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Contributions by Darren Johnson

USA • MAD Magazine (New York)
MAD Magazine #307December 1991
MAD Magazine #315December 1992
MAD Magazine #341December 1995
  • Magic Tricks in Everyday Life (Writer with Al Jaffee)
MAD Magazine #351November 1996
MAD Magazine #363November 1997
  • Product Acronyms You Never Knew Existed (Writer with Richard Weiss)
MAD Magazine #374October 1998
  • Visual Instructions For the Way Things Really Work (Writer with Greg Theakston)
MAD Magazine #386October 1999
  • Back Cover: Dear & Departed / Bentsome & Hedges (Writer with Scott Bricher)
  • A More Complete Array of Directional and Signal Lights (Writer with James Warhola)
  • The 13 Levels of Fading Celebrity Hell (Writer with Drew Friedman)
MAD Magazine #397September 2000
  • Alternate Designs for the New $20 Bill (Writer with Scott Bricher)
MAD Magazine #398October 2000
  • Dashboard "Idiot Lights" We Desperately Need (Writer with Scott Bricher)
  • Mad's Credit Card Bill Return Envelope (Writer)
MAD Magazine #426February 2003
  • Yoga Positions That Occur in Daily Life (Writer with Gary Hallgren)
MAD Magazine #437January 2004
MAD Magazine #458October 2005
MAD Magazine #462February 2006
  • MAD's do-it-yourself American Idol Judge's critiques (Writer with Drew Friedman)
  • When the government allows Product Placement in the Pledge of Allegiance (Writer with Timothy Shamey)
  • How does Jack Bauer spend the rest of the month (Writer with Rick Tulka)
MAD Magazine #474February 2007
  • Other inconvinient truths about global warming that Al Gore did not mention (Writer with Peter Kuper)
MAD Magazine #493September 2008
MAD Magazine #496December 2008
MAD Magazine #502January 2010
  • Make your own best-selling book title (Writer)
  • Product Acronyms You Never Knew Existed (Writer with Tom Bunk)
  • New Features on the Iron Man 2 Suit (Writer)
MAD Magazine #507February 2011
  • Just In Time For Christmas! - Where's Waldo's Pants? (Writer)
MAD Magazine #513February 2012
  • 2. Tired Air Traffic Controllers - "Stay the F**k Awake" - (Go the F**k to Sleep Book Parody) (Writer with James Warhola)
Brasil • MAD Magazine (Record)
  • Passos de Danças que Todos Conhecemos (Writer with Angelo Torres)
MAD Magazine #119January 1996
  • Mágicas do Dia-a-Dia (Writer with Al Jaffee)
  • Instruções Visuais de como as Coisas Realmente Funcionam (Writer with Greg Theakston)
MAD Magazine #155February 2000
  • Um Sistema Mais Completo de Luzes de Sinalização (Writer with James Warhola)
Brasil • MAD Magazine (Mythos)
MAD Magazine #15February 2003
MAD Magazine #46December 2006
  • O que Jack Bauer Faz no Resto do Mês? (Writer with Rick Tulka)
Brasil • MAD Magazine (Panini)
MAD Magazine #6August 2008
  • Outras Verdades Inconvenientes que o Tio Gore Ficou com Vergonha de Mostrar (Writer with Peter Kuper)
MAD Magazine #11February 2009
  • Comentários que Você Nunca Vai Ouvir não Importa o Quanto Você Viva (Writer with Tom Bunk)
  • 'Dando Cinco Rapidinhas – 5 Razões pra que a Microsoft Pense que Você Vai Amar o Windows 7' “Bola Katz do Bom”, “Certo Dia no Deserto”, “A Coroa (Episódio 3)”, “Faça Seu Próprio Título de Best-Seller” (Author with Farley Katz, Scott Nickel, Dick DeBartolo, Jackson, John Caldwell)
MAD Magazine #62September 2013
  • Classificados (Writer)
MAD Magazine #64November 2013
MAD Magazine #65December 2013
  • Livro Infantil MAD para Valentões Armados (Writer with Gary Hallgren)
Brasil • MAD Especial (Record) (Record)
Brasil • MAD Especial (Mythos) (Mythos)
  • Truques Mágicos com Objetos do dia a dia (Writer with Al Jaffee)
Brasil • MAD Especial (Panini) (Panini)
  • Fluxogramas Inúteis da MAD (Writer with Bob Staake)
Mexico • MAD Magazine (Mina)
MAD Magazine #16November 2005