Matthew A. Cohen

Matthew A. Cohen
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MAD Magazine • USA • New York
MAD Magazine #322October 1993
  • Translating "Studspeak" (Writer with Rick Tulka)
    Department: Fake a Talk On The Wild Side
  • Customized Driving Tests for TV Characters (Writer with Rick Tulka)
MAD Magazine #433September 2003
  • A MAD Quiz: “How Well Will You Do Freshman Year in College?” (Writer with Kevin Pope)
    Department: Diving Into the Frosh Pit
  • Are you a member of Hollywood's D-List? (Writer with Drew Friedman)
    Department: A star is scorned
MAD Magazine #447November 2004
MAD Magazine #448December 2004
  • A MAD Peek behind the scenes at The Incredibles Studio (Writer with Jack Syracuse)
    Department: Pixar and Pans
MAD Magazine #450February 2005
  • Suggested titles for the next Indiana Jones Movie (Writer with Hermann Mejia)
    Department: May the Ford be with you
MAD Magazine #460December 2005
MAD Magazine #469September 2006
MAD Magazine #472December 2006
MAD Magazine #484December 2007
  • The Fundalini Pages: "Fundalini goes to the MTV Video Music Awards", "The Godfrey Report", "Vey to go!", "Meet the 08 presidential candidates - This month: Fred Thompson", "The To-Do List of trouble Helmsley, the dog whi inherited $12 million", "Senator Larry Craigs can not miss mens room pick-up lines", "The Sopranos wins the Emmy", "Fundalini goes to the Emmys", "Political bumber stickers we are (Author with Jack Syracuse, P.C. Vey, Frank Santopadre, Paul Coker, Jr., John Caldwell, Garth Gerhart, Hermann Mejia, Barry Liebmann)
    Department: Random Acts of Mindless
MAD Magazine #485January 2008
  • 9. The giant toy recall (Writer with Jason Schneider)
    Department: The MAD 20 The Dumbest, People, Events, and Things of 2007!
MAD Magazine #496December 2008
  • What the Deal or no Deal Models are thinking (Writer with Ross Garmil)
    Department: Ruminations with a view
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