Whacky (Artist with Isabelle Di Caprio)
  • The Mad Hospital Primer (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: A Ward to the Wise Dept.
  • The Evolution of a Popular Song (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: The Malady Lingers On Dept.
  • Ending on a Sour Note (Artist)
    Department: Harper's Fury Dept.
  • Angry (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Act Your Rage Dept.
  • The Swampview Terrace Weekly (Artist with Arnie Kogen)
    Department: Tenants, Anyone Dept.
  • The Mad Politicians Primer (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Snakes in the Grass Roots Dept.
MAD Magazine #89September 1964
  • Have youself a Political Party (Artist)
  • The MAD Drive-in Movie Primer (Artist with Larry Siegel)
MAD Magazine #90October 1964
  • Strange Interludes in Everyday Life (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Face-Lifting Dept.
MAD Magazine #91December 1964
  • A Mad Guide to Little Known Jobs in Television (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
    Department: Extra-Ordinary Opportunities Dept.
  • Twisted Mad Tales For Twisted Mad Readers (Artist with Jim Mildon)
    Department: Stifling a Yarn Dept.
MAD Magazine #92January 1965
  • Wrap Up All Your Christmas Gift Problems (Artist)
  • Neighborhood Celebrities (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Impress Your Friends Dept.
  • Phoney Magazine (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Sham-Pooh Dept.
  • In a Las Vegas Hotel Lobby (Artist)
    Department: Watch the Doors Please Dept.
  • The Finish (Artist)
    Department: Race Riot Dept.
  • Mad Mazine Introduces 43-man Squamish (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: There's a Soccer Born Every Minute Dept.
  • The Mad Gun Owners and Other Small Bores Primer (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: Nuts With Bolts Dept.
MAD Magazine #97September 1965
  • Load & Crash (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: One For the Road Dept.
MAD Magazine #98October 1965
  • Surfing (Artist with Al Jaffee)
    Department: Only For the Board-Minded Dept.
  • Fight Songs For the Common Man (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Battle Hymns of the Public Dept.
MAD Magazine #99December 1965
MAD Magazine #100January 1966
  • Badge & Billy (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: Law Enfarcement Dept.
  • Achieving Personal Success in Crime (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: The Great Mail Robbery Dept.
  • ABC TV's Wide World of Sports (Artist with Al Jaffee)
    Department: Athlete's Feat Dept.
  • Fathers Are Two-Time Losers (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Bottled Pop Dept.
  • A Comic Scene We'd Like to See (Artist with Don Edwing)
    Department: Kent Satisfies Best Dept.
  • Mixing Personal Politics with Careers (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Party Poopers Dept.
  • Specialized Cook Books (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
    Department: Random Hash-House Dept.
MAD Magazine #106October 1966
  • The Mad Air Travel Primer (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: Two Wrights Make a Wrong Dept.
MAD Magazine #107December 1966
  • Protest Magazine (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: Mal-Contents Page Dept.
MAD Magazine #108January 1967
  • Football as Covered by Other Publications (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Punt of View Dept.
  • Mad School Songs For Everyday Activities (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Siss...Boom...Blah Dept.
  • Cop Art (Artist with Harry Borgman)
    Department: Finger Painting Dept.
  • The Mad Guide to Vanishing Human Types and Their Modern Replacements (Artist with Elizabeth Wright Jr.)
    Department: Past and Unpleasant Dept.
  • Historical Events as Covered By Modern News Feature Writers (Artist with Paul Peter Porges)
    Department: Let By-Gones Be By-Lines Dept.
MAD Magazine #113September 1967
MAD Magazine #114October 1967
  • So How Come... (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Double-Standard Bearers Dept.
MAD Magazine #115December 1967
  • The Evolution of Dating (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: Labor of Love Dept.
MAD Magazine #116January 1968
  • Air Pollution Problems of the Future (Artist with Sy Reit)
    Department: The Chokes On You Dept.
