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MAD Magazine #460 December 2005

Department: Random Acts of Mindless
Story: The Fundalini Pages: "The world's crappiest Freakshow!", "Vey to go!", "Melvin & Jenkins guide to cell phones", "George Lucas director of Star Wars", "The fast 5 things overheard at the wedding of Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher", "If the next Harry Potter movie was directed by:", "The hardcore gamer's psalm", "Stupid IKEA product name or cartoon sound effect", "Fundalini Foto News: MTV goes south for
Author with Kevin Pope, Matthew A. Cohen, Mark Cantrell, Ross Garmil, Ray Alma, P.C. Vey, Grey Blackwell, Huw Evans, Don Edwing, Leonardo Rodriguez, Tom Nick Cocotos, Timothy Shamey, Desmond Devlin
Department: A MAD Poster
Story: What your mother is not
Artist with Dennis Snee

MAD Magazine #468 August 2006

Department: Rule Intentions
Story: Video game Laws that America actually needs
Artist with Jacob Lambert

MAD Magazine #470 October 2006

Department: Random Acts of Mindless
Story: The Fundalini Pages; "Bitterman", "The Puzzle Nook", "Saddam Sez", "Vey to go!", "The NFLs Ref Report: This month - Beauty and the Beast", "The fast 5 likely future quotes from Ann Coulter", "Troubling Signs that your parents actually are crazy", "Other comic book character secrets following batwomans coming out of the closet...", "Fundalini Foto News: President Bush rubs German cancellor Angela M
Author with Kiernan P. Schmitt, P.C. Vey, Teresa Burns Parkhurst, Patrick Merrel, Adam Zyglis, Jack Syracuse, Scott Maiko, Garth Gerhart, Johnny Ryan, Jacob Lambert, Jeff Kruse

MAD Magazine #481 September 2007

Department: Food Courting
Story: The young Mans guide to successful mall romance
Artist with Jacob Lambert

MAD Magazine #548 December 2017

Department: The Fundalini Pages
Story: Ways to Celebrate National Hot Dog Day

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MAD Magazine #18 September 2009

Department: Seção Amor com 50% de Desconto
Story: O Guia para Jovens Rapazes que Querem Conquistar Garotas no Shopping
Artist with Jacob Lambert

MAD Magazine #64 November 2013

Department: Salada Mista
Story: Cinco Vantagens do Novo Boeing Dreamliner
Artist with Shira Rachel Danan

MAD Magazine #73 September 2014

Department: Salada Mista
Story: Traduzindo o que os Pais Falam
Artist with Matt Lassen

MAD Magazine #77 December 2014

Department: Seção Indigestão
Story: As 50 Piores Coisas sobre a Comida
Artist with Desmond Devlin, Justin Peterson, Peter Kuper, Josh Mecouch

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MAD Magazine #111 December 2007

Department: Les Flirts du Mall
Story: MADs Leitfaden für eine Erfolgreiche Einkaufscenter Romanze
Artist with Oliver Naatz, Jacob Lambert

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