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MAD Magazine #469 September 2006

Department: Random Acts of Mindless
Story: The Fundalini Pages; "Fundalini Advisory", " The fast 5 possible mission names for a invasion of Iran", "Pull my Cheney", "MADs 15 minutes of Fame: Kaavya Viswanathan", "Creative solutions for stemming the flow of illegal aliens across our borders", "Positive uses for Snakes on a plane", "Chaet Codes for Pixars Cars: The Game", "Saddam Sez", "The Godfrey Report", "The NFLs Ref Report: This month "
Author with Teresa Burns Parkhurst, Matthew A. Cohen, Jonathan Edwards, Jacob Lambert, Rick Tulka, Bob Staake, Tom Cheney, Frank Jacobs, Charles Akins, Darren Johnson, Jack Davis, Scott Bricher

MAD Magazine #470 October 2006

Department: Random Acts of Mindless
Story: The Fundalini Pages; "Bitterman", "The Puzzle Nook", "Saddam Sez", "Vey to go!", "The NFLs Ref Report: This month - Beauty and the Beast", "The fast 5 likely future quotes from Ann Coulter", "Troubling Signs that your parents actually are crazy", "Other comic book character secrets following batwomans coming out of the closet...", "Fundalini Foto News: President Bush rubs German cancellor Angela M
Author with Adam Zyglis, P.C. Vey, Garth Gerhart, Johnny Ryan, Jack Syracuse, Scott Maiko, Rich Powell, Jacob Lambert, Teresa Burns Parkhurst, Jeff Kruse, Patrick Merrel

MAD Magazine #472 December 2006

Department: Random Acts of Mindless
Story: The Fundalini Pages; "Other things hidden in the Prison Break Tattoo!", "More high concept movie titles from the producers of Snakes on Plane", "Melvin & Jenkins guide to the science fair", "The fast 5 reasons why Rocky Balboa will be the best Rocky yet", "The cover we did not use", "In the land of the blind is king, AND...", "Other autographed apologies of baseball players", "Important product Re
Author with Andrew J. Schwartzberg, Angelo Torres, Scott Bricher, Jeff Kruse, Tom Cheney, Desmond Devlin, Jack Syracuse, Rick Tulka, Matthew A. Cohen, Darren Johnson, Dick DeBartolo, Jacob Lambert, Kevin Pope
Department: Random Acts of Mindless
Story: The Fundalini Pages; "Saddam sez", "Duck Droppings", The Cover we did not use", "Letter of recommendation for a forgettable student", "Fun animal Facts", "Math roundup", "Paint like the masters: Pablo Picasso", "When sexual content is added to all video games", "Bitterman"
Author with Don Edwing, Francis Mao, Desmond Devlin, Jeff Kruse, Adam Rust, Paul Coker, Jr., Ray Alma, Garth Gerhart

MAD Magazine #480 August 2007

Department: Taking the wind out of their sales
Story: A-Hole Foods Market Circular
Department: Random Acts of Mindless
Story: The Fundalini Pages: "The disadvantages of Polygamy", "Billy Mays Infomercials", "Vey to go!", The fast 5 rejected Baseball Promotional Days", "The NFL's Ref Report", "Phrases that sound like they're from the bible - but aren't", "Robots in disguise", "The Long Shot", "What if there was a five-day waiting period to buy pants?", "The O'Reilly Spin vs. The Olbermann Spin"
Author with Tom Bunk, Darren Johnson, Scott Nickel, Kevin Pope, P.C. Vey, Bob Staake, Dan Long, Dick DeBartolo, John Caldwell, Rick Tulka, Matthew A. Cohen, Paul Coker, Jr., Scott Bricher, Leonardo Rodriguez, Jeff Kruse

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MAD Magazine #24 March 2010

Department: Salada Mista
Story: “Aqui Vai a Bile de Gilligan – Na Reunião de Família do Exterminador do Futuro”, “O que Aconteceu com a Sua Coleção da MAD?”, “Puxa o Meu Cheney”, “E se Outros Líderes Mundiais Usassem o Visual sem Mangas de Michelle Obama?”, “As Piores Cantadas do Mundo”, “Humor na Vey”, “Respostas Cretinas para Perguntas Imbecis”
Author with Arnie Kogen, Paul Gilligan, Al Jaffee, P.C. Vey, Tom Cheney, Dick DeBartolo, Rick Tulka

MAD Magazine #36 March 2011

Department: Salada Mista Part 1
Story: O Relatório do Juiz – Este Mês: 'Karatê Kid'

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