Francis Mao

Francis Mao

Country: USA

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Contributions by Francis Mao

MAD Magazine #448 December 2004

Department: Placate Station
Story: Socially Redeeming features added to Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
Artist with Eugene Wang, The Vidiots of Gamepro, George Hu, Butch D'Ambrosio, Gabe Graziani

MAD Magazine #457 September 2005

Department: Prose and consoles
Story: MAD's 50 worst things about... Video Games
Artist with Peter Bagge, Hermann Mejia, Kenny Byerly, Scott Bricher, Jacob Lambert, David Shayne, Matthew Schwartz
Department: Random Acts of Mindless
Story: The Fundalini Pages; "Saddam sez", "Duck Droppings", The Cover we did not use", "Letter of recommendation for a forgettable student", "Fun animal Facts", "Math roundup", "Paint like the masters: Pablo Picasso", "When sexual content is added to all video games", "Bitterman"
Author with Desmond Devlin, Garth Gerhart, Kiernan P. Schmitt, Paul Coker, Jr., Ray Alma, Jeff Kruse, Don Edwing, Adam Rust

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