Absurde Abenteuer

Side Projects from Germany

Absurde Abenteuer  • Germany

Series: Miscellaneous MAD Related Stuff

Company: Bastei Lübbe

Publishing Date: 1st April 1994

Cover: Geschichten vom anderen Ende des Wahnsinns

Cover Artist: Harvey Kurtzman, William Stout

Original price: DM 14,80

Pages: 64

ISBN-10: 3404725255

ISBN-13: 978-3404725250

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  • Foreword by Art Spiegelman
  • Reprint of the US Title "Harvey Kurtzman's Strange Adventures" published by Epic Comics 1990


Sergio Aragonés ... Illustrator
Tom Bunk ... Illustrator
Harvey Kurtzman ... Author, Cover Artist, Illustrator
John Gibbons ... Illustrator
Rick Geary ... Illustrator
William Stout ... Cover Artist, Illustrator
Werner Geismar ... Editor
Peter Schwindt ... Editor
Ewald Fehlau ... Editor
Robert Crumb ... Illustrator
Jean Giraud "Moebius" ... Illustrator
Sarah Downs ... Illustrator


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