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Doug Bratton
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MAD Magazine • USA • New York
  • The Fundalini Pages: "Unexpected Entries in the presidential line of succession", "The Godfrey Report", "iPod thoughts", Titles Hollywood is considering for a King Kong sequel", "Duck Droppings", Spoiled Bratton", "Tabloid celebrity combo names yet to come", "Grammar Roundup", "Pull my Cheney", "Melvin & jenkins guide to a day at the zoo", "Key prosecution exhibits in the Saddam Hussein Trial" (Author with Desmond Devlin, John Caldwell, Scott Maiko, Jeff Katz, Dick DeBartolo, Scott Bricher, Jeff Kruse, Tom Cheney, Don Edwing, Kevin Pope)
    Department: Random Acts of Mindless
  • The Fundalini Pages; "Booy Scout Merit Badges for the 21st century", "Britney Spears Publicity Stunts that would really get our attention...", "Fundalini Foto News: Fundalini goes to the Grammys", "Meet the 08 presidential candidates: Senator John McCain", "Spoiled Bratton", "Castro comments", "The fast 5 reasons to upgrade to the new Microsoft Windows Vista OS", "Fundalini Foto News: Fundalini go (Author with Jack Syracuse, Rick Tulka, Frank Santopadre, Dick DeBartolo, John Caldwell, Scott Maiko, Paul Coker, Jr., Charles Akins, Jeff Kruse)
    Department: Random Acts of Mindless