Mike Morse

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Contributions by Mike Morse

USA • MAD Magazine (New York)
MAD Magazine #549February 2018
  • What's on Sean Hannity's Desk? (Writer with Ward Sutton)
  • Useful Things to do with Your Old Fidget Spinner (Writer with Rich Powell)
USA • MAD Magazine (California)
MAD Magazine #20August 2021
Brasil • MAD Magazine (Panini)
MAD Magazine #73September 2014
  • Opções de Carreira para a Miley Cyrus (Writer with Mike Loew)
MAD Magazine #75November 2014
  • Music parody: 'Appy' ['Happy'] (Writer with Sam Sisco)
MAD Magazine #76November 2014
MAD Magazine #77December 2014
  • O Lado Extremamente Claro do Aquecimento Global (Writer with John Kerschbaum)
  • Coisas que o Obama Quer Fazer Antes de Morrer (Writer with Paul Coker, Jr.)
  • TV satire: "2 Garotas Sem Apuro" ["Duas Garotas em Apuros"/"2 Broke Girls"] (Writer with Tom Bunk)
  • Linha do Tempo de um Boato na Internet (Writer with Ward Sutton)