Mike Mikula

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Contributions by Mike Mikula

MAD Magazine • USA • New York
MAD Magazine #373September 1998
  • Countdown to Armageddon (Writer with Tom Bunk)
    Department: Kiss Your Asteroid Goodbye
  • Mad Tags Along on a Typical Date With Chelsea Clinton (Writer with Sam Viviano)
    Department: Chelsea Clinton
MAD Magazine #422October 2002
  • New Career Options for Dennis Miller (Writer)
    Department: Getting Caught with This Rants Down
MAD Magazine #435November 2003
  • Non-Sports over under bets (Writer with Rick Tulka)
    Department: The Bilzzard of Odds
MAD Magazine #436December 2003
  • If 24 really depicted what life would be like for America's first Black President (Writer with Timothy Shamey)
    Department: Snide and Prejudice
MAD Magazine • Brasil • Record