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MAD Magazine #468 August 2006

Department: Random Acts of Mindless
Story: The Fundalini Pages; "Declining standards of the U.S.Army", "Monkeys are always funny", "The fast 5 worst selling Victorias Secret lingerie", "Melvin & Jenkins guide to medical marijuana", "DVD Special features that only a complete moron would cklick on", "Wakipedia", "Preliminary findings from George Mitchells probe of major league baseball...", "The Godfrey Report", "Vey to go!", "Create your ve
Author with Kevin Pope, Desmond Devlin, Jack Syracuse, John Caldwell, Jeff Kruse, Jacob Lambert, Hermann Mejia, P.C. Vey, Stan Sinberg, Kit Lively, Scott Bricher

MAD Magazine #471 November 2006

Department: Random Acts of Mindless
Story: The Fundalini Pages; "Problems that arise every Halloween", "Melvin & Jenkins guide to online music", "Good News coming out of Iraq which the media is not covering...", "Le Lievre and let die", "The Godfrey Report", "The fast 5 least popular brochures at your doctors office", "Bitterman", "Have you considered a career as a chronic complainer?", "Paint like the Masters: Norman Rockwell (First in a
Author with Angelo Torres, Kevin Pope, Jeff Kruse, Frank Santopadre, Desmond Devlin, John Caldwell, Garth Gerhart, Glen LeLievre, Hermann Mejia, Steve Smallwood, Scott Maiko

MAD Magazine #472 December 2006

Department: Tragic Kingdom
Story: What would happen to Disney characters in the real world?
Writer with Drew Friedman

MAD Magazine #473 January 2007

Department: Random Acts of Mindless
Story: The Fundalini Pages; "In stores just in time for the holidays", "On newsstands now: Scientific Republican - The stork", "The Godfrey Report", "Saddam sez", "Vey to go!", "Other things, besides offending muslims, the pope must apologize for", "An honest "Printer Test Page" we do like to see", "When other helplines are outsourced to India", "The fast 5", "Melvin & Jenkins", "Bitterman"
Author with Desmond Devlin, Kevin Pope, Nicholas Michael Ferry IV, Teresa Burns Parkhurst, Dick DeBartolo, John Caldwell, Jeff Kruse, Paul Coker, Jr., Charles Akins, P.C. Vey, Garth Gerhart
Department: The MAD 20 dumbest people, events and things of 2006
Story: 7. Mel Gibson - The Passion of the Anti-Semite

MAD Magazine #474 February 2007

Department: Random Acts of Mindless
Story: The Fundalini Pages; "Worst Skee-Ball Ticket prizes ever", "Fundalini Celebrity Portrait Series #1: The KKKramer", "The Godfrey report", "The 5 fast 5s", "Vey to go!", "Monkeys are always funny", "Rush Limbaughs thoughts on other celebrities who are suffering", "Paint like the masters: Andy Warhol", Graphic Novel Review"
Author with Jeff Kruse, Todd Eisner, Desmond Devlin, P.C. Vey, Glen LeLievre, Dick DeBartolo, Rick Tulka, Benjamin Schultz, Jacob Lambert
Department: Random Acts of Mindless
Story: The Fundalini Pages; "Saddam sez", "Duck Droppings", The Cover we did not use", "Letter of recommendation for a forgettable student", "Fun animal Facts", "Math roundup", "Paint like the masters: Pablo Picasso", "When sexual content is added to all video games", "Bitterman"
Author with Desmond Devlin, Jeff Kruse, Kiernan P. Schmitt, Francis Mao, Paul Coker, Jr., Ray Alma, Don Edwing, Garth Gerhart

MAD Magazine #481 September 2007

Department: Random Acts of Mindless
Story: The Fundalini Pages; "Where your IPhone $$$$ goes", "Duck Droppings", "Joke Set-Ups in search of a punchline", "Fundalini asks What if...", "The godfrey report", "The fast 5", "Melvin & Jenkins", "Paint like the Masters", "Castro comments", "Tierra del Feggo", "Meet the 08 presidential candidates: John Edwards", "Other bad animal employment opportunities", "Little green Army men theatre"
Author with Jack Syracuse, Kevin Pope, Feggo, Don Edwing, Eric Scott, Jeff Kruse, Desmond Devlin, John Caldwell, Rick Tulka, Laura Howell, Dick DeBartolo
Department: Random Acts of Mindless
Story: The Fundalini Pages: "The George Mitchell Steroid Press Conference", "Paint like the Masters: Leonardo DaVinci", "Bitterman", "Meet the 08 Presidential candidates: Mike Huckabee", "Rejected Catchphrases from Rambo", "Castro comments", "Lesser-known strikes in the Entertainment Industry...", "Shocking Revelations George Mitchell left out of his Report on Steroids in Baseball", The fast 5 Fun-Soundi
Author with John Caldwell, Jacob Lambert, Sam Sisco, Sarah Dyer, Charles Akins, Garth Gerhart, Evan Dorkin, Ryan Pagelow, Jeff Kruse, Jack Syracuse, Greg Leitman

MAD Magazine #497 January 2009

Department: Random Acts of Mindless
Story: The Fundalini Pages: "Practical uses for your gas-guzzling SUVs", "Celebrity cause-of-death betting odds", "Food myths you just shouldn't believe", "Vey to go!", "Where the $750 Billion government bailout funds are going", "Bitterman", "Signs your bank is in big trouble", "Video Game Review: Guitar Tech hero"
Author with Dick DeBartolo, Kevin Pope, Garth Gerhart, Tom Bunk, Scott Bricher, Jeff Kruse, Dave Croatto, P.C. Vey
Department: Pain Misbehavin'
Story: Great Art Masterpieces and what they would be saying today
Writer with Edward Hopper, Edvard Munch, Norman Rockwell, Francisco Goya, Michelangelo, Pablo Picasso, Jaques-Louis David, Gustav Klimt, Myron, Georges Seurat

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MAD Magazine #46 December 2006

Story: Como Seria a Vida dos Personagens Disney no Mundo Real?
Writer with Drew Friedman

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MAD Magazine #22 January 2010

Department: Seção Fazendo Arte
Story: Grandes Obras de Arte e o que Elas Diriam Hoje em Dia
Writer with Pablo Picasso, Edward Hopper, Edvard Munch, Georges Seurat, Francisco Goya, Michelangelo, Norman Rockwell, Jaques-Louis David, Gustav Klimt

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