Lester Krauss

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March 19th, 1916
January 24th, 1997

Contributions by Lester Krauss

USA • MAD Magazine (New York)
MAD Magazine #50October 1959
  • Know The Real Joy of "mad" Living... (Artist)
MAD Magazine #51December 1959
  • Do Your Christmas Shopping Early (Artist)
MAD Magazine #52January 1960
  • Do Your Christmas Shopping Early (Artist)
  • Now...The Chislers At MAD Present A Real Bust! (Artist with Bill Elder)
  • Here's Your Chance To Get A Head (Artist with Bill Elder)
  • What? You Say I'm Not Covered? (Artist with Al Jaffee)
  • Literal Translations of Figurative Speech (Artist with Dave Berg)
  • Announcing...A Twin Launching From The MAD Pad (Artist)
  • Caramba! I'm No Herk! (Artist)
  • What Sort of Man Reads Mad? (Artist)
  • What This Country Needs is a Good 25 Cent Humor Mag (Artist)
  • Boy, Were We Surprised! (Photographer)
MAD Magazine #65September 1961
  • Parody of Gulf Oil magazine ads (Photographer)
MAD Magazine #67December 1961
MAD Magazine #68January 1962
  • Who Put the Men in Mental Breakdown? (Artist)
  • Beer Ad (Photographer)
  • Liberty Mutilate (Artist)
  • I Dreamed My Husband Caught Me Posing in My Maidenform Bra (Artist)
  • What Happened to the Coverage? (Artist)
MAD Magazine #73September 1962
  • Why These Sluggers Belt Every Pitch With T.E.A. (Artist)
MAD Magazine #74October 1962
  • Polaroid Camera (Artist)
  • Why We Always Look Angry in These Ad (Colorist, Artist)
MAD Magazine #75December 1962
  • Bootyrest - - For the Money That Can Buy Happiness (Colorist, Artist with Jack Rickard)
MAD Magazine #76January 1963
  • If Kids Designed Their Own Christmas Toys (Artist with Al Jaffee)
  • Guzzlemidt Rotgut (Artist with Bob Clarke)
  • We're Looking For a Few Idiots Who Like to Draw (Artist with Lawrence H. "Larry" Siegel)
  • Because Owning Your Own Car is One Headache After Another (Colorist, Artist)
  • Nippo...the Lighter That's Giving Zippo the Works (Artist)
  • After You Let Your Fingers Do the Walking (Artist)
  • A Penny Can Make Your Conscience Feel Better (Colorist, Artist)
  • After 33 Years, Our Mayjag is a-Workin' Still (Artist)
  • Is it True Blondes Have More Fun? (Colorist, Artist)
MAD Magazine #81September 1963
  • Watch Out for This One (Artist)
  • Labels We Should've Seen (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
MAD Magazine #82October 1963
MAD Magazine #83December 1963
  • 367 Angry Workers Yell "Next Year - - Watch Out" (Artist)
  • No Title (Colorist, Artist)
MAD Magazine #84January 1964
  • Life Insurance? I'd Rather Play the Horses! (Artist)
  • I'm the Guy (Colorist, Artist)
  • Aviz Can't Afford Dirty Plugs (Artist)
  • This Capsule Made $47,895,252.38 So Far (Artist, Colorist)
  • These 15 Razor Blade Manufacturers Just Had a Close Shave (Artist)
  • Likely Strife Separates the Men from the Boys (Artist, Colorist)
  • Us Cigarette Makers Will Fight Rather Than Quit (Colorist, Artist)
MAD Magazine #89September 1964
  • "That's right, Operator! Long Distance – Person-to-Person to Arnold Finster -" (Colorist, Artist)
  • Company's Going (Artist, Colorist)
  • Be Suspicious (Artist)
  • After the Most Hair-Raising Adventure of My Life (Colorist, Artist with Bob Clarke)
MAD Magazine #132January 1970
  • Cover Artist (with Norman Mingo)
  • Cover: Season's Greetings! Have a Ball! (Colorist, Artist)
USA • MAD Magazine (California)
MAD Magazine #9October 2019
  • Advertisement for Subscription - "Reach for 30 bucks..." (Photographer)
MAD Magazine #17February 2021
  • Back Cover: After You Let Your Fingers Do the Walking (Photographer with Sergio Aragonés)
MAD Magazine #21October 2021
  • Back Cover: Why These Sluggers Belt Every Pitch With T.E.A. (Photographer)
USA • MAD Super Special (New York)
  • Ad parody: ‘Sucka Instant Coffee’ [Sanka Instant Coffee] (Photographer)
  • Ad parody: “Guzzlemidt Rotgut” (Photographer)
Brasil • MAD Magazine (Veechi)
MAD Magazine #42December 1977
  • Se as Crianças Criassem Seus Próprios Presentes de Natal (Photographer with Al Jaffee)