  • Hippie Magazine (Artist with Arnie Kogen)
    Department: Turn On, Tune In, Drop Dead Dept.
  • Songs of Wealth, Possessions, Greed, Property and Creeping Materialism (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Status Woe Dept.
  • The Shill Gasoline Commercial (Artist, Colorist with Lou Silverstone)
    Department: A TV Ad We'd Like To See
MAD Magazine #121September 1968
  • Everyday Varieties of Psychedelic Fun (Artist with Mark Bricklin)
    Department: Initial Dosage Dept.
  • Mad's "Cliche Conversation" Killers (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Put Your Funny Where Your Mouth Is Dept.
MAD Magazine #123December 1968
  • A Mad Peek Behind the Scenes at a Service Station (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: Inside-Ouch Dept.
MAD Magazine #124January 1969
  • Haunted By the Ghost of Christmas Presents? (Artist)
  • If Polls and Surveys Had Been Used Through History (Artist with Sy Reit)
    Department: Poll-Taxed Dept.
  • Songs of Crime, Violence, War, Hate, Bigotry, the Lunatic Fringe, and All-Around Ecchiness (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Hate-to-the-Bar Dept.
  • The Mad Poetry Round Robin (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Shifting into Re-Verse Dept.
  • You're in Trouble...When They Smile (Artist with Chris Hart, Stan Hart)
    Department: Grin and Beware It Dept.
  • A Mad Look at Two College Generations (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: Rah-Rah-Riot Dept.
MAD Magazine #129September 1969
  • Mad Gray Paper: The State of Our Cities (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Putting Down Town Dept.
MAD Magazine #130October 1969
  • The Mad Plan For Halting the Hijacking of Planes (Artist with Sy Reit)
    Department: Up, Up and Ole Dept.
  • A Mad Peek Behind the Scenes: At The Pentagon (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: Inside-Ouch! Dept.
MAD Magazine #132January 1970
  • Haunted By the Ghost of Christmas Presents? (Artist)
  • The High Diver (Artist with Sergio Aragonés)
    Department: Elephant Joke Dept.
  • Mad Green Paper: The State of Our Suburbs (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: The Wrong Side of the Tracts Dept.
  • Spray Can Sprays We'd Like to See (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Psssst! Dept.
  • More Up-to-Date Health & Safety Songs for Children (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: Tunes of Glory Dept.
  • More "So How Come..."? (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Double-Standard Dept.
MAD Magazine #137September 1970
  • 21st Century Outdoors Magazine (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
    Department: Topical Satire
MAD Magazine #138October 1970
  • How To Read A Resort Ad (Artist with Gilbert Barnhill)
    Department: Topical Satire
MAD Magazine #139December 1970
  • Mad's Guaranteed Effective All-Occasion Non-Slanderous Political Smear Speech (Artist with William Garvin)
    Department: Death by Elocution Dept.
  • Silent Majority the Magazine for Middle America (Artist with Larry Siegel, Sergio Aragonés)
    Department: Putting the Right on Dept.
MAD Magazine #140January 1971
  • Haunted By the Ghost of Christmas Presents? (Artist)
  • If There Had Been Advice Columns Throughout History (Artist with Lou Silverstone)
    Department: Past Tensions Dept.
  • Get It Out of Your System Land (Artist with Sy Reit)
    Department: Abusement Park Dept.
  • Mad's "Dirty Old Man" of the Year (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Teeny-Bopper-Poppa Dept.
  • Incredible Occult Magazine (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Seer-Suckers Dept.
MAD Magazine #145September 1971
MAD Magazine #146October 1971
  • Recruiting Posters Through History (Artist with Paul Peter Porges)
    Department: A Hitch in Time Dept.
MAD Magazine #147December 1971
  • Modern Muscle Magazine (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
    Department: Press and Jerks Dept.
