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Contributions by Darren Johnson

MAD Magazine • USA • New York
MAD Magazine #307December 1991
MAD Magazine #315December 1992
  • Dance Steps We All Know (Writer with Angelo Torres)
    Department: Feeting Frenzy
MAD Magazine #363November 1997
  • Product Acronyms You Never Knew Existed (Writer with Richard Weiss)
    Department: Initial Distraction Dept.
MAD Magazine #437January 2004
  • 14. Dixie Chicks Backlash: Even Cowgirls get the Boos (Writer with Rick Tulka, Greg Leitman)
    Department: The MAD 20 - The dumbest People, Events & Things of 2003
MAD Magazine #458October 2005
MAD Magazine #461January 2006
MAD Magazine #462February 2006
  • MAD's do-it-yourself American Idol Judge's critiques (Writer with Drew Friedman)
    Department: MAD Cowell's disease
  • When the government allows Product Placement in the Pledge of Allegiance (Writer with Timothy Shamey)
    Department: Polluting the Flag
  • How does Jack Bauer spend the rest of the month (Writer with Rick Tulka)
    Department: The weeks shall inherit the mirth
MAD Magazine #469September 2006
MAD Magazine #472December 2006
MAD Magazine #474February 2007
  • Other inconvinient truths about global warming that Al Gore did not mention (Writer with Peter Kuper)
    Department: The heat shall inherit the earth
MAD Magazine #486February 2008
  • MAD's do-it-yourself 24 Season 7 Plotline (Writer with Wildstorm, Rick Tulka)
    Department: Bauer Outtage
MAD Magazine #494October 2008
  • "America's least visited Parks", "The Godfrey Report", "The cover we didn't use", "Show me the monkey", "Celebrity cause of death betting odds: Tila Tequila", "When cover artists haven't read the book", "Fliers recently found under windshield wipers", "A presidential candidate's speech that really says nothing", "Bitterman" (Author with Dick DeBartolo, Garth Gerhart, Paul Coker, Jr., Bob Staake, Emily Flake, Paul Gilligan)
    Department: The Fundalini Pages
MAD Magazine #496December 2008
  • The Fundalini Pages: "Sign your Dad loves football more than your family", "When the going gets duff", "Control-Alt-Delete scenes from the Seinfeld Mircrosoft ads", "Least E-Mailed Articles", "Before and after Grocery Products", "The fast 5 wacky american laws", "Sutton for punishment", Solution to last month's Mini-Mystery", "Melvin & Jenkins' guide to Holiday Shopping", "Celebrity Cause-of-Death (Author with Rick Tulka, Ward Sutton, Dick DeBartolo, Tom Richmond, Kevin Pope, J.C. Duffy, Jacob Lambert, Charles Akins, Jeff Kruse, Greg Benson, Desmond Devlin)
    Department: Random Acts of Mindless
  • Comments you'll never hear no matter how long you live (Writer with Tom Bunk)
    Department: Don't phrase me, bro
MAD Magazine #498February 2009
MAD Magazine #502January 2010
  • The Fundalini Pages: Make your own best-selling book title (Writer)
    Department: Random Acts of Mindless
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MAD Magazine • Brasil • Panini
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