The Hunter Gingles Collection

The Hunter Gingles Collection

One day in 2004, I was snooping around in my grandparents attic, when I found a box of stuff that belonged to my uncle and dad,inside the box was 3 issues of mad magazine #122 #131 #141.
Cover artwork for the unpublished Quebec MAD #13

Interview with Daniel Shelton – Creator of all Quebec MAD Covers

Daniel was without doubt the most important artist of the French Canadian MAD magazine series. He was responsible for all 12 covers and his artwork can also be found in the satire magazine 'Croc'.
Alfred E. Neuman by Norman Mingo

Alfred E. Neuman – ‘The What-Me-Worry Kid’

Article by Dave Robinson (writer-illustrator, British MAD 1978-94) Alfred E. Neuman – ‘The What-Me-Worry Kid’ - Introduction 1950s MAD Editor Harvey Kurtzman was in the editor’s office at Ballantine Books when his gaze swept the office...
Dynamite Magazine #47 from 1978

Dynamite Magazine Article from 1978 – Happy Birthday, MAD

Happy Birthday, MAD. Dynamite Salutes 25 Years of MADness! An interesting article about the MAD offices in NY from 1974.
A visit to the MADhouse - A Dynamite Magazine article

Dynamite Magazine Article from 1974 – A Visit to the MADhouse

A visit to the MADhouse. An interesting article about the work at the MAD offices in New York from 1974.

The Dr. Gary L. Kritzberg Collection

I was born in 1955; the first year that “Mad Magazine" launched! How cool is that? In the 1960‘s my father & mother owned a Jewish delicatessen/restaurant in Chicago, IL & just down the street was a small “corner drug store".

International MAD Publisher and Company List

Welcome to the MAD Magazine Company & Publisher list. We try to track any US or foreign company or publisher, which has ever produced MAD memorabilia. Everyone can contribute images and information about artists as...

The MAD Character Appearance List

We try to track every US or foreign character (movie characters, comic characters, actors, singers, etc) who has appeared in MAD magazines. Everyone can contribute images and information about characters as needed, so we can...

International MAD Magazine Contributor List

Welcome to the MAD Magazine Contributor list. We try to track every US or foreign artist, who has worked for the MAD magazine. Everyone can contribute images and information about artists as needed, so we...

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The Andreas Dahl Collection

Because of my father I started to love comic books very early... especially MAD Magazin. At first I was just interested in the MAD paintings... of course. For a young kid it was too much...

One boy’s attempt to collect every MAD paperback printing

For about 35 years, off and on, I have been reading and collecting MAD. It hasn ‘t been easy to collect, certainly not in the early 1980‘s. Especially as I live in Australia. Here in Australia,...

The Tim Johnson Collection

I first started reading MAD in 1976, at the age of 11.   Some kids on the school bus were passing an issue around, so I looked at it too.   A few months later, I bought my first issue from the newsstand, and I was hooked.  

The Bradford N. Smith Collection

My obsession with MAD began some time before I finished elementary school when I discovered a few of my dad ‘s childhood issues in our garage attic - including pristine copies of #186 and #193, with their brown paper mailing covers still attached!

The Jörg Patzelt Collection

My first contact to MAD magazine was 46 years ago, when I was 14 years old. We stopped at a highway station, while I was travelling to Austria with my parents. There I bought my first MAD magazine, the German MAD number 36 from the 1st Edition.

The Sten Zetterlund Collection

Hi MAD-fans, collegues and eventually freaks! Since I was born 1953 I had the opportunity to read Swedish MAD in my teenage years 1963-1970.

The Michael Elias Collection

The main part of my collection are the paperbacks, books and magazines from the USA. And of course original artwork, especially done for paperbacks!

The Jason Levine Collection

How exactly does one become a trade MAD-addict?   Well, my name is Jason Levine and here is my story.
Original art, for “50 years of MAD in Germany“, by Tom Bunk (Owner Michael Elias)

German MAD 50th Anniversary Exhibition Pictures

50 Jahre Deutsches MAD (50th anniversary of the German MAD) was an exhibition at the Valentin-Karlstadt museum in Munich, Germany. It celebrated the awesome history of the German and of course the US MAD...
Atmore's Pie Family novelty card No.1 (The Kid.)

The Origin of NeuMAN Dept.

The Origin of NeuMAN - The bizarre history of our favorite 125 year old fool by Ian Scott McGregor FOR WELL OVER A century, humans have been reproducing images of the carefree idiot known today as...