Sam Viviano

Sam Viviano
March 13th, 1953, Detroit, Michigan, USA
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Contributions by Sam Viviano

MAD Magazine • USA • New York
  • Cover Artist
  • Cover: Mad... Shoots J.R. and the Rest of His Empty-Headed Family With Our Version of "Dallas" (Artist)
  • Some Detectives Are Clever, Some Are British, and Then There's... Mike Hammy (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
    Department: Dick Schtick
  • If the Miller Lite Beer Gang Ran This Country (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: Lager Heads
MAD Magazine #257September 1985
  • First Annual Reunion Guests of the Phil Donahue Show (Artist with Elizabeth White)
    Department: Strong Guests of Wind
MAD Magazine #259December 1985
  • Gigglin's Island (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: A Bad Case of the Re-Runs
MAD Magazine #260January 1986
  • The Crummy Mooners (Artist with Larry Siegel)
    Department: A Bad Case of the Re-Runs
MAD Magazine #265September 1986
  • Other Much Needed Rules (Artist with Mike Snider)
    Department: Blame Dropping
MAD Magazine #266October 1986
  • TV Theme Songs (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: The Malady Lingers On
MAD Magazine #273September 1987
  • The Andy Grinning Show (Artist with Lou Silverstone)
    Department: A Bad Case Of The Re-Runs
MAD Magazine #274October 1987
  • Stuff We Didn't Get To See On TV For One Reason Or Another (Artist with Mike Snider)
    Department: To Air Is Inhuman
MAD Magazine #275December 1987
  • Celebrity Reading Lists (Artist with Tom Koch)
    Department: Editions and Subtractions
MAD Magazine #281September 1988
  • Cover Artist
  • Cover: California Raisons (Cover Artist)
  • A Look At Mad's Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame (Artist with Desmond Devlin)
    Department: And The Beat Goes On... Display
MAD Magazine #282October 1988
  • Alf's Celebrity Cat Cookbook (Artist with John Prete)
    Department: The Fur Will Fry
MAD Magazine #283December 1988
  • A Mad Peek (Comedy Club) Behind The Scenes (Writer with Lou Silverstone)
    Department: Performing Laugh Rites
MAD Magazine #284January 1989
  • Recasting Famous Old Movies With Today's Famous Wrestlers (Artist with John Prete)
    Department: Goonstruck
  • Academy Awards For Movie Audience Members (Artist with Mike Snider)
    Department: Statues For Limitations
  • Dreary John... (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
    Department: May Divorce Be With You
MAD Magazine #289September 1989
  • Video Reviews (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Hartburn
MAD Magazine #290October 1989
  • Cover Artist
MAD Magazine #291December 1989
  • Cover Artist
  • Cover: Special Mutant Turtle Issue (Artist)
  • The Blunder Years (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Sixties-Something
MAD Magazine #292January 1990
  • Cover Artist
  • Cover: Mario and Luigi Breaking Up Neumantendo (Cover Artist)
  • Buried With Children (Artist with Dennis Snee)
    Department: A Crass Act
  • MAD's Video Reviews (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Hart Burn
  • Future Sitcoms That Break Fresh Ground (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Off The Beaten Laugh Track
  • MAD's Video Reviews (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Hart Burn
MAD Magazine #298October 1990
MAD Magazine #299December 1990
  • A Mad Peek Behind the Scenes At "The Simpsons" Studio (Artist with Charlie Kadau)
    Department: A Massive Bart Attack
MAD Magazine #300January 1991
  • Wizard Of Odds (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Toto Recall
  • Home A-Groan (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: American Youth Hostile
  • Mad's Video Reviews (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Hart Burn
MAD Magazine #305September 1991
  • Simpson Rip-Offs We'll Undoubtedly Be Seeing (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Toon-Age Mutants
  • The Violence Of The Hams (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Ewe Slaughter Be In Pictures
MAD Magazine #306October 1991
MAD Magazine #307December 1991
  • Reel Vs. Real (Artist with Russ Cooper)
    Department: Sprocket Full Of Miracles, A
MAD Magazine #308January 1992
  • MAD's Political "Remember When..." (Artist with Russ Cooper)
    Department: Voter Recall
  • MAD's Minute-By-Minute Breakdown Of Popular TV Shows (Artist with Russ Cooper)
    Department: Prime Timing
  • MAD's Video Reviews (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Hart Burn
  • Hook 'Em (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Ever, Ever Bland
MAD Magazine #315December 1992
  • When / Why Should We Believe...? (Artist with Mike Snider)
    Department: Hypocritic Oaths
  • Entertainment Too Light Visits In Livid Color (Artist with A.J. Marley)
    Department: Wayan's World
  • Audition Tapes of Talk Show Hosts Who Never Made It (Artist with Dan Birtcher)
    Department: Aspiring Squad
MAD Magazine #321September 1993
MAD Magazine #322October 1993
  • Batsman The Anemic Series (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
    Department: The Dork Knight
MAD Magazine #324January 1994
  • Instant Nostalgia (For The "Not-Yet-Old-Enough-For-Regular Nostalgia") (Artist with Mike Snider)
    Department: Infant Recall
MAD Magazine #325February 1994
  • Right Now! (Artist with Mike Snider)
    Department: Eventing Our Spleen
  • What Does It Say About Playing By The Rules When... (Artist with Mike Snider)
