Russ Heath

Illustrator and Cover Artist

Russ Heath

Country: USA

Born: 29th September 1926, New York City, NY, USA

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Popular Contributions

Contributions by Russ Heath

Department: Plastic Hero Worship Dept.
Story: Plastic Sam!
Artist with Marie Severin, Harvey Kurtzman

MAD Magazine #27 April 1956

Department: Music Dept.
Story: A Sea Chanty
Artist with Abe Burrows
Story: Mad Presents: The Heathy Girl

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Department: Seção Nostalgia
Story: Comic satire: “O Homem de Borrasga”
Artist with Harvey Kurtzman

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Creepy #105 February 1979

Illustrator (with John Severin)
Illustrator (with Frank Frazetta, Jack Davis)

Cracked #6 December 1958

Cover Artist

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