MAD Magazine #354

MAD Magazine #354 • USA • 1st Edition - New York
1st Edition - New York
February 1st, 1997
Star Wars Updated!
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Advertisement for Subscriptions - That's Abominable!!!

Artist: Richard Williams

Originally printed in: US The Abominable Snow Mad 1979 #52

Contents Page


Department: Letters and Tomatoes


Department: Ron Howard's End

Artist: Sam Viviano Writer: Stan Hart

Richard Simmons' Etiquette Guide for the 1000 lb. Man

Department: Saluting the Flab

Artist: Al Jaffee Writer: Mike Snider

Even More Chilling Thoughts

Department: The Fright Stuff

Writer: Desmond Devlin Artist: Rick Tulka

Updating Star Wars for the Future

Department: Trying to Recapture that old Industrial Light and Magic

Artist: Angelo Torres Writer: Larry Sutter


Writer: Dick DeBartolo Photographer: Irving Schild

A Mad Look at Cigar Smoking

Department: Serge-In General

Artist, Writer: Sergio Aragonés

Star Wars Macarena

Department: May the Force Beat with You

Artist: Mort Drucker Writer: Frank Jacobs

Alternatives to the Heimlich Maneuver

Department: Food and Dislodging

Artist: Jack Davis Writer: Tom Cheney

The Lighter Side of...

Department: Berg's-Eye View

Artist, Writer: Dave Berg

Tell-It-Like-It-Is Video Rental Categories

Department: Be Kind, Reassign

Artist: Tom Bunk Writer: Russ Cooper

Spy Vs. Spy

Department: Joke and Dagger

Writer: Don Edwing Artist: David Manak

The Harrowing Harpist Happenstance

Department: Tales from the Duck Side

Artist, Writer: Don Edwing

Star Wars Playsets You May Have Missed

Department: Toys 'R' Bust

Artist: James Warhola Writer: David Shayne

Beavis and Butt-Head Go Hollywood

Department: Behine the Animate Ball (You Said "Ball" Heh-Heh Heh-Heh)

Writer: Desmond Devlin Artist: David Manak

Truly Unbelievable Plot Twists in Action Movies

Department: Cliché it ain't so

Writer: Desmond Devlin Artist: Mort Drucker

Drama on Page 48! - Indian's cell phone

Department: A Tribe called Jest

Artist, Writer: John Caldwell

Drawn Out Dramas (Various Places around the Magazine)

Artist, Writer: Sergio Aragonés

Back Cover Inside: What pop culture phenomenon would we like to see shot down?

Artist, Writer: Al Jaffee

Back Cover: One Day on the Snowy Plains of Hoth

Artist: Paul Coker, Jr. Writer: Don Edwing