I was born in 1955; the first year that “Mad Magazine” launched! How cool is that? In the 1960‘s my father & mother owned a Jewish delicatessen/restaurant in Chicago, IL & just down the street was a small “corner drug store”.

Because of my father I started to love comic books very early… especially MAD Magazin. At first I was just interested in the MAD paintings… of course. For a young kid it was too much and boring to read all the introducing text. But then there was a time i started to read the text. …

For about 35 years, off and on, I have been reading and collecting MAD. It hasn ‘t been easy to collect, certainly not in the early 1980‘s. Especially as I live in Australia. Here in Australia, we have our own MAD Magazine. …much of it is the same as USA …but we often got our …

I first started reading MAD in 1976, at the age of 11.   Some kids on the school bus were passing an issue around, so I looked at it too.   A few months later, I bought my first issue from the newsstand, and I was hooked.  

My obsession with MAD began some time before I finished elementary school when I discovered a few of my dad ‘s childhood issues in our garage attic – including pristine copies of #186 and #193, with their brown paper mailing covers still attached!

My first contact to MAD magazine was 46 years ago, when I was 14 years old. We stopped at a highway station, while I was travelling to Austria with my parents. There I bought my first MAD magazine, the German MAD number 36 from the 1st Edition.

Hi MAD-fans, collegues and eventually freaks! Since I was born 1953 I had the opportunity to read Swedish MAD in my teenage years 1963-1970.

The main part of my collection are the paperbacks, books and magazines from the USA. And of course original artwork, especially done for paperbacks!

How exactly does one become a trade MAD-addict?   Well, my name is Jason Levine and here is my story.