MAD Magazine #148January 1972
  • The Sword Duel (Colorist, Artist with Al Jaffee)
    Department: A Movie Scene We'd Like to See
  • Haunted By the Ghost of Christmas Presents? (Artist)
  • A Mad Peek Behind the Scenes at a Moving Company (Artist with Lou Silverstone)
    Department: Inside-Ouch Dept.
MAD Magazine #154October 1972
  • The Mad Guide to Political Types (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Knowing Your Left From Your Right Dept.
MAD Magazine #155December 1972
MAD Magazine #156January 1973
  • Haunted By the Ghost of Christmas Presents? (Artist)
  • A Mad Peek Behind the Scenes in a Department Store at Christmastime (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
    Department: Inside-Ouch Dept.
  • Your Monthly "Pen Pal" (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Captive Audience Department
  • A Crockwork Lemon (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: De Sadest Story Ever Told Dept.
MAD Magazine #162October 1973
  • A Mad City Street Scene We'd Like to See (Artist with Lou Silverstone)
    Department: Thoroughfare-Play Dept
  • A Mad Suburban Street Scene We'd Like to See (Artist with Lou Silverstone)
    Department: Thoroughfare-Play Dept
MAD Magazine #163December 1973
  • Early One Morning in the Near Future (Colorist, Artist with Sergio Aragonés)
  • Picket & Strike (Artist with Lou Silverstone)
    Department: Spate of the Union Dept.
MAD Magazine #164January 1974
  • Haunted By the Ghost of Christmas Presents? (Artist)
  • Mad Sequels To Famous Poems (Artist with Tom Koch)
  • Busing in Other Areas for the Purpose of Social Integration (Artist with Arnie Kogen)
    Department: Sic Transit Dept.
MAD Magazine #169September 1974
  • A Mad History of Sex (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: The Bare Facts Dept.
MAD Magazine #170October 1974
  • Mad "Singles Only" Resort Owner of the Year (Artist with Lou Silverstone)
    Department: The Meet Rack Dept.
MAD Magazine #171December 1974
  • Bible Rave (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Upping the Prophets Dept.
  • The Mad "Good News - Bad News" Book (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Flip/Flops Dept.
  • Has Anybody Every Really Seen... (Artist with Larry Sharp)
    Department: Vanishing Americanisms Dept.
  • Other Betting Pools (Artist with Lou Silverstone)
    Department: Odds for the Love of Moola Dept.
MAD Magazine #177September 1975
  • How Many Mistakes Can You Find in This Picture? (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
MAD Magazine #178October 1975
  • Zappers That History Forgot (Artist with Alen Robin)
    Department: Rocking the Quote Department
MAD Magazine #179December 1975
  • Another Day in the Jungle (Colorist, Artist with Don Edwing)
  • If TV Commercials Told Us Everything (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Ad-Mission Impossible Dept.
  • A Mad Look at Fifty Years of College Life in America (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: Alma Martyrs Dept.
  • Mad's Academy Awards for Public Servants (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Grinding Their Acts Dept.
  • Lawsuits We'd Like to See (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Docket To 'em Dept.
MAD Magazine #185September 1976
  • More Lawsuits We'd Like to See (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Docket To 'em II Dept.
MAD Magazine #186October 1976
  • The Changing Attitudes of the American Family (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: The Era of Our Ways Dept.
MAD Magazine #187December 1976
  • Other Forms of Malpractice Insurance (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Take Coverage! Dept.
MAD Magazine #188January 1977
  • A Mad History of Medicine (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: Doc-Walloper Dept.
  • If Other Businesses Offered "No-Frills" Service (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Minimum's the World Dept.
MAD Magazine #193September 1977
  • When Members of Our Armed Forces Join a Union (Artist with Lou Silverstone)
    Department: Look for the "Union" Army Dept.
MAD Magazine #194October 1977
  • Mad's "Religious Cult Leader" of the Year (Artist with Lou Silverstone)
    Department: A Moon for the Misbegotten Dept.
  • Mad's College Concert Comic of the Year (Artist with Lou Silverstone)
    Department: The Dirty End of the Schtick Dept.
