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Contributions by Grey Blackwell

MAD Magazine • USA • New York
MAD Magazine #366February 1998
  • Meet the People of Fairview Estates (Artist with Sean Eisenporth)
    Department: And they call it Yuppie Love
  • Obscure North American Soccer League 1998-1999 Preview (Artist with Tom Bunk, Jeff Kruse)
    Department: There's a Soccer born every Minute
  • Cyber-Snaps - Yo' Mamma Jokes for Computer Nerds (Artist with Andrew J. Schwartzberg)
    Department: www.Insult.Comedy
  • Quotes We're Afraid We'll Hear if Bill Clinton's Secret Service Agents Testify (Artist with John Caldwell)
    Department: The Excerpt Files
MAD Magazine #375November 1998
  • Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist Moves to South Park (Artist with Mike Snider)
    Department: Oh My God - They Analyzed Kenny
MAD Magazine #377January 1999
  • 9. Rodman & Malone's Pro Wrestling Sideshow - "A Peek Behind the Scenes at WCW's Bash at the Beach" (Artist with Desmond Devlin)
  • 12. South Park - An Interview With Trey Parker and Matt Stone We'd Like to See" (Artist with Scott Maiko)
  • Instant TV Reviews (Artist with Russ Cooper)
    Department: Hide ’N’ Critic
MAD Magazine #387November 1999
  • Political Pokémon (Artist with Mike Snider)
    Department: Pika-Choosing a Leader
MAD Magazine #460December 2005
MAD Magazine #461January 2006
MAD Magazine • Brasil • Record
MAD Magazine • Brasil • Mythos
MAD Especial (Panini) • Brasil • Panini