Frank Frazetta

Illustrator, Cover Artist and Author

Frank Frazetta

Country: USA

Born: 9th February 1928, 2010-05-10

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Popular Contributions

Contributions by Frank Frazetta

MAD Magazine #7 September 1953

Department: E.C. comics
Story: We At E.C. Are Proudest of Our Science-Fiction Magazines
Artist with Alfonso "Al" Williamson, Marie Severin

MAD Magazine #90 October 1964

Story: Make Beautiful Hair Blecch
Colorist, Artist

MAD Magazine #91 December 1964

Department: Drum-Schtick Dept.
Story: A Celebrity's Wallet
Artist with Bob Clarke, Arnie Kogen

MAD Magazine #106 October 1966

Story: Early One Morning in the Jungle
Colorist, Artist with Don Edwing

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MAD Super Special #40 September 1982

Cover Artist (with Jack Rickard)

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MAD Especial #6 October 2003

Story: Madrugada na Selva
Artist with Don Edwing

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Back Cover: Una Mañana en la Selva
Artist with Don Edwing

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The Fleagles March 2011

Cover Artist
Author (with Wally Wood, Joe Orlando), Illustrator (with Wally Wood, Joe Orlando)
Illustrator (with Russ Heath, Jack Davis)
Cover Artist

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