MAD Magazine #201September 1978
MAD Magazine #203December 1978
MAD Magazine #204January 1979
  • The Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Artist with Stan Hart)
  • Re-Writing Classical Poetry to Give Women Equal Time (Artist with Tom Koch)
MAD Magazine #209September 1979
  • Mad's "Judge of the Year" (Artist with Lou Silverstone)
    Department: Broadway Joe Nomyth
MAD Magazine #211December 1979
MAD Magazine #212January 1980
  • Appeals From Charities Through History (Artist with Tom Koch)
  • Mad's Academy Awards for Dating (Artist with Stan Hart)
MAD Magazine #217September 1980
  • Mad's Airline President of the Year (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
MAD Magazine #226October 1981
  • How Many Mistakes can You Find in this Picture? (Artist with Chris Hart)
    Department: Err Apparent Dept.
MAD Magazine #227December 1981
  • How Many Mistakes Can You Find in This Picture? (Artist with Chris Hart)
MAD Magazine #228January 1982
  • A Mad Look at Discrimination (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: A Mad Look at
  • The Model Majority Manual (Artist with Stan Hart)
  • If Junk Mail had Always Existed (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Post Dated Department
MAD Magazine #234October 1982
  • A Mad Look at American Justice (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: Crime and no Punishment Dept.
MAD Magazine #235December 1982
  • T-shirts with Messages We'd Like to See (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: Putting "Hah" on Your Chest Dept.
MAD Magazine #236January 1983
  • How Many Mistakes Can You Find In This Picture ? (Artist with Chris Hart)
    Department: How Many Mistakes...
  • A Foreign Traveler's Guide to the United States (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: Tour de Farce Dept.
  • The U.S. Video Game Olympic Team (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Shooting Stars Dept.
  • Places to Hide the M-X Missle Where They Will Never be Found (Artist with Paul Laikin)
    Department: Bombs Away Dept.
  • State College of Adulthood Training (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Learning a Living Dept.
MAD Magazine #241September 1983
  • Cover Artist
  • Front Cover (Colorist, Artist)
  • Future Smithsonian Exhibits from TV Land (Artist with Dennis Snee)
    Department: Prop Corn Dept.
MAD Magazine #242October 1983
  • A Short History Showing How Different Publications Slant The News (Artist with Paul Laikin)
    Department: Political Satire
MAD Magazine #243December 1983
MAD Magazine #244January 1984
  • A Mad History of Communication (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: Absurd-of-Mouth Dept.
  • Mad's Aptitude Test Number Two: Will You Make a Good Teacher? (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: BS.A.T. Dept.
  • Mad's Aptitude Test Number Three: Will You Make a Good Athlete? (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: B.S.A.T. Dept.
  • Little Known Patents (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
    Department: Rights to Wrongs Dept.
  • Academy Awards for Teachers (Artist with Lou Silverstone)
    Department: Class Act Dept.
  • Modern Merit Badges (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Scoutological Dept.
MAD Magazine #249September 1984
  • If the Real World of Today Caught Up with the Comics (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Cartooning In Dept.
  • A Psalm for the Modern Television Preacher (Artist with Barry Liebmann)
    Department: Daily Bread Dept.
MAD Magazine #250October 1984
  • A Mad Look at Some Famous Advertising Slogans (Artist with Alen Robin)
    Department: Ad Campaign Relievers Dept.
MAD Magazine #251December 1984
  • Ain't It Great!! (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Positive Winking Dept.
  • The Criminals' Yellow Pages (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: "Where's the Thief?" Dept.
MAD Magazine #252January 1985
  • The Best... and the Worst... Things to Say for Every Occasion (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Dupes and Don'ts Dept.