    Department: Adhere Today, Gone Tomorrow
  • Cinema Vs. Movies (Artist with Desmond Devlin)
    Department: Hollywood Devined
  • MAD's International Signs For The World Of Rock (Artist with Desmond Devlin)
    Department: Drumming The Symbols
MAD Magazine #330September 1994
  • Books To Make Children More Politically Aware (Artist with David Shayne)
    Department: And a Child Shall Lead Them
MAD Magazine #331October 1994
MAD Magazine #332December 1994
  • The Lion's Kin (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Jungle Feeble
  • The 11 Rarest Animation Cels on the Market (Artist with Desmond Devlin)
  • Plot Friction (Artist with Arnie Kogen)
    Department: Violence of the Hams
  • When Beavis & Butt-Head Grow Old! (Artist with Desmond Devlin)
    Department: Humor in a Varicose Vein
  • Rock & Roll Closeups (questions) (Artist with Desmond Devlin)
    Department: Magnifying Crass
  • Rock & Roll Closeups - the correct answers (Artist with Desmond Devlin)
MAD Magazine #339October 1995
  • Howard at the Mike (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Humor in a Shock Jockular Vein
MAD Magazine #340November 1995
  • When Sesame Street Caves in to the Radical Right (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: Newtwork Television
MAD Magazine #342January 1996
  • Too Bad About You (Artist with Josh Gordon)
    Department: And They call it Yuppie Love
  • Mad Interviews Miyoursoft's Bile Gates (Artist with Chris Hart)
    Department: Nerd for Windows
  • Mad's Colossal, Stupendous, Absolutely Fantabulous Plan to Liven Up The Academy Awards (Artist with Barry Liebmann)
    Department: Oscar Mired Balony
  • Smellen (Artist with A.J. Marley)
    Department: Degeneres to a Fault
  • Pat the Candidate (Artist with David Shayne)
    Department: Loose Buchanan
MAD Magazine #351November 1996
  • The Hunchback and Note the Dame (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
    Department: Hump Roast
MAD Magazine #352December 1996
MAD Magazine #353January 1997
  • Tortured By An Angel (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
    Department: Heaven can Grate
MAD Magazine #354February 1997
  • Rancid (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Ron Howard's End
  • Future Editions of MTV's The Real World (Artist with Mike Snider)
    Department: Get the Puck Out of Here
  • A Mad Cybervisit to America Onhold (Artist with Mike Snider)
    Department: Information Superhighway Robbery
MAD Magazine #361September 1997
  • Cover Artist
  • Cover: Special Clinton-Bashing Issue (Artist)
  • Monopoly Cards That Reflect the Way Business is Really Done Today (Artist with John Prete)
    Department: Chairman of the Board Game
MAD Magazine #362October 1997
  • Cheap Foreign Ripoffs of American Cartoons (Artist with Sean Eisenporth)
    Department: Pillage Idiot's
MAD Magazine #363November 1997
MAD Magazine #366February 1998
  • Bob Villa's Home Aghast (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
    Department: Remodel Citizen
  • Trypanic (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
    Department: The Ship Hits the Fan
  • Cover Artist
MAD Magazine #373September 1998
  • Back Cover: A Street Sign We're Afraid We'll See (Artist)
MAD Magazine #374October 1998
  • The Truedumb Show (Artist with Stan Hart)
    Department: Barrey, A Big Schtick
  • When Suicide Cards Really Catch On (Artist with Don Edwing)
    Department: Pros and Condolences
MAD Magazine #375November 1998
  • Cover Artist
MAD Magazine #376December 1998
  • Hollow-Scream - It's 2 Slow (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
    Department: It's a Wonderful Knife
MAD Magazine #377January 1999
  • 19. Marv Albert Sinks His Teeth Into a New Job - "Hey Hey Hey, It's Marv Albert!" (Artist with Joe Raiola, David Shayne)
MAD Magazine #378February 1999
  • An Ode to the Antz (Artist with Frank Jacobs)
    Department: A Bug's Strife
  • The Congressional Record Comic Pages (Artist with Don Edwing)
    Department: A View to a Bill
  • Pro Wrestling Haiku (Artist with Desmond Devlin)
    Department: Whacks Poetic
  • Mad Tags Along on a Typical Date With Chelsea Clinton (Artist with Mike Mikula)
    Department: Chelsea Clinton
MAD Magazine #434October 2003
MAD Magazine #484December 2007
  • MAD deconstructs TV Talkshows - This month: The Colbert Show (Artist with Desmond Devlin)
    Department: The chat and the stat
MAD Magazine #501October 2009
  • The MAD quarterly report (Artist)
    Department: Eventing our spleen
MAD Magazine #502January 2010
  • 17. Cheating Celebs - Living Libido Loca (Artist)
    Department: The MAD 20 The dumbest people, events and things of 2009!
  • VP - Art & Design
  • VP - Art & Design
  • VP - Art & Design
MAD Magazine #535October 2015
  • VP - Art & Design
MAD Magazine #536December 2015
  • VP - Art & Design
MAD Magazine #537February 2016
  • VP - Art & Design
  • VP - Art & Design
  • VP - Art & Design
  • VP - Art & Design
MAD Magazine #541October 2016
  • VP - Art & Design
MAD Magazine #542December 2016
  • VP - Art & Design
MAD Magazine #543February 2017
  • VP - Art & Design
  • VP - Art & Design
  • VP - Art & Design
  • VP - Art & Design
MAD Magazine #547October 2017
  • VP - Art & Design
MAD Magazine #548December 2017
  • VP - Art & Design
  • Artist
    Department: Letters and Tomatoes
MAD Magazine #549February 2018
  • VP - Art & Design
  • VP - Art & Design
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