MAD Magazine #28

MAD Magazine #28 • USA • 1st Edition - New York
1st Edition - New York
July 1st, 1956
SPRING ISSUE with enjoyable article on GUIDED MISSILES and how they can blow up Earth
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Table of Contents

Cover: Spring Issue

Artist: Bill Elder Artist: Harvey Kurtzman Artist, Colorist: Wally Wood

They Wanted To Call It Partners Pick

Department: Billows Cotton Pick

Artist: Bill Elder

[No Title]

Writer: Harvey Kurtzman Artist: The Usual Gang of Idiots

[No Title]

Department: Letters

Writer: Harvey Kurtzman Artist: The Usual Gang of Idiots

He Rose Tattooed

Department: Movie

Artist: Wally Wood


Department: Hobbies

Artist, Writer: Al Jaffee

Triumph Over Tooth Decay

Artist: Bill Elder

The Race is On for the Super Guided Missile

Department: Science

Artist: Jack Davis Artist: Wally Wood Artist, Writer: Al Jaffee

Children's Primer

Department: Education

Artist: Bill Elder

Comic Books [Black And Blue Hawks!]

Department: Literature

Writer: Harvey Kurtzman Artist: Wally Wood

Young Men's Spring Fashions for 1956

Department: Fashion

Artist: Jack Davis

Your Income Tax

Department: Do It Yourself

Artist: Bill Elder Writer: Bernard Shir-Cliff

Collegiate Whimsey

Department: College

Artist, Writer: The Usual Gang of Idiots Artist, Writer: Bill Davis

The Life of General Homer T. 'Old Hominy' Shotbag

Department: History

Artist, Writer: Ed Fischer Artist: Seltz


Department: Talk

Artist: Wally Wood

Rare Old Cartoons

Department: Collector's

Artist, Writer: Henry Mayo Bateman

Million Dollar Horse

Department: Sports

Artist: Jack Davis Writer: Al Jaffee

Book Review: The Good Old, Old Days!

Artist, Writer: Bernard Wiseman


Department: TV

Artist: Bill Elder

OK Now, All Kidding Aside... These Are Real Advertisements No Kidding Around Real!!!

She'll Love You If You Buy Her a Glob of Silly Putty

Department: Silly Putty

Artist: Bill Elder

Mad Records For Mad Readers!

Department: San Francisco Records

Roger Price

Artist: Roger Price

Looks Cooler - Is Cooler!

What—Me Worry?

You Don't Have To Fight Over Mad

Department: Mad Magazine

Paper Doll Page

Department: Things To Make & Do

Artist: Bill Elder

Mad Presents: The Heathy Girl

Artist: Russ Heath