  • If You Walk Down A Dark Street (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Opt-Tickles Department
  • Back Cover (Artist with Don Edwing)
  • Mad's Aptitude Test Number Seven Will You Make A Good Rock Star? (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: B-S.A.T. Department
  • The Exploitation of a Rock Death (Artist with Desmond Devlin)
    Department: Grave Reviews Department
  • Mad Tips On Moving Out... And Making It On Your Own (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: Alone Application Department
  • Raising Money With Other Forms Of Legalized Gambling (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: For Better Or Worse Department
MAD Magazine #257September 1985
  • Relevant Fortune Cookies For Other Dining Spots (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Jest Desserts Department
MAD Magazine #258October 1985
  • If Computers Are So Brilliant ... (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Terminal Illness Dept.
MAD Magazine #259December 1985
  • Cabbage Patch Products For People Who Hate Cabbage Patch Products (Artist with Charlie Kadau, Joe Raiola)
    Department: Goodbye Dolly Department
MAD Magazine #260January 1986
  • A "Miranda Law" For Everyday Victims (Artist with Lou Silverstone)
    Department: The Rights Suff Department
  • The Mad Guide to... Yuppies Yullies Yuffies (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
  • Announcements of the Day Richard M. Nixon High School (Artist with John Prete)
    Department: Intercom-Ic Relief Department
  • Mad's Aptitude Test Number Six Will You Make A Good Psychiatrist? (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: A Freudian Script Department
  • All-White Song (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: From Gags To Richie Department
  • Mad's I.R.S. Agent of the Year (Artist with Lou Silverstone)
    Department: Many Unhappy Returns Department
MAD Magazine #267December 1986
  • Mad's Modern Day Tongue Twisters (Artist with David Ames)
    Department: Better Read Than Said Department
  • Those Ridiculous Little Things TV Commercials Say! (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Shuns Of Pitches Department
MAD Magazine #268January 1987
  • If Society's Unwritten Rules of Behavior Were Actually Written Down (Artist with Mike Snider)
  • The Mad Guide to Various High School Types (Artist with Mike Snider)
  • Mad's All-Inclusive Do-It-Yourself Rock Concert Newspaper Story (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Reported In Front Of A Live Audience Department
  • State of the Art Is... (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Tech-No-Logic Department
  • The Flim Flam Film Man (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Rental Institution Dept.
  • Why the U.S. Government Really Spends So Much (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Inappropriations Dept.
MAD Magazine #273September 1987
  • Back Cover: MAD Monopoly Cards Of The 1980's (Artist with Tricia Scarnati)
  • The Collector's Newsletter (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Petty-Savers
MAD Magazine #274October 1987
  • In The Beginning... (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Altar Egos
MAD Magazine #276January 1988
  • Mad's Updated Children's Books (Artist with Matthew T. Smith)
    Department: Sendak to the Future Department
  • Charity Drives We'd Like To See... (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Fun-Raisers Department
  • Disclaimers For TV Commercials That Don't Have Disclaimers (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Clause and Defect
  • Mad's Guide To Making It In the Business World (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: Hire Education Department
  • Tricks of the Trade In Local TV News (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Eyewitness Ruse Department
MAD Magazine #283December 1988
  • Twelve Reasons Why Being In Congress Is Worth The Price (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Men At Perk
MAD Magazine #284January 1989
  • Scientific Advances That Improve Our Lives! (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Progress Retort
MAD Magazine #290October 1989
  • Cut-Away Cross Sections of Everyday Items (Artist with Charlie Kadau)
    Department: Exposé Can You See
MAD Magazine #292January 1990
  • Big City Signs Of The Times (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: The Handwriting Is Off The Wall
  • Back Cover: Joystick Jabberwacky (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
  • APEX Technical Schools For Other Occupations (Artist with Chris Hart)
    Department: Hire Education
  • Political Half-Truths (Artist with Chris Hart)
    Department: Getting On The Deceiving Lines
  • "When I Was Your Age..." Stories Today's Kids Will Be Telling Their Grandchildren (Artist with Mike Snider)
    Department: Recall Waiting
  • MAD's Ultimate T.V. Remote Control (Artist with Mark A. Dressler)
    Department: Zaps All, Folks!
