Frank Frazetta

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February 9th, 1928, 2010-05-10
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Contributions by Frank Frazetta

USA • MAD Magazine (New York)
MAD Magazine #7September 1953
MAD Magazine #90October 1964
  • Make Beautiful Hair Blecch (Artist, Colorist)
MAD Magazine #91December 1964
MAD Magazine #106October 1966
  • Early One Morning in the Jungle (Artist, Colorist with Don Edwing)
  • Cover Artist
USA • MAD Magazine (California)
MAD Magazine #20August 2021
  • Back Cover: Early One Morning in the Jungle (Artist with Don Edwing)
USA • MAD Super Special (New York)
MAD Super Special #40September 1982
Brasil • MAD Especial (Mythos) (Mythos)
Finland • MAD Magazine (Semic)
  • Cover Artist
Spanish Export • MAD Magazine (Spanish Language Export)
  • Back Cover: Una Mañana en la Selva (Artist with Don Edwing)
Miscellaneous Non-MAD Publications