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Leslie Sternbergh

Country: USA

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Leslie Sternbergh is a NYC-based redhead & mostly self-taught cartoonist, artist & writer, originally from York, PA, whose work is comprised of  llustrations, underground & mainstream comix & articles for comics & magazines including MAD, Vogue, SCREW, Juxtapoz, WEIRDO, Twisted Sisters, Wimmen's Comix, Dori Stories, DC's Big Book of Wild Women, Big Book of Urban Legends & Big Book of Thugs, History of the Marvel Universe, Wonder Woman, Cherry, The Comics Journal, & many more. She is married to inventor & mathematician Adam Alexander.

So far as anyone knows, Leslie Sternbergh is the first woman artist to have received a call-back to draw a second (third, etc) art job for MAD, in the mid-1990's (what took them so long?)

It was with much pleasure that Adam Alexander & Leslie enjoyed an opportunity to meet MAD genius
artist Will Elder at 2000's SDCC - where, at his request (& with the blessings of Mrs. Elder) Leslie
lent the great artist some of her hair, as documented in this photo by their pal Steve Ringgenberg.

A complete list of example works that I drew for MAD may be found online at http://www.madcoversite.com/ugoi-leslie_sternbergh.html

Leslie & Adam Alexander are at present - until October 18 - endeavoring to raise money in NYC by, among other things, fundraising with an art sale crowdsource site - if you wish to collect great artwork by any of several great artists, or to own any of Leslie's comix work - including a lot comprised of everything Leslie Sternbergh contributed to MAD magazine (2 dozen + pages plus lots of extras) - thanks in advance for viewing their Indiegogo campaign at


Popular Contributions

Contributions by Leslie Sternbergh

MAD Magazine #126 September 1996

Department: Seção Má-Dona Part 1
Story: Song parody: “Veja a Barriga Dela!”
Artist with Paulo César Barreto

MAD Magazine #152 October 1999

Department: Seção Foi Ani-Mal
Story: Abordagens a Evitar Quando o Bicho do Seu Filho Morrer
Artist with Jeff Kruse

MAD Magazine #158 August 2000

Department: Seção Clãlamidade
Story: A Árvore Genealógica Anormal do MAD
Artist with Ryan Pagelow
Department: Seção Degeneração Woodstock
Story: Produtos para os Seus Velhos Pais Hippies
Artist with Jay Lynch

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MAD Especial #10 October 2004

Department: Seção Bestialismo
Story: As Reações que Você Deve Evitar Quando o Bichinho do Seu Filho Morre
Artist with Jeff Kruse

MAD Especial #14 August 2006

Department: Seção Bestialismo
Story: As Reações que Deve Evitar Ter Quando o Bichinho de Seu Filho Morre
Artist with Jeff Kruse

MAD Especial #15 December 2006

Department: Seção Na Veia
Story: Desvendando a Geração MTV
Artist with Desmond Devlin
Department: Seção Revolta às Aulas
Story: Selecionando a Tribo Certa do Colegial pra Você
Artist with Ray Alma, Timothy Shamey, Kyle Baker, Bill Wray, Mike Snider, R.J. Matson, Hermann Mejia, Amanda Conner, Tom Bunk

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