  • Leisure Time Courses Adults Really Need (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Lessoning The Load
MAD Magazine #299December 1990
  • Totally Original Never-Been-Done Before Movie Plots (Artist with Mike Snider)
    Department: Script Tease Dept.
MAD Magazine #300January 1991
  • MAD Raps Up Shakespeare (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Frank On a Roll
  • The Hymn Of The Battered Republic (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Frank On A Roll
  • Advertising Characters & Corporate Mascots That Better Reflect the Miserable Companies They Work For (Artist with Charlie Kadau)
    Department: Company Trademocks
  • Aptitude Test Number Seven (Flight Attendant) (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: B-S.A.T.
  • America Land Of Opportunity (Artist with Mike Snider)
    Department: Scars and Gripes Department
MAD Magazine #305September 1991
  • Why We Get The Holiday Blahs (Artist with Barry Liebmann)
    Department: A Manic For All Seasons
  • The MAD Summer Camp Guide (Artist with Joe Raiola, Charlie Kadau)
    Department: Outdoor Wreck-Reation
MAD Magazine #306October 1991
  • Cause Or Coincidence (Artist with Dan Birtcher)
    Department: A Massive Chart Attack
MAD Magazine #307December 1991
  • Disclaimers For Oaths, Mottos and Famous Sayings (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: A Slap In The Phrase
MAD Magazine #308January 1992
  • When Roadside Signs Overlap (Artist with Henry Clark)
    Department: Making a Message Of Things
  • If Other Historical Eras Had Been As "Lawsuit Happy" As Ours Is Today (Artist with Mike Snider)
    Department: Backed-Up Suers
  • New Cabinet-Level Departments We'd Like To See (Artist with Dan Birtcher)
    Department: Seals Of Disapproval
  • MAD Raps Up The Bible (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Frank On a Roll
MAD Magazine #314October 1992
  • A Spotter's Guide To Trendy Groups Of The '90s (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Massing Persons
MAD Magazine #315December 1992
  • History's Great Come-On Lines (Artist with Dom Jacobs)
    Department: The Prattle Of The Sexes
MAD Magazine #316January 1993
  • MAD's Avalanche O'Catalogs (Artist with Joe Raiola, Charlie Kadau)
    Department: Circular Jerks
  • More Customer Satisfaction Surveys We'd Really Like To See (Artist with Cary Pepper)
    Department: Putting On The Old Feedback
  • Inside Back Cover: What's Right With America! (Artist with Mike Snider)
MAD Magazine #322October 1993
MAD Magazine #324January 1994
  • If The NRA Published Magazines For ALL Types Of Gun Users (Artist with Mike Snider)
    Department: Shot Off The Presses
  • Back Cover: Haiku For Our Polluted Planet (Artist with Desmond Devlin)
  • When The Smithsonian Opens An Advertising Wing (Artist with Desmond Devlin)
    Department: They're The Disease and We're The Curator
  • Thanks To Home Video Cameras We Now Have On Tape (Artist with Mike Snider)
    Department: A Plague Of Focus
  • Back Cover: "Mother" (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
  • New Time-Life Books We Never Want To See (Artist with Chris Hart)
    Department: Turning Down The Volumes
MAD Magazine #330September 1994
  • Consumer Safety Labels We'd Like To See (Artist with Frank Santopadre)
    Department: Warn In The U.S.A.
MAD Magazine #350October 1996
  • Back Cover: MAD’s Mandatory School Uniform for the ’90s (Artist)
MAD Magazine #362October 1997
  • Mad Presents Restaurant Reviews for the Finicky Fly (Artist with Lori Kolman)
    Department: When Feast Meets Pest Dept.
  • The Late Night Spree Of Saul Devere (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
  • Ad parody: ‘Introducing Gravel Vista Gardens’ (Artist with Jeff Kruse)
    Department: Unreal Estate
MAD Magazine #549February 2018
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