Butch D'Ambrosio

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Contributions by Butch D'Ambrosio

MAD Magazine • USA • New York
MAD Magazine #341December 1995
  • These Days We Consider Ourselves Lucky... (Writer with Tom Bunk)
    Department: Fortunate Tellers
MAD Magazine #353January 1997
  • The U.S. HealthScare HealthPhone (Writer with Bob Clarke)
    Department: Call-Waiting Room
  • Dennis Miller Rants About Dennis Miller (Writer with Steve Brodner)
    Department: Everybody wants to Fool the World
MAD Magazine #361September 1997
MAD Magazine #364December 1997
  • The Mad Repertory Players Present Mad-sterpiece Theater This Issue's Production: Sadistic "Simon Says" (Writer with Tom Bunk)
    Department: No Pain, No Game
  • 200 Laps in the Life of a NASCAR Fan (Writer with R.J. Matson)
    Department: Playing the Race Car
MAD Magazine #387November 1999
MAD Magazine #388December 1999
  • Mad Looks at What's on the Back of Your Ticket (Writer with Desmond Devlin, Ray Alma)
    Department: Aye, There's the Stub
  • Mad's Etiquette Guide for Drunk Drivers (Writer with Tom Bunk)
    Department: A Word of the DWI's
  • Half Fact / Whole Fact (Writer with Tom Bunk)
    Department: Truth Extraction
  • Driver's License Penalty Points We'd Like to See (Writer with Rick Tulka)
    Department: There Auto Be a Law
MAD Magazine #399November 2000
  • Why Cybergeeks Make Lousy Boyfriends (Writer with Grey Blackwell)
    Department: A Nerd To The Wise
MAD Magazine #401January 2001
  • 9. Leonardo DiCaprio Interviews President Clinton (Titanic movie parody) (Writer with Hermann Mejia)
MAD Magazine #433September 2003
  • Disposable Camera Bar Mitzvah Photos That Didn’t Make the Album (Writer with Drew Friedman)
    Department: Let My People Focus
  • Snippets of Cell Phone Conversations We’d Love to Hear the Rest of... (Writer with Tom Bunk)
    Department: Who, What, Where, When, Wireless
MAD Magazine #435November 2003
  • Closet Homophobes... (Writer with Keith Seidel)
    Department: We have nothing to fear but queer itself
MAD Magazine #437January 2004
  • MAD counts down Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin'Eve (Writer with Drew Friedman)
    Department: Zing out the old
MAD Magazine #438February 2004
  • The Valet Parking Attendant's Secret Oath (Writer with Liz Lomax)
    Department: Road Scholars
  • MAD's Etiquette Guide to Spring Break (Writer with Amanda Conner)
    Department: March Manners
  • It's a comedy! It's a Drama! It's a Reality Show! (Writer with Rick Tulka)
    Department: Wry Definition TV
MAD Magazine #448December 2004
MAD Magazine #459November 2005
  • You may want to call off the 'face to Face' if... (Idea with John Caldwell)
    Department: Rotten meet
  • MAD's fearless breakdown of 500 free cell phone minutes (Writer with Rick Tulka)
    Department: Roaming wasn't billed in a day
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