Mike Mikula

Mike Mikula

Country: USA

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Contributions by Mike Mikula

Department: Chelsea Clinton
Story: Mad Tags Along on a Typical Date With Chelsea Clinton
Writer with Sam Viviano

MAD Magazine #422 October 2002

Department: Getting Caught with This Rants Down
Story: New Career Options for Dennis Miller

MAD Magazine #435 November 2003

Department: The Bilzzard of Odds
Story: Non-Sports over under bets
Writer with Rick Tulka

MAD Magazine #436 December 2003

Department: Snide and Prejudice
Story: If 24 really depicted what life would be like for America's first Black President
Writer with Timothy Shamey

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MAD Magazine #142 August 1998

Department: Seção Juízo Pinel
Story: Contagem Regressiva para o Armageddon
Writer with Tom Bunk
Department: Seção Sem Saída
Story: MAD Acompanha o Namorado da Filha do Clinton
Writer with Sam Viviano

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