MAD Magazine #146

MAD Magazine #146 • USA • 1st Edition - New York
1st Edition - New York
October 1st, 1971
Special Polluted Issue of MAD
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Table of Contents

Cover: Special Polluted Issue of Mad

Artist, Colorist: Norman Mingo

Why Not Have the Next Issue Sent Directly to Your Home?

Artist: Paul Coker, Jr.

Lover's Story

Department: The Old Bawl Game

Artist: Mort Drucker Writer: Larry Siegel

The Electronic War Game

Department: Hawks and Doves

Artist, Writer: Al Jaffee

This Is America...

Department: Turning a Phrase

Writer: Max Brandel

The Lighter Side of the Now Look

Department: Berg's Eye View

Artist, Writer: Dave Berg

The Very First Musical Instrument

Department: Don Martin

Artist, Writer: Don Martin

The Mad "Effluent Society" Pollution Primer

Department: Ecchology

Artist: Angelo Torres Writer: Sy Reit

Spy Vs. Spy

Department: Joke & Dagger ; Spy Vs. Spy

Artist, Writer: Antonio Prohias

Mad Interviews a Typical "Middle American" Family

Department: Hypocritic Oafs

Artist: Paul Coker, Jr. Writer: Lou Silverstone

Recruiting Posters Through History

Department: A Hitch in Time

Writer: Paul Peter Porges Artist: George Woodbridge

A Mad Peek Behind the Scenes at a Resort Hotel

Department: Inside-Ouch

Artist: Bob Clarke Writer: Larry Siegel

A Mad Look at Amusement Parks

Department: Up-Chuckles

Artist, Writer: Sergio Aragonés

One Fine Day a Million Years Ago

Department: Don Martin

Artist, Writer: Don Martin

Reality Street

Department: Opened Sesame

Artist: Jack Davis Writer: Dick DeBartolo

Reprinted in: US MAD Magazine #12

What's Always Been the Favorite Method For Camouflaging Military Activity

Department: Mad Fold-In

Artist, Colorist, Writer: Al Jaffee

The Four Horsemen of the Metropolis

Writer: Frank Jacobs Artist, Colorist: Jack Thurston

Reprinted in: US MAD Magazine #16

Drawn Out Dramas (Various Places around the Magazine)

Artist, Writer: Sergio Aragonés