Ronnie Nathan

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Contributions by Ronnie Nathan

MAD Magazine • USA • New York
MAD Magazine #122October 1968
  • A CBS-TV Summer Memo to The Smothered Brothers (Writer with Jack Rickard)
    Department: Tom, Dick and Harried
MAD Magazine #123December 1968
  • Mad About Fashion Fads (Writer with Jack Rickard)
    Department: Hem and Haw-Haw
  • A Mad Look at Hugh vs. Helen (Writer with Jack Rickard)
    Department: Editorial Whee!
  • Games People Play (Writer with Bob Clarke)
    Department: Come-On Denominator
MAD Magazine #132January 1970
  • Nixon's the One (Writer with Jack Rickard)
    Department: Giving Dickie the Bird
  • The Facts of Life (& Death) (Writer with Jack Davis)
    Department: Bitter Things for Bitter Living Through Chemistry
  • Ordure of the Day (Writer with Paul Coker, Jr.)
    Department: In the Line of Doody
MAD Magazine #161September 1973
  • An Offer They Couldn't Refuse (Writer)
    Department: Money Squawks