MAD Magazine #32

1st Edition - New York
April 1st, 1957
Sale price:
25 cents
- Debut of Mort Drucker and George Woodbridge


Table of Contents

Cover: Alfred with hieroglyphics

Artist, Colorist: Norman Mingo

How Much More of This Stuff Can You Take?

Department: Utterly MAD

Artist: Jack Davis


Department: Vital Features

Artist: The Usual Gang of Idiots


Department: Newspaper Comics

Artist: Wally Wood

You Can Break The Magazine Habit!

Department: Mad Magazine

Artist: Wally Wood

Random Samplings of Reader Mail

Department: Letters

Artist: The Usual Gang of Idiots

Statement of Ownership

Writer: John Putnam

Now In Full Color!

Department: Alfred E. Neuman

Artist: Norman Mingo

The Steve Allan Story

Department: People

Artist: Bob Clarke

Scenes We'd Like To See: The Faithful Dog

Department: Hollywood

Artist: Joe Orlando

It's Gonna Be A Mad Mad Year!

Department: Crystal Ball

Artist: Wally Wood Writer: G. Stang

Reprinted in: US MAD Magazine #19

The Bad Seat Is The Big Shocker!!

Department: Movies

Artist: Bob Clarke Writer: Paul Laikin

Big Big Story

Department: T.V.

Artist, Writer: Don Martin

Making A Paper Eucalyptus Tree

Department: Orson Bean

Artist: Wally Wood Writer: Orson Bean

The Rolly Cigarette Ad

Department: Awards

Artist: Mort Drucker Writer: Alen Robin

The Ideal Woman

Department: Point of View

Artist: Frank Kelly Freas Writer: D. Purdy

The Prisoner, When Arrested, Clung To The Railings

Department: Rare Old Cartoons

Artist, Writer: Henry Mayo Bateman

What's Happened To Sports Magazines?

Department: Sweatshirt

Artist: Bob Clarke

Childhood Chums

Department: Nostalgia

Writer: Nick Meglin

Movies Are Longer Than Ever

Department: Overtaxed Seating Capacity

Artist: Wally Wood

Tom Lehrer Sings

Department: Tom Lehrer

Artist: George Woodbridge Writer: Tom Lehrer

Future TV Ad

Department: Soft-Sell Advertising

Artist, Writer: Don Martin

The "Night People" vs. "Creeping Meatballism"

Department: Jean Shepherd

Artist: Wally Wood Writer: Jean Shepherd

The MAD Dating Technique

Department: Dating

Artist: Bob Clarke

They Drew Their Way From "Rags To Riches"

Department: Famous Artists Schools

Writer: Rex Taylor

Fictitious Want Ads Placed By Famous Folk

Department: Classified

MAD Record Labels

Writer: Al Feldstein Artist: Wally Wood