Andrew J. Schwartzberg

Andrew J. Schwartzberg

Contributions by Andrew J. Schwartzberg

MAD Magazine • USA • New York
  • Unsolved Museries (Writer with Jack Davis)
    Department: Re-Enacts To Grind Department
  • The Three (Writer with Tom Bunk)
    Department: For Letter Or Worse
MAD Magazine #313September 1992
  • World's Great Thinkers Go To a Baseball Game (Writer with Mort Drucker)
    Department: No Runs, No Hits, Several Eras
  • Mad's Baseball Rotisserie League Draft Form (Writer with Rick Tulka)
    Department: Batsmen and Ribbin'
  • Job Opportunities for Presidential Runner-Ups (Writer with Drew Friedman)
    Department: Seeking Hire Office
MAD Magazine #350October 1996
  • Better Things Millionaires Can Do to Help the USA Than Run for President (Writer with Rick Tulka)
    Department: Shoving It Up Their Assets
  • The Bad Cop's Guide to Good Police Work (Writer with George Woodbridge)
    Department: Brute Farce Dept.
  • Watch Out Guys, It's a Chick Flick! (Writer with Rick Tulka)
    Department: Behind the Nauseate Ball Dept.
  • Redneck USA (Writer with R.J. Matson)
    Department: The Drooling Class Dept.
  • Shakespearean Sonnets for Modern Lovers (Writer with Timothy Shamey)
    Department: Bard Silly Dept.
MAD Magazine #361September 1997
  • If Clinton and Yeltsin Held Their Summits in a Private Online Chat Room (Writer with Rick Tulka)
    Department: Internyet Dept.
MAD Magazine #364December 1997
  • Important Lessons Learned from the Mars Pathfinder Mission (Writer with Thomas Hachtman)
    Department: A Rocket Full of Miracles Dept.
  • Pop Up Porno Videos (Writer with Hermann Mejia)
    Department: Who Gives a Flying Fact
MAD Magazine #385September 1999
  • Wes Craven (Writer with Bill Wray)
    Department: Celebrity Satire
MAD Magazine #437January 2004
  • 1. The California Recall: Media Circus of the Stars (Writer with Steven Chorney)
    Department: The MAD 20 - The dumbest People, Events & Things of 2003
MAD Magazine #445September 2004
  • 24 Hours of NBC's endless olympic coverage (Writer with Paul Coker, Jr.)
    Department: Must Flee TV
MAD Magazine #449January 2005
  • 15. Same Sex Weddings - Here comes the hide (Writer with Patrick Merrel, Tim Okamura)
    Department: The MAD 20 dumbest people, events and things of 2004
  • Ben Affleck - The Art of the Poker Face (Writer with Drew Friedman)
    Department: A MAD Ad Parody
  • The Fundalini Pages: "Studpid IKEA product name or cartoon sound effect", "Bitterman", "Punchlines in search of a joke", "The Kitchen sink: The lowest-rated Top100 Countdown TV shows", "Highlights from Michael Jackson's latest video message to the world", "Graphic Novel Review: The Custodians", "Melvin & Jenkins' guide to partygoing", "Fundalini Foto News: The 2005 Grammy Awards", Baseball Steroid (Author with Scott Maiko, Greg Laub, Charles Akins, Rick Tulka, Don Edwing, Kevin Pope, Garth Gerhart, Jerry Ordway, Desmond Devlin, John Caldwell)
    Department: Random Acts of Mindless
MAD Magazine #458October 2005
MAD Magazine #472December 2006
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