Bernard Krigstein

Illustrator, Artist and Author

Bernard Krigstein

Country: USA

Born: 22nd March 1919

Died: 8th January 1990

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Popular Contributions

Contributions by Bernard Krigstein

Department: Moving Picture Dept.
Story: From Eternity Back to Here!
Artist with Harvey Kurtzman, Marie Severin

MAD Magazine #17 November 1954

Department: Newspaper Cartoon Dept.
Story: Bringing Back Father!
Artist with Bill Elder, Marie Severin, Harvey Kurtzman
Department: Literature Dept.
Story: Out of The Frying Pan And Into The Soup
Artist with Ira Wallach

MAD Magazine #26 November 1955

Department: Best Seller Dept.
Story: Tense Tycoons and Lucky Bucks
Artist with Wally Wood, Bernard Shir-Cliff

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The Mad Archives #2 November 2007

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Author (with Marie Severin)
Author, Illustrator
Illustrator, Cover Artist

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