MAD Magazine #351

MAD Magazine #351 • USA • 1st Edition - New York
1st Edition - New York
November 1st, 1996
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Table of Contents

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Artist: Frank Kelly Freas

Originally printed in: US MAD Magazine #52

Contents Page


Department: Letters and Tomatoes

It's a Moot Point

Department: Various places around the magazine

Writer: Desmond Devlin

Troubleshooting Guide for this Issue

Writer: Desmond Devlin

The Crock

Department: The Birdbrains of Alcatraz

Artist: Mort Drucker Writer: Stan Hart

Mad Salutes Baseball Then and Now

Department: The Pot Shot Heard 'Round the World

Writer: Desmond Devlin Artist: Al Jaffee

The Tobacco Industy's Secret Marketing Plans for Attracting Young Smokers

Department: Nicoteeny Boppers

Artist: Bob Clarke Writer: Mike Snider

The ABC's of 15 Minutes of Fame

Department: We Bring You Fleetings

Artist: Drew Friedman Writer: Frank Jacobs

Spy Vs. Spy

Department: Joke and Dagger

Writer: Don Edwing Artist: David Manak

The Hunchback and Note the Dame

Department: Hump Roast

Writer: Dick DeBartolo Artist: Sam Viviano

New Toys That Prepare Kids for Their Crummy Job Futures

Department: Mattel Like It Is

Writer: Mike Snider Artist: Gunnar Johnson

A Mad Look at Halloween

Department: Serge-In General

Artist, Writer: Sergio Aragonés

The Lighter Side of...

Department: Berg's-Eye View

Artist, Writer: Dave Berg

Mad's Futile Flowcharts

Department: Put a Grid on it

Artist: Bob Staake Writer: Darren Johnson

Guess Who Has No Seniority!

Department: New Kid on the Chopping Block

Artist, Writer: John Caldwell


Department: Witless Protection Program

Artist: Angelo Torres Writer: Arnie Kogen

The Exquisite Exorcism Experience

Department: Tales from the Duck Side

Artist, Writer: Don Edwing

Reprinted in: US MAD Magazine #22

Drawn Out Dramas (Various Places around the Magazine)

Artist, Writer: Sergio Aragonés

Back Cover Inside: What proposed merger is the federal government moving quickly to block?

Artist, Writer: Al Jaffee

Back Cover: If Norman Rockwell Depicted the 90's - "Last Parking Space at the Mall"

Artist: Richard Williams Writer: Mike Snider